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  1. Head temp is a direct function of exhaust gas temperature. So the nearest you can get to measuring that, is measuring the header pipe right at the head. I'd suggest that balancing the throttle bodies will bring it closer, and now I've got the madness to use EGT to bring my throttles into perfect balance after the static method.
  2. I bought a tube of horse ivermectin (good for 1200lb) on Amazon for $6.00. Apple flavored. The arithmetic isn't hard, but Ivermectin has no side effects or overdose concerns, so you don't have to get to the third decimal on dosage. Since it's off-label usage, there is no quantification for what is effective to my knowledge. I started taking 5mg melatonin by gummies, but have pills also; it doesn't seem to matter what form, although the gummies seem to work faster for sleep if you let them melt in your mouth. I worked my way up to 20mg for about 3 months, but I did discover that I woke more dur
  3. I don't usually touch this subject in the wild, but I'll stick this out there. I did a lot of homework, read a lot of medical and white papers and here's what I've discovered. Disclaimer; the Medical Industrial Complex does not endorse this statement. Melatonin. early research into why age was such a significant contributor to mortality found that Melatonin uses the same ACE-2 receptors that COVID attaches to. Kids have a ton of natural melatonin, after 40 we make far less, and less as we age. Melatonin blocks COVID from attaching. I take 20mg before bed every night; discussing with a frien
  4. ...Took the 11 month old Odyssey PC545 back to the store under warranty. This is the first Odyssey I've ever had fail. It simply shorted about 15 minutes from home.
  5. Once upon a lifetime, I was working at a Texaco gas station in Belleville, Michigan, USA about 1985. A car full of people stopped for directions to the church up the street, for an extended family wedding. They were from Cork. They were flat hammered. Nobody cared and they apparently successfully navigated their way around. I've long since lost the contact information, but I did get a standing invitation to stay in Cork. It's on my long list of places to see.
  6. Old Harley-Davidsons, particularly the sand-cast engines nearly always had some porosity. As you've done here, Glyptol was the most common answer, after a solvent bath and oven baking. V8 Automotive guys use it too. Interestingly, Jack Roush Engineering used (uses?) copper plating on the entire block, because it can in no way peel off and compromise integrity.
  7. "...support is a little skimpy..." LOL I ride a Moto Guzzi... Ah hain't skeert none. Florida has 3 MG dealers and 5 RE dealers.
  8. Excellent. I'd heard of her but didn't think she had so much on her website. Lots of downtime viewing. Thanks.
  9. Soooo.... Life takes odd turns, doesn't it? I've not left the plan to attend the IoM races in the relatively near future, but I have done some investigations on something with less politics and logistics. So, as I have a friend in Peru, I think I'll go there. Entry for people and things is *relatively* easy it appears, although at this moment they're still applying COVID lockdowns at least in Lima. I'll plan for some time after that eases- no sooner than next week lol. I'm sure some of you have been there. Has anyone ridden there? If you could have any bike there, what would it be? I
  10. Edit; disregard. I left half of them in Ohio. I still have plenty. 21 January 2020. I have 2 plates left. I'll be ordering another 50 shortly- if it takes 2 more years to sell them, that's ok. E.
  11. Here's the next question begged; Will 1100 Sport bodywork fit a V11 frame?
  12. Has everyone who ordered a Roper plate received it in good condition? Just making sure nothing fell through the cracks. I have 4 remaining.
  13. While musing about the Isle of Man, It occurred to me that the logistics would be easier and the event more interesting if I shipped the bike into Italy and rode it to IoM...
  14. Looking to procure a windage tray for my V11 

    1. Pressureangle


      I have them. If you have a PayPal email, let me know and I'll send an invoice. 


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