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  1. Nice offer, but don't be shy,, order some more, spares are good. IPA time. Cheers tom.
  2. Just saying I'm very happy with the Shindengen 847 regulators I got from Roadstercycle.com. No more problem with the 30amp fuse, regulator and stator has a healty temp. Cheers tom.
  3. I'm actually going south to se him on sunday, with 3 brains. That will be interesting, and hopefully not hurt my brain to much. Cheers tom.
  4. No power commander, and pop in as I understand. Cheers tom.
  5. Thats called magic or something, you be smiley when she is home. It will be a trip to remember Cheers tom.
  6. Tomchri

    My Scura Build.

    Keep on building Mikko, I know I would have liked to see the titanium frames and some pretty weldings in flesh, almost a shame to paint, again just my opinion . A new engine? Cheers tom.
  7. Just wondering,, the guys colorblind ? No, it is the guy on the bike,,,,, Cheers tom.
  8. Have you checked Onlinecomponents.com ? If you dont find anyone close, 2 guys up here in the pile of rocks might help. Cheers tom.
  9. Are Olinecomponents.com out to ? If they are out, send some smoke signals,,, might be help from far away. Rolf Halvorsen or the writer. Cheers tom.
  10. That's motorcycle roads, and hopefully not to many guys in blue collecting,,,, and do like the tranny music,, Like something built in Detroit 1970. Thanks Cheers tom.
  11. Tomchri


    I have 2 cables from my regulator directly to my + and - terminals, not what it was like before. Cheers tom.
  12. Tomchri


    Now you made me wondering . And I just put in a fuse. It was just a test to see if everything was working without the fuse, and it was ? Cheers tom.
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