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  1. Heh, so early V11 had the angle drives (way sketchy), and the later V11 had the bent tubes (still sketchy). I've rebuilt too many angle drives to count. Lots of us have bent those tubes away from the throttle rod. Yep, if it is not done expertly, the cable will break there (might-could break there anyway) . . . Thanks for posting the excellent image of that V11 fail point! Worth addressing . . . anything fouling the throttle is decidedly ungood.
  2. I hope it is okay I added that image to Tinus89's last post. That is an excellent result!
  3. Not news that we shall be catering to our-own-selves. Welldone, all-y'all . . .
  4. So, just to clarify, a "Sport" and a "Ballabio" have some significant differences. Especially the mounting of the headlamp and instruments. Sports are fork mounted and Ballabio are frame mounted. Which-what are having at, here?
  5. maxv11 looks to be your neighbor, po18guy . . . "WA" = Washington (state), USA . . .
  6. I tried searching the part number from the 1999-2001 V11 (GU01001400) briefly, but nadda. I would venture that the timing cover is the same for SPOrT 1100, 1100 Sport-i as well as V11 through the entire 1999-2005 series with changes to the part number for paint finish. A little fishing for the various parts numbers might yield more searchable options, even if the cover need a refinish . . .
  7. Pretty awesome for 1970, great music, rather risqué! I never would have known about this California television presentation being just halfway through seventh grade at the time. Never knew Leon Russell was performing so explosively that young (28 at the filming). Thanks to one of my guitar players for sharing this . . .
  8. Yeah, so Optimum Performance Motorsports does not carry parts? Or, it's just that I did not navigate their website correctly?
  9. I do not see "Parts" on the website. Am I missing something?
  10. Here is a source for parts catalogs. Not sure which applies to your '98 EV ( not in my paygrade ). . . http://www.thisoldtractor.com/moto_guzzi_tonti_spare_parts_catalogs___exploded_parts_diagrams___parts_fiche.html But, seriously, actually calling Gordon or Curtis will get you to the bottom of it pretty quickly! I haven't worked on an EV, but suspect a clutch cable change could require tank removal (?) . . .
  11. Here are three reliable US parts sources. You can check the online availability with the first two, but best to actually call them on the phone to confirm availability and advice about fitment. The third has a reliable website, but they probably don't have much-if-any hands-on knowledge of your EV (or our V11) . . . MG Cycle in Wisconsin (Gordon) Harper's Moto Guzzi, Missouri (Curtis) AF1 Racing, Texas Often one will have something the others don't. Downloading a "Parts Fiche" and referencing the part number you need is helpful . . .
  12. Is that something would be within your personal "Wrench-Range?"
  13. Swooshdave should be along momentarily to advise . . . What are you looking to accomplish (parts, service, specifics)?
  14. Your saying all the red is powder coat? I didn't realize this. How can the difference be known?
  15. Makes me think somebody should bump sign216's thread . . .
  16. I wonder how similar/same the 1100 Sport-i and V11 charging system are. Have you compared parts numbers?
  17. I’ve long been fond of saying the V11 has a charging system like a G-string. Adds excitement, but doesn’t like the cold...
  18. Hey! Good news! Read up on the relays. If your replacements are underrated, they may not last long. Also, look for the write-up on Relay Base Repair. They may benefit from tightening and certainly a cleaning/conditioning/sealing with something like Caig DeOxit. (There is nothing like Craig DeOxit!)
  19. Yes, it applies to the V11. I’ve seen references to it in the past, but don’t recall which threads. Meinolf could tell us where the function is in the ECU.
  20. It does, but it is "frame mounted" (unlike the closer fork mounted flyscreens of the Sport), and mates to the later generation plastic headlamp bucket.
  21. So, this step has always destroyed my ability to perform the kind of amazing project this is. At some point, the progression has to be completely disassembled and refitted. That, IMHO, is one of the hallmarks of true Professionalism. One that will always reveal me as a mere hobbiest. Welldone, LuckyPhil. (And once again, thanks for the generous sharing of the methods, process, and progress . . . )
  22. THAT is exactly what the car has been saying! Wheels are at the powdercoater, new tires waiting. Got vetted by an AMG/Porsche mechanic that, after ringing the secret doorbell, references, and a lengthy phone conversation, invited my by for an audition . . .
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