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My Rottweiler would routinely eat the bumper cover off the back of my truck. Never the front. After a couple replacements I decided the back of the truck was his and he could keep it any way he liked it . . .

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They all liked riding at the back of the truck, even going fast, full control.
First one in 75, enjoyed the 440 music.
Oluf the monster 68kg, way later. 4 males, 1 chick.
Cheers Tom. 055e1a2e8ca599ca3408874483559869.jpg

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23 hours ago, docc said:

She still has some mighty big paws to grow into!

Just brought her to the Vet for a weight check so they can prescribe the correct amount of her heart worm/flea/tick and something else pill. She’s 54.7 lbs and will be 8 months old next week. I’ve been feeding her a raw diet from Darwin’s. Chicken/Lamb/Duck/Turkey/Beef. 

She’s chomping down on average 2lbs a day. Works out pretty nice. I pull 6 packs out (each pack is 2lbs split into 4 individual packages) Radom selection, toss it all in the ice chest and by the end of the week it’s almost finished. I always plan for an extra day out. 

Makes it pretty easy and convenient, she’s always getting fresh just opened food and never any leftovers.  Never tried this kind of food and it’s certainly not a cost effective choice. Runs about $120 a week at this level of consumption. She’s super healthy and very strong. Oh, I also get a few packages of raw Peking Duck Necks for treats. Nothing more satisfying for the pup then to crunch on some neck bone….

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Our dogs have been on a raw diet for about four years. My Pet Carnivore has a ground beef and tripe mix they all love. Supplement with mineral and enzyme powders and a little bit of a good canned food to round it out. Dried goat ears are a favorite treat. Also deer antler but they are pricey. Thankfully I found a nice rack this spring while mushrooming.

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