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We always had rottweiler's, the reason for side car. Now the son is taking over. Rossi has been, let's say a handful, 13month and 53kg.
3 dead dogs in front of God waiting for entrance.
God asking the german sheperd, what have been your goals? disiplin, training and loyal to the master. Ok, on my right side.
God asking the puddel, your goals? Love, care from my master and piece in the world.
Ok, on my left side.
God looking at the Rottweiler asking the same question.
Rottweiler saying,,, your standing in my place.
Cheers tom. 0f2688ca202caf7307cf280922b34569.jpgbe28327be0fffccdc6e4609df0924e24.jpg

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13 hours ago, Mikko said:

It's been 5 years since my Corso passed away. I miss having a dog. I picked her up a couple weeks ago, she's a 2 month old "Blue" Cane Corso. My God, I got a refresher course on what Hell Raiser's little puppy's can be :/



I love Corsos. I had one a while back. Great natured. Ballerinas in the house(At least mine was). Very smart. 

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14 hours ago, fotoguzzi said:

My new puppy is 5 mo old now. He's a Griffon.



The Kid grew up with Blanca, a German wirehaired pointer..the smartest dog I've ever known. Great close ranging bird dog, and absolutely fearless retriever.

He has Belle, now.. who has been spoiled by Nora :rolleyes: but still a good dog.


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They look similar but a wire hair pointing Griffon is not the same as a GWP. I hope he's a fearless retriever but I'll have to wait and see, he does point at the chickens next door. I've done a lot of shooting with him nearby and it doesn't bother him a bit, my passed Lab was gun shy.



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I may as well throw in, here's our pure bred mutt rescue dog, Lacy.  Total cream puff with people, but it turned out she's a hunter.  When I took her early on to the free range dog park, a rabbit came tearing across the field, and before I knew what was up, Lacy took out after it. It took her maybe a hundred yards, but she finally caught, shook and killed the poor rabbit.  So after years of having dog unfriendly canines, I thought finally we'd have a nice off leash pet.  Not to be (she unfortunately also now has a horse ranch chicken kill to her credit as well).  But she's terribly sweet with people and no risk with young children.  Dunno her breeding, maybe Lab and something with deep chest and narrow waist (Greyhound?) and curly tail (Akita?). 



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