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  1. Tomchri

    Map Day

    Looks even more refined, we didn't bather with the 1/2 square, since it's only handtight,,, made a 10mm hole straight thru thou . Why didn't I show that with a picture Cheers tom
  2. Tomchri

    Map Day

    Always different measures with the vernier. Aircraft alu, 10mm steel rod, and clearece finished with Dormer brosh (reamer,or ), and a lock nut. Never liked the thought of putting anything down that hole, be it JB or. Cheers tom.
  3. Tomchri

    Map Day

    Correct distance, and easyly made in an afternoon in my friends shed, and a couple of useful tools for the Øhlins. Did the measure tonight and ended up with 0.85mm clearence and good spark again. Have to go riding with a friend tomorrow, meaning that will be nice, but can't wait to see how she behave now. I am listening to the SB mech from down under to, so when I get her straight, curious as usual, I will reduce my valve clearenses a few times, CURIOUS, and my own experiences. ( like the Carb tune) Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  4. Tomchri

    Map Day

    Few miles test ride today, No, about same behavior, so inn with the other Meinolf mapped ECU. Another full tuning, and then no firing at all, 1bang from right muffler. No spark,, I did ohm the almost new sensor from TLM 0.0, shit. The old one shoved 644. Next goal, correct distanse, was it more preferable at the upper end, 0.8 - 0.9mm ? Sensor lenght was 29.95mm, all I have in shims is 0.7 and 0.9mm. More spear parts. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  5. Tomchri

    Map Day

    Quick reply, between the shovers, still struggling with the Ti ECU. Just tried with a new TPS, battery needed some juice, wouldn't even fire. I need to go for a little ride, to cool down. Later. Cheers tom
  6. Tomchri

    Map Day

    I have 0.25mm on both valves. How the H can she run that good after 3000, and so rubbish between 1500 to 3000. Oh well,, another IPA,, might be some weather tomorrow. Cheers tom
  7. Tomchri

    Map Day

    Twin Max electronic device for balancing,,, Carb tune is with manual tubes and restrictors, I like it. Cheers tom
  8. Tomchri

    Map Day

    Why my question ? Had my 2 ECU's loaded with Meinolf's latest mapping, by him. Did a few rounds with tuning on my Rosso Corsa, and she is running Very good. Did the same tuning on my Greenie ( quite a few times ), idling perfect and Very strong after 3000. Did buy a new Carb tune,, much better than my Twin Max. BUT from idling up to 3000, she is not happy with the right cyl. So what you are experiencing, had me wondering,, ( again ). I'm quite sure my tuning is on course,, so coud it be the mapping ? I have a brand new TI ECU, so will try that one, when the weather permits. Will report back after the test Cheers tom.
  9. Tomchri

    Map Day

    Sorry no answers just another question, did you confirm the misfiring was on 1cyl or bouth ? Cheers tom.
  10. Have you checked the charging ? Cheers tom
  11. Yes, that would be a safe bet with the golf ball there. Just another old habbit of mine, wondering or checking ,, what does it look like inside And, it will be nice to see it on the bike, hear it to. Cheers tom.
  12. Sorry, still curious ,bad innlish, meant looking inside with some fancy equipment, or feeling with a steel wire or something for the opening's in the crossover- xover ? Cheers tom.
  13. Pressure thing,, just rememberd, before any electronic world, putting a new dual exhaust on the 440, and put a stripe of white paint on the fresh pipes after the Hooker headers,, go for a sporty trip,, most burnt spot got a crossover. I'm sure it was fun Cheers tom.
  14. Curoius,, has it been an inspection inside the crossover - xover ,, whats happening there Cheers tom.
  15. No sir, hopefully next week . Cheers tom.
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