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The sounds between the beasts are different but equally as nice. I don't have a snorkel on my griso and it has 2-1 exhaust and my V11 has massive pods and velocity stacks so theyre both going to sound quite different to the norm

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The intake noise is pretty much the same between the two. As Pete said, if you remove the airbox snorkel on the Griso that muffles the intake noise it is going to make more intake noise. My Griso has an aftermarket airbox lid that is an open filter, so it has even more intake noise. The wifes V11 also has an aftermarket airbox lid that is open, but many here just cut holes into the stock lid. One glitch with the V11 running an open airbox lid is there is heat reflective material on the underside of the fuel tank. With an open airbox lid that material can fall down onto the air filter and block airflow. If you want to open up the airbox, make sure that heat barrier is properly attached to the underside of the gas tank.

The Griso with its two into one exhaust will sound different then the two into two of the V11. But I actually prefer the Griso's two into one exhaust (especially with an aftermarket set up that is more open). It has a little more of a snarl, sounding meaner than the V11. But both sound great.

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The snorkel is number 8 in the diagram, the airbox lid itself is number 7.

The airbox lid and snorkel are under the front of the seat. You can remove the snorkel from the top of the airbox, it is rubber.

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4 minutes ago, stewgnu said:

my v11 is missing it’s airbox lid- i had to cobble a frame together to hold the filter down but would prefer to get hold of a lid really.  She does roar on open throttle tho

The V11 airbox is highly sought-after. Chicks dig 'em. No one seems to be admitting what they use them for, though . . . :huh: <_< :ph34r:


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On 9/28/2023 at 6:32 AM, stewgnu said:

my v11 is missing it’s airbox lid-... but would prefer to get hold of a lid really.  

I got a spare lid from @Scud some years ago. I had grand plans to modify it for my bike, but decided that I liked the standard airbox so didn't use it.

Also no chick in NZ seemed to dig it, so if I still have it, you can have it for nix +shipping cost. PM me. Shipping from NZ to UK varies from eye-watering to arm/leg/first born, so be warned. 

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