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  1. Have you checked the charging, special the 2 bullet connectors from the stator ? what kind of relays ? EVERY electrical connection on the bike needs to be checked and treated with Caig Deoxit or similar. What does your 30amp fuse look like, the green one ? Could be quite a few things, but don't worry , you are definitely on the right place to get sorted. Welcome to the forum, and shortly someone a lot more electrical than me will come along. Cheers tom
  2. If that engine runs as good as it looks, yes I love the enginering, the rest of the bike just me. Cheers tom
  3. Great place Meticcio, been there quite a few times visiting the old yellow building. Last time with my son, the son looking at the old man saying, I like the feeling we can't make it home tonight, not tomorrow night either. Heard the speed limit for boats on the Lake Como is 65mph . Yes we can handle more pictures. Cheers tom
  4. Have you checked Stein Dinse # 01733340 130€. Cheerss tom
  5. Usually picking up the mail don't get me excited, but sometimes,, thanks Chuck. Cheers tom.
  6. Thanks Chuck,, it's a great place for riding, not to many cages to see in my pictures, and the curbs can even be interesting doing 80km on the roads I usually ride on. Just a few 4lane hways up here, but those are only fun when you are stretching the rods = Autobahn is in Norway 17000km this summer, not going any place. Cheers tom.
  7. To much thinking , æh I have another IPA. Cheers tom.
  8. Right and on my Greenie, no sign of any brackets, no sign of any grinding marks underneath the spine. Cheers tom.
  9. Having the same Mosfet regulator experience with my 2 V11. Only around 10000m so far, but 14.73 v idling, and the 30amp fuse has nothing much to do. Slipped in a 15amp fuse , just to observe, still there Cheers tom
  10. Corbin, way better than stock, I think. 240m today, no problem with the a. IPA time Cheers tom.
  11. Hibernation time around the corner, snow plow markers up,, ALREADY. Or just happy for another season. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
  12. Another Eagle, has landed near by , and I sort of know the guy, 1 more ordered. Cheers tom.
  13. I think Tom in Virginia was the Tom on the list, I have to check, memory. On the other hand, spares and me. Cheers tom.
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