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Timing Gear set

Ray Sandoz

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On 7/17/2022 at 8:41 AM, ScuRoo said:

Thanks A Y
’runs good stationary’ is a start - but looking forward to that ride report! Three months later hopefully you’ve managed to get in enough saddle time to add in some further impressions on the impact your gears make.

Thanks VeeEleven - your note ‘She just runs better’ concurs with Pressureangle’s impressions.

But - do you recall if your valves were incorrectly gapped in any way before your gear installation??


Pressureangle relayed previously his were tight & required adjustment - so this also needs to be accounted for ie., hard starting etc., as opposed to all subsequent benefits being simply apportioned to the gears.

Pressureangle’s experience with his drivetrain lash amelioration is highly intriguing - and maybe warrants further observations or analysis by other gear recipients enquiring minds!

I’m hoping everyone who bought JC’s gears installs & are able to follow up with their impressions - adds a collective depth of experience to this thread before it merely runs cold without definitive dispassionate conclusions.

(Any comparative commentary ie., Valtech, additionally provides clarity to this threads historical value in the future).

Sorry for late reply. Been busy riding. ;)
My valves were set per Meinolfs latest spec and she just had a decent tune-up, so the only change at the time were the timing gears.

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