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  1. Great to see and hear,,, that bike are one of few worth considering buying a lottery ticket for me. Looking at your right front fork leg,,, minor sevice. Are you going to USE it some, or? Just enjoy her . Cheers tom.
  2. Tomchri


  3. All ideas are welcomed. Docc had an idea, will follow that. Headers of, for checking stator, concerning my charging problem. And still hoping to find a Stucci cross over. Seafoam for cleaning injectors, will check that to. Cheers tom.
  4. Easyly made in an afternoon ( it did say that on the box with Hooker headers back in 76 ) Relocating the regulator is easly made in an afternoon with all parts. More electric hardware, tools, connectors, correct wire seals, still waiting for 12volt extra terminals. Ohya my question, to rest my mind [emoji32], Yes or No will be fine. Isnt the green 30 amp fuse sort of on holiday the way the rectifier is hooked up now to the battery? Still White outside ( under long) IPA time. Cheers tom Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  5. Didnt look at my headers when I took them of. My AFC is about 1 turn out. More fuel in the right cylinder than the left. She was running fine before she quit charging. What is the first that comes to the experienced injection guys mind? Trying to play with the AFC before balancing? See pictures. Cheers tom Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  6. Sorry, you didnt spoke to soon,, but to late cheers tom
  7. The guy who sold you the motor,,,, will not be ready for the nasty suprise coming . Thanks for info. Cheers tom.
  8. Just curious about after how many km the wear became obvious? IPA time. Cheers tom
  9. Hope you guys feel better now. New record further north 2.6m with snow. Cheers tom Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  10. Karon beach,, Phuket,, our favorite place In Thailand, paradise,,,,, good place to discuss bananas Cheers tom
  11. Anybody care for free bananas [emoji32] Cheers tom Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  12. Been traveling far east for the last 17 years, and never seen a Guzzi down here. Any members from Thailand? Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  13. Bingo, not to much not to little , and now time for a large IPA. Cheers tom
  14. Whats to expect from a squarehead with sort of english difficultis bottom pressure,, veivaksel, stempel, hm. Cheers tom.
  15. Isnt this one happy part of the frame,, snooosing in oil fumes,, no rust, and after a while everything in there, ( if it was something ) has settled down. But don t like the idea of extra hot fumy air back into the motor. Might be 1 extra horse with colder air. But what is the right pressure for the V11 ? In my head I want nothing but fresh air in the motor, But dont want to loose compression with no buttompressure. Cheers tom.
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