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  1. Very mysterious. Could it be a custom-made one-off?
  2. Thanks for the detailed difference between the early and later V11 forks. What are "DU style coated bushes?"
  3. Cool. Stand by for a dedicated thread on your LeMans. Let me know if you want a different title . . . https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24777-2003-lemans-come-back/
  4. Yeah, I keep seeing 40-41mm seal drivers applicable to my 40mm fork seals. Truth?
  5. My seal leak is "better" but not acceptable. MySport has the early 40mm Marzocchi. MotionPro only lists 39mm and 41mm seal drivers. Can I use the 41? https://www.motionpro.com/product/08-0489
  6. Hey, okay . . . thanks for the intro. You could not be in a better place to sort out that needy LeMans. You can count on us to throw in. (We cain't he'p ourselves . . . ) I think this LeMans deserves a thread of its own. I can split these posts off and start one for you, @cory464 . . . [edit: done]
  7. I see a handful of little things on that to raise an eyebrow. Starting with: the seller is not the owner, but a dealer that thinks it has a 5 speed gearbox. So: no actual knowledge of what it is. Or maybe even where it has been. A few notables: Significant abrasion on the tail faring (image 18) in an odd topside edge. Silver hand levers instead of the original bronze. Unpainted (red) lettering on the valve covers with replacement gaskets. Unpainted oil cooler brackets. Wrinkled right header pipe joining the crossover: Clean? Somewhat . . . "Super clean?" Not really. Worth it? That, my friend, is the $6500 question!
  8. Those are really small female connectors. And they would be bare if you remove them. Seems better to replace them with a quality fuse holder if you are intent on separating them from the existing fuse block. So, it turns out it is your #3 Regulator/Charging fuse that the PO removed and modified the wiring?
  9. Friday afternoon off and friends to meet at our country-store/Best Reuben in the World hangout. On the way home, got this shot of a couple old, greasy smokers parked next to one another . . .
  10. I will venture this is the turn indicator "flasher" unit. "85 c/m" (cycles per minute?)
  11. If you want the front two fuses separate from the fuse block, why not clip the spade connectors off and attach separate ATC fuse holders? But why?
  12. That does look nice! Quite unusual to see the later year's (2003-2004) Sport with the fork mounted headlamp/instruments. Also looks like a genuine JW Speaker LED headlamp.
  13. Yep, it lifts out of the rubber mounts without turning the screws . . . Front two fuses are for the separate fuel injection/ECU harness and suffers from those hidden spade connectors potentially coming loose.
  14. If your missing fuse is #3 from the front (the sketchy 30 amp "charging/regulator" fuse), the PO probably found it melted, charred, burned, or otherwise compromised (but not "blown") and connected the red/green charging wire from the regulator directly to the red wire connected directly to the positive battery terminal. If the connection is of good quality, that may not be a totally bad thing.
  15. I recall the recommendation that stainless steel fastener threads be coated with a grease or sealant to inhibit corrosive bimetal electrolysis when screwed into aluminum (the aluminum becomes sacrificial). I wonder if similar applies to stainless steel screwed into steel?
  16. TechSession fodder for the Eighteenth South'n SpineRaid ! The difference in offset is actually enough to see visually without calipers. Now that we know what to look for!
  17. That we found the hold-over 45mm offset triples on an actual, early V11 Sport at a South'n SpineRaid with a Sport 1100-i present for comparison was revealing. That @Lucky Phil has verified this differential offset (from top to bottom) in the later triples is epic. Welldone, Sir!
  18. And so, the plot thickens . . . Now we can say there was more than one change to the V11 fork geometry. 1) Very early V11 Sport, 1999 to very early production 2000 (before March 2000) may have been fitted with 45mm offset triples from the Sport 1100/ 1100 Sport-i. The resulting short trail, along with the short "RedFrame" and tire selection (soft, triangular profile Pirelli Dragon Corsa) were a formula for instability. 2) 40 mm offest triples were introduced (as early as March 2000 production) that corrected this issue. 3) The LongFrame (with braced subframes and wider rear wheel tire) was introduced 2002. "Perhaps" along with this, the lower triple tree has 2mm decreased offset that further increases trail/stability, but required machining "the fork leg bores at a fractional angle." (the "canted" triples!) Can we determine these mixed offset upper/lower triples and the canted bores began with the LongFrame?
  19. docc

    V11S Canbus

    As bad as electro-f'ck-icity can be, electro-f'ck-onics are otherworldly . . . We might need a T-bird thread . . .
  20. docc

    V11S Canbus

    No secret that the Beemer guys call it "Can't Buzz."
  21. docc

    V11S Canbus

    I think you are in luck with the V11 - there is only the Central Processing Unit ("ECU").
  22. docc

    V11S Canbus

    Are you looking for trouble or an opportunity? (I grew up thinking that was the same thing . . .
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