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  1. One of the aspects of the happenstance formula of the current South'n Spine Raid is the serendipity of coming across other SpineRaiders unexpectedly. Like fueling up halfway there and some magnificent V11 rolls in to our delight!
  2. Dang, buddy, why "8?" And not just a full second set of 5 more?
  3. Beck has long had amazing bassists! (Not sure who this is . . .)
  4. Santa, could I please have some luscious 50s-60s Italian single with those delicious curves all over the engine (and tank) for less 5k?
  5. Ah! That makes sense. I've gone up to about 1/4 mile on the tip-slosh. Helps to pin the throttle as any unused fuel is returned to the right side fuel trap. I suspect the internal pump tank is similar, but IDK.
  6. docc

    My Scura Build.

    Retains an homage to the original Veglia white-face tachometer!
  7. No manual reserve. Petcock only on the left side of the tank. My light flickers dimly at idle or downhill right-handers when the tank needs 4.1-4.2 US gallons (giving me a safe 25 miles of reserve, but maybe not 35. Acceleration or left and uphill extinguishes the light. When the light comes on full bright it is telling you to coast to the roadside and perform the deep Tip-Slosh rescue maneuver. Resetting the trip meter each fill-up and noting your acceptable range becomes the primary refueling alert in most cases.
  8. That raises the question, "What would have broken that stator housing?" Crash damage?
  9. Hey, seriously, I got the privilege to ride a V85TT a few days a go. It made me really nervous to be sitting up, with hands out and feet down (compared to the V11 Sport). The bike was very responsive with its wide bars. The motor is sooooo smooth. Revs so very smoothly to be sneaky-fast. Just no clatter or drama. Sweet clutch pull, quick gearbox, and > zero < driveline lash. It would take me a lot of "getting use-to."
  10. I really wanted to like this new Indian. It's not a V85TT. Biggest difference is the luggage capability and fuel range of the Guzzi. By comparison, the Indian is just a "city bike."
  11. Yo, Mikko . . . I am totally shocked you would take on anything "eccentric". Jus' sayin', bud . . .
  12. I keep longing after this funky-old hi-mile Guzzi some codger has holed up in a frankin' bunker under dance lights. Word is it's been "gone through" and "ran when last parked" . . . There is something about "prying off his cold, dead fingers" that gives me pause . . .
  13. Got that plug out just how???
  14. So, (depending on your set-up and state of tune) I usually can get 35-37 US mpg with my jackrabbit riding style. 34.5 when the ambient temps are low (40-55ºF) and 40-42 if I am "behaving." I have run out of fuel (too many times) and stopped to tip the Sport deeply to the left a few times (Tip-Slosh) to get a few hundred yards or more down the road. "YMMV" applies here quite literally!
  15. Sorry, I should have warned the squeamish to avert their eyes . . . Early V11 tanks trap a significant amount of fuel on the right side of the tank and forward (if riding downhill). Close to a US gallon. So, yes: 5.8 gallons minus about a US gallon . . . I use 5.1 US gal as a full tank . . .
  16. Hey, I really think my shaft failed from poor assembly practices (crossed the threads and re-used them) and complications of a crash. Don't cross the threads! "Important safety tip!"
  17. (What's up with the blurred PhotoBlockit images?)
  18. The early "chin-pad" tank with external fuel pump and filter? Everyone knows a picture is better than ten-thousand words . . .
  19. My bone fide P.Roper plate is clearly etched: motomoda Australia +61 417462440
  20. A big welcome po18guy! You've got a great jump on your Ballabio and you are definitely in the right place, here at V11Lemans.com. You can upload pics to your Gallery or add them as attachments, but file sizes are limited. Using a hosting site is recommended. ( like SmugMug, flickr, etc. ) Personally, I use imgzeit, built by one of our members "well known to me." It is no-nonsense, reliable, and worth the look, IMO. Looking forward to following your experiences!
  21. Hey, Mikko, am I understanding there is no minimum for US orders? Do you mind posting a link for US members to order the relays directly?
  22. Only true SpineRaiders will cherish a ten minute video of a Guzzi Sport idling. Even the dude on the balcony broke into a sweat about minute-6 and had to go in for more Vodka . . . On my sound system, the tympani and timing sounds like an underwater Brazilian percussion band with occasional fly-overs from a Stearman bi-plane . . .
  23. docc

    My Scura Build.

    The MotoBits controls and the grey FrameSidePlates compliment one-another nicely!
  24. docc

    My Scura Build.

    Looking great! And you've had this bike like a month?
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