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Gratuitous Pics of Girls + Guzzi

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thats my Polish friend ;-) Kat unfortunatly she parked that bike under a car...




More drooling allowed.... :grin:









I certainly hope she's ok.


On another note... girls and bikes... very nice. Girls that can ride like that... priceless.

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Well, a little story to go with this pic.

I saw this bike in a magazine article in 1995 and immediately fell deeply in love with it.

It took two years before i could afford to buy a guzzi and ended up with a Mille GT.

After another 3years of building it through two changes of houses with one builder going broke, crash with a kangaroo and a divorce, I had the bike I had dreamed of.

This is the bike I saw that started it all - although there was no girl for additional inspiration.



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