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  1. You can still get the OMRON G8HE from the ebay vendor I got mine from. https://www.ebay.com/itm/162517009426 Check my post from back in December. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19755-best-relay/page/14/
  2. PJ thanks for the update. I’m looking for solutions to carrying some luggage for longer rides as I have the MG rear rack, although I haven’t mounted it yet. I also plan on powder coating it black as I think it’ll compliment the café sport style better than clear anodized aluminum. I use a small tank bag for short rides to carry some essentials and I like it. Unfortunately I can’t make up the details in your pics nor can I read the prints. I know it’s a PITA to have to reduce the file size of the pictures you can post but there are ways to do so without loosing to much resolution as I see some members here posting perfectly detailed photos, just don’t ask me how
  3. Which bag did you get from Stein Dinse and how well does it fit on the rack? Any pictures? Grazie!
  4. Care to share the source of those shiny bits?
  5. Just received a shipment of Omron G8HE-1C7T-R1-DC12 relays today! After reading thru all the technical posts re V11 relays problems and learning the scarcity of the most suitable relays for our steeds, I thought I'd do a little search and found these on ebay. They are brand new, NOS I suppose, not cheap at $10 each + tax/shipping out of Michigan and the vendor claims to have hundreds available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/162517009426?epid=1233534558&hash=item25d6c4c412:g:rN8AAOSwsXFZJuh0 I curently run the G8HN-1C2T-R DC12 that came installed on the bike when I bought it without any problem but I though it would be good to have these on hand in case of failure. Hope that helps if anyone is looking to stock some of these. Also know that I was able to bring the shipping charges from $37.50 to $9.20 for 10 relays!! Cheers!
  6. Before I found the Cafe Sport, I was really tempted to get the RE Continental GT. What’s not to like. Brand new well sorted twin for under $7k, good looks, lots of aftermarket parts to play with. Until I finally went to check them out at the local dealer and they were all out of stock... Twist of fate, I now own a V11 Cafe and I couldn’t be more content. I also really like the kawasaki z900rs for a truly modern performance retro bike but that would be well above my budget... And if money is no object, the Triumph SpeedTwin would definitely be on top of the list.
  7. Thx VS, I've started gathering already!
  8. Ciao a Tutti. I just recently became the new owner of a beautiful 2004 V11 Café Sport and I'm very excited to be here amongst fellow enthusiasts. I've already started to gather as much knowledge as I can from you all and looking forward to more. I started my love affair with motorbikes back in the seventies growing up in the south of France and always had a ride of some sort, mostly japanese bikes then a stint with a Triumph Trophy 1200 wich I toured 2 up all over southern europe. After a 20 years hiatus, the sight of a Griso rekindled my lust for motorbikes and in 2017 I purchased a Griso and became a new(old) Guzzista. The journey continues... Hervé
  9. Hey stewgnu, you wouldn't happen to have the windscreen associated to that fairing available by any chance? The one that came with my Cafe Sport is slightly damaged
  10. Are the clip-ons still available?
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