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  1. Or, any form and shape, a piece of alu and a good welder. Polishing is optionnal. Cheers tom Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  2. Happy Greenie, new speedo and Roper installed. New Rosso Corsa emblems. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  3. I can rent a cage and drive in the States with just my Norwegian license. BUT they have a copy of your passport = trapped. My milage in the States are 120000 + miles and I think they drive perty civilised over there,, ( probably changed today because of the B c phone ), well 8 10 lanes into Dallas was more speedy I remember. When you see a 120km sign in Germany,,,,, isn't that the recomended speed My favourite country for riding and. Cheers tom.
  4. Or the misses say,,, It's summer,, I have to stay home and take care of Daffy ( Rottweiler ), and you are out on to wheels. Short trip to Holland, K 1100 RS with EML 2000 sidecar. VERY happy dog and wife. You can easily scare yourself with 3 wheels going quite fast, you can even ,, oh IPA time. Cheers tom.
  5. now you're asking way too much for my interweb knowledge, (posting a link, someday) Grote.com. 7inch for a Wrangler, I found it. IPA time, cheers tom.
  6. Still have my eyes looking at Grote, supposedly made in US. 7inch led sealed beam. They have a factory in Germany to. I quess I will be the quinny pig later this winter, or did someone check this out? Cheers tom.
  7. Anyone having a not cracked front fender for my 01 Greenie for sale? Cheers tom
  8. Don't close the door yet, I'm sending out some smokesignals further north cheers tom
  9. Wild quess from 59.0073,,,, woud be 210days
  10. Medisin if you don`t mind greasy hands. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  11. Sharing info. Was lucky enough to get a 01 Greenie this summer. She had PC 111 installed, and was like a bomb compared to my 03 Rosso Corsa. Did the usual going thru, tuning and som electric upgrades . Idling v good,and VERY good trottle response,,,,nice, but but. PC removed and Co set to 0. Still amazing trottle response. Have a Tomaselli quick trottle handle,,, but but ?? Shoud'nt have an alu flywheel the Greenie's. Carillo rods ?? Balanced and lightened crank ?? Any headwork done ?? Or lucky with the original heads ?? Another cam ,,, titanium push rods ??. My 03 Rosso Corsa idling all very good, and revs all the way happy, but no quick response like the Greenie ? All this said, I had a quick trip to see the brain doctor, so both my ECUs now has the same map. Did I belive they shoud act the same way now,,, more or less I thought. No the Greenie is quicker. I know I have to tune both trottle body's, Meinolf's way, but that's only fine tuning.... Did around 30miles with both, but got a quick feeling they are both fed well from idling to 8000 + Balancing is spring work,, the misses said something about 20inch'es of that B white shit tomorrow at 1000ft. Wondering keeps me busy Cheers tom.
  12. I said I was in,,  so   tomchri1953@gmail.com

    cheers tom

    1. Pressureangle



      Just to be certain;
      You're international, and I'm aware that there may be VAT costs etc. that I can't see on this end.
      How should this be listed on the customs forms? Gift, Sample, Returned, etc that's best for you?
      USPS tells me it's about $62US for priority express international. Do you want me to explore shipping economy?



    2. Tomchri


      Hi Eric

      Sample and 35$ will be fine with me, if possible.

      No rush with the mail,, season is basically over up here.

      Thanks for your trouble,,

      cheers tom.


  13. Had to wait until tuesday morning, no ferrys to Denmark, raining and very WINDY. 3400km, and back home saturday morning, 7c- 18c, mostly 13c. I was told by Meinolf, isn't that the essence of riding, and all what we do for our dearest. What a pleasant experience, BIG respect. I will do my best to follow Meinolfs advices, period. 2 of the brains received just what the doctor ordered, but my spare ECU was an RC, even if it did say 15M and California on the original sticker? Cleaned my AFCs yesterday and closed them. Not that long since tuning so just put the brain back on,,, she fired right up, idling,, so so but not to bad. I knew I have to do a both throttle body balancing. 45km test ride, yes thank you, this will be good. You get an immediate feeling she is getting the fuel she needs, spend lot of the time provoking her in the 3000 area, no problem . A little more tuning and excellent. See what I will manage before salted roads. A big thank you again to Meinolf Cheers tom
  14. Just saying I'm very happy with the Shindengen 847 regulators I got from Roadstercycle.com. No more problem with the 30amp fuse, regulator and stator has a healty temp. Cheers tom.
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