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Memories of Galloway

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Just got back, had a lovely time. Fantastic roads and company mixed in with good food and beer. What more do you want?

Didn't take many pictures

From the splinter group ride out


0630 this morning



will post more later, but got home just in time to cook dinner

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Got back about 4pm- had a leisurely ride back through Trough Of Bowland and Forest Of Gisburn so we could avoid a huge chunk of motorway.


I thought the location was good, the food and drink excellent, the roads great fun but best of all, the company of fellow riders made it into a very enjoyable weekend.


The hotel room had an excellent view (picture of the bridge and river was taken from our window), really enjoyed the ride out, celebrating Jaap's birthday, and am still in awe of Søren's iron butt!


Guy :helmet:

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brilliant weekend, you can't of been hanging around on the way home! I got in at three. Jaap and Anton were on the ferry at five. Dave probally missed his.

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Great, super , smashing time had. Great to meet you all I think I still managed to miss a couple of folk Thanks to Guy and Helen for organising. We got back at 4 o'clock without any unintentional detours! The hangover made the return journey interesting, a small price to pay for a good evening. I'll post our pictures in due course.

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Thanks for the company! Enjoyed it, hope everyone got home OK. I did like Guy, & avoided mway much as I could, found A6 good fast road mostly deserted cos it mimics run of mway. Good place, good people, good food & beer....& Gary, I owe you a pint! Take it easy, all. :bier:


KB :sun:

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Ha Ha!


My very first Post!.... The Kenbridge weekend may be turning me into a V11 forum Nerd.....


However my only technical postings will be referenceing cake decorating and how to pack as much girlie luggage on a V11 as possible!!


Seriously folks I had a cracking good weekend! the company was great, the roads were fabulous and the Ewan Turns a plentiful.....


Perhaps not so many night caps next time though...


Anymore pics please???



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Ha, ha, ha. My first post also, guess that makes me a virgin after all these years???


Just a quick thanks on behalf of Linz and myself to Mr and Mrs Guzzirider for inviting us along. And a big thanks, or should that be "ARSE" to everyone else for making a 1200 sport and ER6n more than welcome. We had a great time in very good company and throroughly enjoyed it.


With ref to Haydn's mean geeza in Manowar shirt, think you'll find that was my best "hungover with sun in my eyes trying to look human" pose.






P.S. After being among all those V11's, is it bad that I have just been checking them out on Bike Trader???

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Anton and I got home a few hours ago, everything OK! Will put up pics later. Marvellous weekend and also a great week in Sconnie Botland!

Special thanks to Helen for bringing my birthday cake and to Ballabio Bertie for the Higland Park. Unforgettable birthday. Will do some serious tasting this evening! :D


BTW, anybody know a Nero Corsa for sale somewhere?

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