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Docc, your reputation is renowned throughout the realm.



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That sounds like the battery was not being charged and it ran out of electrons. That is a pretty good description of how a motorcycle stops when it is not charging the battery.

It could be a bad ground, as mentioned. Or it could be an issue with the headlight circuit, which is the reference circuit for the R/R to charge the battery.

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3 minutes ago, audiomick said:


Perhaps more relevant from that source, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain !"


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Watching for new member @motoguzzikc to post his concern, probably in Technical Topics, so we can dive into helping him and getting his V11 Sport alive and well . . . :luigi:  :race: :bier:

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Thanks everyone for your replies, sorry for being a bad new forum member and not relaxing my browser had logged me out and I was not seeing any updates. I have replaced the battery but think I still have an issue. I just made a new thread:


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