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  1. I woud check the + suply from under the fuse box, fuse 1 and 2. Feeds relay 5. D IPA time Cheers Tom.
  2. Some special models, like Scura, Ballabio and Tenni and is it one more had alu flywheels and single plate = trouble. Woud think by now most of them have been sorted. Happy hunting. Cheers Tom.
  3. Using Guzzidiag, enginee shoud have 60c + , and 0 is correct. Cheers Tom
  4. What can I say, to me a green frame , oh well. Great weekend to everyone, SF guys enjoy the companionship. IPA time here cheers tom
  5. Yes, she feels at home. 1day today, NOT FOR SALE. NOT much for total original. Duc 900 faring? Original paint tank, sidecover. 17500m. [emoji16] [emoji482] Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  6. Good thing to know what you want Kleinanzeigen.de will disturb you more, but it's worth the time. Shipping time isn't that bad. Happy hunting. Cheers Tom
  7. More curious about 3 clutches track was mentioned. Curious ready bike $$$$. Cheers Tom.
  8. I used a 20amp fused wire to the new relay directly from +. The kill switch is your only weak point in the starting process with an extra relay,,, meaning keep it clean from oxidation,, Deoxit Gold makes sense. And that goes for all electric connections on the bike. Cheers Tom.
  9. Jim, your on the way to figure this out. Kiwi Roy and gstallons have a picture here somewhere of the wiring of an extra start relay. I used a 70amp relay ( overkill ),picture of that here to. Cheers Tom.
  10. Jim, since none of the real competemt guys have responded. My quess is you are reading, and reading. It's all here on the forum. You need to reverse what you did to the wiring, and put on an extra relay for starting. Quite simple wiring to do it, problem solved,,, just take care of your kill switch,,, and the other electric connections . Cheers Tom
  11. What's the similarity between a Tesla and a man with diarrhea, both have anxieity to make it home I better keep my mouth zipped, JUST thinking about it. Tomorrow I will enjoy myself filling up with Shell V power 98, at about 40$. Cheers Tom.
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