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Memories of Galloway

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Just got home last night, what a great weekend, nice meeting everyone and it confirms my suspicions that you have to be a nutter to have a V11. Harry and i made it up to a midge free islay!! after the meet for some whisky sampling. Its back to reality now, better get on with the hoovering.

Gary :bier:

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The teddy Bears' Picnic, first course


Where's Baby Bear?


Here's Oldie Locks -


That one's too fast - This one's just right - That one's, well the least said the better




I'm not sure we should refer to "Bears on Guzzis" people may get the wrong idea :o

Though we may get a bigger turn up.


untill they see "Baby Bear"





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For those that were camping found a tick on my leg this morning watchout yer blood will be getting drained


Had plenty of bites, whilst there. And yes I've scratched them :(


Having left the campsite and enjoyed the A712 to get back on the A75 I thought I could feel something inside my helmet, I didn't think it was the wind. I decided to leave it until I stopped for fuel just south of Carlisle. Needless to say I forgot and only realised once I rejoined the motorway.

I pressed on for another 70 miles where I finally stopped for splash; coffee and to add a layer I helmeted up and went and fueled, it was only then I remembered to check my helmet. Inside I found a small beetle - luckily I don't think it was the biting type.


My journey home was uneventful though on the opposing carriage way there where two complete closures for accidents.

The first was still looking like this


The second the Accident Investigators where doing their stuff but the vehicles had just been uploaded.

On the way up there was a police Range Rover on an overbridge with it's blues on. Every one slowed in case they were doing speed checks (blue lights on?)

but if you looked through the trees you could see the air ambulance on the ground. I'd assume an accident as opposed to illness.

I'm thankful that our weekend wasn't blighted.

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Yoooou dirty rat, Barrett. The public isn't ready for pics like those yet!

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Must be a typing error "following Guy master...." something " as he led from Ken Bridge" . Now that would be impressive riding :lol:



I'm not sure if the ".......bate" something is really what I would care to see, one would probably need an extra wheel to ensure cover for health and safety. :o

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You could get help you know

and you're offering?


Bertie and Soren... well, that was obvious. But we didn't suspect that you had your eye on Gearjammer!

Hang on!! Are you Mrs Gearjammer?????

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Sorry to hear about the crash, at least you are ok.


As for the weekend in Ken Bridge, it was fab, and a belated thanks to all who turned up and made it a great weekend, I should have taken my V11 really (and despite all of its recent problems - see technical "clown bike" I'm sure it would have made it) but I wanted to test ride the rebuilt Le Mans 3.


Hopefully my comedy clown bike V11 will be back together soon.



Mal B)

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At the Green Welly Shop on the way to the meet Bertie, Anton and I met a Canadian motorcycle journalist who tested a Ducati GT 1000. He mentioned us in his story...


Just before the turn off to the highly recommended road through Glencoe, I pull off at the entertainingly named “Green Welly” (British slang for a rubber boot), where I take a moment to catch up on my trip notes and chat with a group of self-deprecating Dutch Guzzi owners who are on their way to a Guzzists' get together. Or was that an S&M meet?


The whole story: http://cmgonline.com/Special-Feature/Dash-for-a-Dram-1


@ Bertie: Sorry that he called you Dutch! ^_^

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