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  1. Corbin, way better than stock, I think. 240m today, no problem with the a. IPA time Cheers tom.
  2. Hibernation time around the corner, snow plow markers up,, ALREADY. Or just happy for another season. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  3. Another Eagle, has landed near by , and I sort of know the guy, 1 more ordered. Cheers tom.
  4. I think Tom in Virginia was the Tom on the list, I have to check, memory. On the other hand, spares and me. Cheers tom.
  5. 02 sensor is not connected on my 03 RC, and using a 15M ECU with Meinolf's mapping. Meaning she is running very well. Since I have a spare 15RC, I do it out of curiosity and for fun. Cheers tom.
  6. No magic expected, just another behavior experience with the V11 for little money. And gives me something to do. Cheers tom.
  7. Called a local whole saler today about the Bosch LSH24 sensor, æø what, 3300kr + 25% vat, around 400$ + Found on the interweb for about 40 Euro, somebody having steaks served every day. But for 65 - 70 Euro I will D try it. And ScuRoo, woud you mind bringing on further behavior experiences, different weather and so. Still perfect behavior ? Why not drill a hole in the middle of the crossover (Mistral ) and weld a 18mm nut in,, instead of having the 02 sensor on the header, or one on each side ? Hope I make this tuning experience before season is over. Cheers tom.
  8. My 03 Rosso Corsa has a 02 sensor, not connected since there is a 15M ECU onboard,, with great mapping. She runs very good, sometimes somedays, she has to open her mouth a little bit, tiny sneeze, hick, nothing serious. Since I have a 15RC Cali ECU on the shelf, out of curiosity I will install a new Bosch 02 sensor and the 15RC, and see what happens ? Cheers tom.
  9. Was kind of wondering the same thing,, because I have an 15RC ECU with faded lettering sayingCalifornia, I think. After reading ScuRoo's experience with the Bosch upgraded 02 sensor,,, hmm. This woud be to easy,, where is Murff,, oh yeah there he is,, had that ECU with me last fall to Germany - Meinolf, and that 15RC Cali ECU wasn't programable, or whatever it is called. Meaning it is impossible to drop his latest 15M mapping into that ECU Æh have another IPA. This ScuRoo experience realy have me wondering HAD great ride today with the Corsa , it was sunny and 17c, and sep 1, not bad
  10. Thanks Guzzler. I just looked at the old bracket, and used that as a copy, minor adjustments. Works well and easyly made in an afternoon, for free. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  11. Bring out the hammer, my threatening device for electronic's, . Wish I coud quide you thru, I just loaded down readers and writers and and, there I was. I still feel I need the hammer visible. Story will follow, just saying good luck. Cheers tom.
  12. Missed the first picture. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  13. I was sort of telling her a few things today, mumbling about Guzzidiag, and a little treattning . Marius are willing to help. This afternoon, a few big gasp of breath and lap top's on, what the H. Went for a brew, later, later. BUT see picture a few hours later,,, looks I'm on to something. Just saying Cosmo. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  14. Knew I bought the Brisk's for a reason , thinking that was to be the desert for her when running good. They shoud run good with the Iridium plugs to. Had a great ignition system for a 440 was it called Dr Jacobs. Pure bonus with a great spark. Intake boots have no sign of cracking, and they are robust. She even idles if the balance hose sneezes of, not good running of course. Cheers tom
  15. Bigger bangs always better. have Brisk racing plugs, not yet installed. Always running Shell 98. Fuel lines and pressure all good. I bet my Greenie woud run better if I put back the stock crossover, not going to happen. Will find a way about the fueling. Cheers tom.
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