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  1. Pretty sure the switch is "about" the same level as the gearoil, but not below. Pretty sure you can remove the switch without much oil loss and work its actuator ball in and out with some solvent to make sure it is free. Connect the wire, ground the case of the switch and press the ball. Light comes on = switch okay. The issue certainly may indicate that the selector plates did not go back together quite right . . .
  2. Take the wire off the switch and ground it. If the Neutral Light comes on, the fault is in the switch (could be just "stuck"). If you ground the wire and the light does not come on, the fault is in the wiring (may have gotten pinched "open" under the side cover on reassembly).
  3. Right? I suppose that if I should just replace it every other time-up it would be no big deal. I would rather a more durable solution. Didn’t someone bring up using a non-contact type of TPS device (instead of a common potentiometer that physically wipes a contact)? Is that an option for us to pursue?
  4. Roger that on both counts: Andy's hiccup was not from the TPS. And, the later un-slotted Harley TPS won't work on our V11. Seems H-D would still be sourcing the slotted version that was fitted to their earlier bikes? Same for the Ducati that used the earlier, slotted TPS? I'll try rechecking my TPS. In the past, I have had best results testing resistance across the potentiometer watching for jumps, drops, or opens as I slowly open and close the TPS. I also may be having trouble setting the 157mV baseline due to throttle body wear and "closed throttle plate" becoming a moving target.
  5. You still have the note I wrote you for last year? "Doctor's Orders"
  6. Like, did you replace your TPS and it solved some issues? (My CACycleworks PF3C has about 10,000 miles on it and I think it has developed a hiccup in the sweetspot.)
  7. Wow, man what a kindness! Thank you, Sir! This was my mostest-worstest oil change of all thirty. Drain plug pulled its threads out in bits/ first stuck oil filter, ever/ sump fastener that holds the left side, rear aspect of the sidestand index plate pulled its threads (all in one coiled mass). As many of you already know (or suspect), when my Sport goes down (for whatever reason), I become, er, rather afflicted . . . My local (O'Reilly) auto parts store had the full M10-1.50 Stanley "Heli-Coil" kit for the drain plug. Heat gun and a friction surface (100grit paper) insid
  8. Once again, someone comes here with a troublem looking to get rid of their V11 and, instead of throwing a bunch of low-ball offers at him, we all set to trying to help him fix it.
  9. Thanks for letting us know, Woody! I hope the new owner knows what a great resource V11LeMans.com is. Maybe we can even rope him into a South'n Spine Raid! (Congrats on the sale! I'll change your thread title to say "sold")
  10. I tried every way I know to get that image to display, but no joy. Since this forum is no longer seeing "BBCode", try using the "Embed Code" . . .
  11. Take "ScotchBrite" to it? It comes in various grades, like sandpaper . . .
  12. Yah, watch out for those "hairline cracks!"
  13. Good find on the U-joint! Quite the transformation!
  14. Hey, while you're in there . . .
  15. So, I only see the "front" portion in "carb." (even though it also says "red" which I believe designates the "Rosso" model application) in the 1999-2001 Parts Catalog: Front mudguard, carb. - - - 04000N red GU01434340
  16. 2001 Rosso Mandello had a carbon fiber front fender, but not Öhlins?
  17. Yep, but that sealant could be pretty "set-up" now. Maybe warm the perimeter gently with a heat gun then find the extended rib at the right between the two bolt holes midway. It is an excellent purchase point for the pry end of a "Lady's Foot" or what P.Roper aptly calls a podgy bar. Should pop right off. Best if it is already in neutral to simplify reassembly . . .
  18. It has been a revelation (to me) how many of the musicians from the bands of the 70s-80s-90s have stayed in the game and revealed their extraordinary musicianship.
  19. Heh, yeah, I took my relay post down because I thought it might just confuse the issue(s). Could have been just the PC, Brian north. Otherwise, the V11 is probably better thought of as a journey, or a process, rather than a series of problems and repairs. Tell us more about the "01 v11 s" . . . how long have you had it, miles on it, other modifications . . . You know, the important stuff, like, is it silver?
  20. And, now, Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep has given his Last Dance . . . Godspeed . . .
  21. The hanging panels are awesome! Thanks for offering them here, Gregg!
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