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Community Answers

  1. Credit the Centauro Owners Group for these drawings of Marabese original design for the Centauro. http://www.centauro-owners.com/gallery/marcello_molteni/stcentauro2.jpg
  2. I almost never use a dealer for routine service. I'd look around for a good independent mechanic in your area. I had some service done in Lake Havasu a few years ago. Sorry, I don't remember the name. Mike
  3. No and no. Mike
  4. The short gearing, drag bars and lower seat make my Centauro a wonderful city bike. While the 12S is a consumate sport tourer. Both are from the house of Marabese.
  5. Sorry, but all the bodywork is gone. Mike
  6. milar


    just wondering f you still have your Daytona lower fairings for sale.  I know its been some time.






  7. Did anyone else have trouble opening these attachments? Mike
  8. Great pic! FYI, I'm filing a claim with UPS today. The seller believes it was damaged in shipment. Mike
  9. The tank looked perfect when I got it. I'm sure it was new. There were no obvious nicks or imperfections that would indicate it had been dropped or damaged. His best guess is it had been sitting on a shelf for 18 years and somehow cracked. I'm inclined to agree with him. I'm in touch with seller about finding a solution. Mike
  10. >I think I can see the crack. Is it to the right of the triangular anchoring tab? Yes, that is it. It's visible enough I need to be certain any patch will not be visible. Mike
  11. It's a crack that runs vertically near the hold down bolt. It appears to go thru the tank. You can barely see it on the video. Mike
  12. Here's a link to a video. The tank is brand new. Purchased a couple of weeks ago. Probably been sitting for 18 years on a shelf. Mike
  13. I've got a leaking tank with a crack. What are my options? Mike
  14. I'm checking to see if I can find one before having mine resprayed. Mike
  15. Thank you for the clarification! Even tho he didn't pen them, I doubt the boss would have approved the later designs if he didn't agree with them. I've always been torn between my 1200 Sport and the Griso as to which design I prefer. Mike
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