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  1. I used Kapci paint, code 601 Verd metallic, with white base paint first. Cheers tom.
  2. Welcome, get both bikes Cheers Tom.
  3. What comes close to IOM, NOTHING. Remember having breakfast with the John Player Team every day, same hotel. We can handle some more memories Phil, thanks. Cheers tom.
  4. We are all different,,, reading this is like reading Donald Duck, all good . I mean if the swingarm bearings are that bad, that would be Very noticeable riding,YES. The tire could have had the wrong rubber compound , put together. Anyway we are all going faster the older we get, watch out young lads. Campfire talk. I’m a lefty, but like rights turns, even from young, skiing, motocross, biking ++. Friday gents, IPA time, wild quess, 70days more hibernation. Cheers tom.
  5. Nothing wrong with the tire, you just like left curbs better, or are you thinking about the tupper position ? Camera angle ? Cheers tom.
  6. Of course I’ll take it,,, but there is a smell even from this distance. Cheers tom.
  7. German specialist Hirth made cranks for the V8 Guzzi, they had a splines way of making cranks, good reading, even used in aviation engines. Cheers tom
  8. Have I read it somewhere, was'nt it a German made crankshaft in the V8 ? Woud have loved to hear it tho, IPA time Cheers tom.
  9. It’s something exotic living this close to the North Pole, or Cheers tom.
  10. We always had rottweiler's, the reason for side car. Now the son is taking over. Rossi has been, let's say a handful, 13month and 53kg. 3 dead dogs in front of God waiting for entrance. God asking the german sheperd, what have been your goals? disiplin, training and loyal to the master. Ok, on my right side. God asking the puddel, your goals? Love, care from my master and piece in the world. Ok, on my left side. God looking at the Rottweiler asking the same question. Rottweiler saying,,, your standing in my place. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  11. Picture coming, interweb Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  12. Working for food, the misses don't mind greasy fingers. Wheel of, divide the shaft so I can realy move the joint's around, grease medicin. Helps a bit for zerk access, shaft hanging, I hold the g gun on tight, and misses to work. Yes it will be messy later with all the right sounds from the joint's. I do it the same way both Greenie and Rosso Corsa, not to bad, I think. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  13. Counting km and brew,,, last check 2520 liter production. Yes I have another. Cheers tom
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