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  1. Liquid cooled engines are far quieter overall. The fact that Honda used backlash gears proves my point.
  2. Odd, they appear in your response to me
  3. Gears are better than chains in every way but one- noise. Gears are noisy, chains are quiet. So any bike that has to pass any sort of noise test (EPA here) benefits from using a cam chain instead of gears. Even HD went to chains in their big twins, because they trade the cam noise for exhaust/intake noise. Functionally? Probably not noticeable, if the chain is good and the tensioner is adequate. Still, I'll have a set in mine eventually, because riding an Italian motorcycle and asking why something makes sense is a silly thing.
  4. ...finally got around to installing the RAM mount I bought before last year's trip. Kudos to whoever it was that sorted this out before, took the FOFIU out of it. Simple enough; cut the stand off the bottom bracket, follow the instructions for stem mount, but you have to hold the bottom nut assembly against the screw from the bottom. I used a piece of 3/8" fuel line. Nuthin' like close-ups to show you where you need to clean and polish.
  5. I reserved garage space, but likely won't bring more than one bike. So I'll have extra. Unless H-D gives me a boner back for the Livewire.
  6. I hadn't ridden (nor washed, nor pulled maintenance) on the Sporti since my trip last fall. Changed fluids a bit ago, engine oil a couple days ago and rode to the car wash. Forgot that eating it in the parking lot 4 times on that trip led to a stripped valve cover bolt and gasket leak. So, todays project was installing Time-Serts in the lower 4 bolt holes. I'd have done them all, but it really wasn't necessary and I didn't want to pull the fairing.
  7. Probably counterfeit. Even if Timken and FM actually have plants in China, I've crossed more than a couple websites for Chinese companies that make it their business model to print whatever brand name you want. My Cousin was U.S. Customs in Detroit, they captured TONS of counterfeit stuff crossing from Canada made in China, of every possible OEM from Ford to Harley to Caterpillar to Kraft foods. Bastages.
  8. If you drink enough coffee, it comes out from your pores.
  9. ...you can use the AMEX as both an underarm scraper and dental floss.
  10. Aerostitch Roadcrafter 2 piece Underarmor long top & bottom Thorlo boot socks Gasolina Typhoon boots Held Rodney gloves Shoei GT Air Did 10k miles/ 8 weeks with this, one t-shirt, one pair jeans, one Patagonia hoody and my AMEX card. I would not change a single thing. FL/TN/OK/KS/CO/WY/MT/ID/WA/OR/CA/NV/CA/AZ/NM/TX/FL. Started at 95*F and saw ~45*F a couple times.
  11. So it is that I'll spend much of the summer in Ohio. So when you get set, ring up and maybe I'll get loose for a ridealong for a while. I have friends in Traverse City I could visit.
  12. Funny, I came to the same conclusions about the vent; a larger tube and a small filter. Still, we'll do a comparison with my patch. I'd feel more comfortable if I'd brazed a piece of square stock over the hole rather than something that can possibly dislodge, although it's tight and glued and probably won't be noticed if it gets in the gears. We'll see.
  13. Huh. Well, whatever was in it when I got it was thinner and black, and it still pushed out of the seal. Even putting in 250cc over the top of whatever stuck leaves the level low enough that I can't see it through the fill hole, so if I can control what comes out of the vent hole, it'll all be good. Hopefully this works, if not it may take a more sophisticated baffle. I'm not one to worry about overfilling gearboxes, unless you've seriously doubled down.
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