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  1. Those are perfect for the timing sensor that was leaking on the original poster's (plexiform's) V11 back in 2016, but that may not be what Seth has. The image I posted above shows a leak that had me thinking head gasket for a long time, but it is an O-ring inside the valve cover under a plug (that I can't get out) . . .
  2. Stand by, jwatches. Gonna move this question to TechTopics while I search for images and a link for you . . . .
  3. Slip a sharp edge carefully under its edge and pry up. Pretty sure I can find swooshdave's images of this . . .
  4. docc

    Another V11

    Yeah, "transitional" model with mostly 2002 features, yet the later black face (ITI?) gauges without the angle drives for the cable. I wonder if the Ballabio handlebars would be any higher, or just put the hands at a different angle . . .
  5. docc

    Another V11

    Heh, I've never been fond (either) of the headlmap/instruments that stand off, frame-mounted, on the Ballabio and Café Sport. Otherwise, Guzzimax, the Ballabio will have the same frame as your 2003 Sport, but with handlebars instead of clip-ons . . . (Yet, I'm looking at your nice "maroon" 2003 Sport and it looks to be a "carry-over" 2002 with chin-pad/short tank, white face Veglia, etc. I can't tell , but are those actually clip-ons or handlebars?)
  6. Hey, gstallons rocks! If you are running a Hawker Odyssey PC545, cosmo, consider a careful "conditioning" which includes verifying the charging voltages (once she starts):
  7. Just for broad comparison, what horsepower did the vaunted, roadgoing V7 Sport of the 70s put down at the rear wheel?
  8. docc

    Map Day

    I am uncertain, now: Is the TPS baseline target 156 mV or 157 mV?
  9. An MGS-3/4! Whew, 20-30 kg would be hard to come by, yes? Start with very expensive magnesium wheels?
  10. I had success with JB Weld epoxy sealing the wire coming out of the sensor years ago. It ain't purty, but works. (Fitting a new O-ring is good, as well, but didn't fix my leak.)
  11. Sounds like a good plan. Doesn't take much grease to keep that together for assembly.
  12. Seems it would not be difficult to fashion a little pusher from a scrap of Delrin or such. I would be concerned Nylon might swell from moisture exposure there. I suppose lots of folks have defeated their clutch lock-out by shorting the connectors. Even with the Neutral Switch/ Neutral Relay functional, the bike could then start in gear with the sidestand up. Simple enough to keep the habit of holding the clutch for start-up.
  13. Hmm, actually no. That interface button is used to close the switch so the starter will engage.
  14. Not sure where to put it. Sounds like a great TechTopic for thread of its own. Maybe when you perform same on your Greenie?
  15. "Gravelly" is a good word for the 2002 black paint! Seems it would be hard to just touch up those areas without finishing the whole cases. I hear (from Scud and @footgoose) what a big job that is.
  16. Cool, hart smith! Here is a link to your website (yes?): https://www.euromotards.com/ Anything for our soon-to-be-vintage V11 Guzzis?
  17. I recall, when so many hands pitched in to make a new valve cover gasket for Goofman's 1200Sport at a SpineRaid, the impressive amount of oil that came gushing from an unsealed valve cover . . . (Don't forget this requires copious amounts of "gasket-making fluids" in bottle or can! )
  18. So, a chunk of filter material swept downstream and chocked the throttle plate open?
  19. I gave up on S-100 after it did bad things to various finishes and fasteners on the Sport. Following Chuck's inimitable lead, I am now a devotee of SuperClean.
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