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As many of you know, I am a fan of the OMRON relays for the V11. I found Ryland3210's evaluation compelling and have seen numerous (other) relay failures on V11 over the years.


Yet, I'm afraid I keep posting a Digikey link for an part no longer available through them.




I struggle with deciphering this part number:

G8HN-1C2T-R DC12


--->EDIT (Mar 28 2018): Best (High Current) Relay, derived from this thread: Link to this post on page 5:

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Oh - I just place an order with DigiKey for the Omrons - and the website said it was on backorder. 


Is it important that they are sealed? I mean for application on the V11, they are always dry under the seat.


Do we know anything about the Panasonics?

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It is not critical that they are sealed. you can always seal them yourself by running a bead of epoxy around the bottom of the case edge.


brlawson is running the Panasonic, I believe (although Panasonic may have different products for this application?), yet no one has dismantled them and compared directly like Ryland3210 did to compare the GEI and OMRON.


The Panasonic are physically smaller, which brlawson thought would dissipate heat better (not bad thinking!), but I wonder at the internal materials and structure . . . (unknown).

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Sorry Scud. As mentioned I did call them earlier today and was informed that they think it was discontinued as they have no information as to if they will be available for restock from the manufacturer.


I asked about a replacement for the Omron and they gave me the part number for the Panasonic that I gave. They said that is as close as they had available except that it is smaller lol.


Sorry I am not edumacated enough about electric thingamajigs. :) Just passing along the information I received. :) And looking for good replacement Relay's for the just in case for Murphy.

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I wouldn't worry about being sealed, they are upside down under the seat


The C in the part No is for form C normally open normally closed (5-pin)

I think R is for resistor across the coil, 12 for 12 Volt coil


I suspect the Panasonic will be good quality also

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 My beloved GH8N OMRON relays appear to have come NLA. :(


The spec sheet for the Panasonic states they are silver alloy contacts rated 10amps NC / 20amps NO for continuous current.  So, that appears to be better contact material than the GEI.


Doesn't Relay 5 operate continuously Normally Closed for the fuel pump, coils and injectors? [Answer: negative. ]




edit/ Correction : (thanks, Kiwi_Roy!): Relay#5 (Fuel Injection/pump) operates through the NO (Normally Open) contacts carrying some 22.5 amps.

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Prior to replacing all with Omron, (no failures yet- low use) I used GEI. I had 1 (#5) fail with about 600 mi usage. They are sealed and I believe I got them from a forum member or link. My other failure, also #5, was a Siemens. Another forum member, bikeseamus, here in Indiana, gave much praise to Panasonic. If I ever get low (lol I have a dozen or more GEI and Omron) I will try them.


I met bikeseamus a couple years ago at a vintage meet. He rode in on the only other V11 LM I've seen in Indiana. A nice Rosso Corsa. I seem to recall him saying it once belonged to another Hoosier. Maybe Chuck?

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