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  1. Haven't been here to long, but long enough to appreciate all V11 knowledge available on the forum. WELL worth some hours ++. Thanks ( tiny Luigi story, first start today I noticed rev counter missed to wake up for a millisecond, ok, rest good. Test ride, no she's been better in 3k area. Readings way of. 157v and testride, no not good enough. Another TPS,,,,, set at 157v, ok. Key on, no neutral and oil light on, starts like a dream, no rev counter,,,,,,, Luigi.... checked what I picked up here,,,,,, what was it ? I still mean my relay platform was well greased, took all my Omrons out, and and extra round with vaseline. All good Yes IPA time. cheers tom.
  2. Just follow the biggest ground from the battery. Cheers tom.
  3. Speedhut,,, ok, yes I like it . cheers tom
  4. I went for a Shindengen 847 from roadstercycle.com. Havent had that many miles yet, but working perfect. Your 30 amp fuse will be on holiday. I have some pictures of my installation In Series Type Voltage Regulators May 8. Good luck. Cheers tom.
  5. Tomchri

    Riding gear

    That seems about the right amount of luggage for 8 weeks ,,, well done. cheers tom.
  6. Tomchri

    Riding gear

    Shoei Neotec, and my goat suit from 71and no coment,,, IPA time. Cheers tom Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  7. First report with the Shindengen 847, all good, and now with a led voltage monitor [emoji32]. Now my 30amp fuse is on holiday forever. Anything happens, will report back. Upgraded wire size to starter and ground. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  8. Take a look at Guzzitech.dk and Jens Lycks archive, 1100 sports vent modifications,,, probbably some other ideas there to. Bought my tonti from Jens,,, with an extremly well built electrical system by him. ( Seen your 1000 build,, rollers, yes impressed ) Cheers tom
  9. I have to read this even if the brain hurts,, another IPA. Happy to have controll over 40mm Dellortos,,, and glad some body have control over the INTERWEB V11s. Ulversheim is not to far,,, Cheers tom.
  10. Have you found all the answers to K Roys questions ? He knows,,,, you will find it. Cheers tom.
  11. Rear wheel rubber pads, schockabsorbers,,,, seems just ready for a treatment with M 321 and beemer grease,, after some more cleaning. None in there since 03. Did read quite a few ARGUMENTS back from 2007 about all the rubber ideas , drilling holes, removing pads? Thats more than 15min ago, any conclusions? My pads dont feel hard hard,,, so drilling holes,, nææ, looking at my splines all good, so I will keep on listening to her up and down in the mountains,, splineswear or not,,, in a month or. Ipa time. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
  12. Tomchri


    Anyone having a Stucci crossover they dont need, Im interested. Cheers tom.
  13. Great to see and hear,,, that bike are one of few worth considering buying a lottery ticket for me. Looking at your right front fork leg,,, minor sevice. Are you going to USE it some, or? Just enjoy her . Cheers tom.
  14. Tomchri


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