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Gratuitous Pics of Girls + Guzzi

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An unprecedented appeal from the peanut gallery for more images of the same photo shoot . . .


. . . . are those Accel plug wires? :huh:



Docc, I can't help you.  I snagged that image in an online search.  Oddly, it was titled "Moto Guzzi V50 big block cruiser."

Which makes no sense at all, but a fine looking woman can often addle the mind....

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Not really "all the gear, all the time" attire, except for the boots.

Bonus points for use of Leopard. 



And I don't want to quibble, but isn't that setting for a photo shoot somewhat odd. 

In front of some industrial excavator or something? 

There's a story behind that.

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