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  1. This is from the "1100" to the V11?
  2. I am guilty of forgetting that the 1999-2001 Sport and the V11 LeMans variants are not the only "V11" and certainly not the only 1064 Big Blocks. Other than things like the carbs vs. FI, sump/spacer, exhaust flanges, and valve covers, aren't the V11 Sport motors the same as the Sport 1100/ 1100 Sport-i (pistons, rods, heads, valves and cam, etc.)? And, even more, are there differences from the V11 "EV"/ California motors?
  3. docc

    WTB - Centauro

    I've always wondered, are the Centauro and Daytona motors identical?
  4. Easy to agree that it is not much more than a tidy-up and a change of clothes. Yet, I rather like the party dress! (Even if it is a bit garish for my plain tastes . . .) I have to say, I did enjoy the man's obvious passion. How many of us have started up our Guzzi then lovingly, and repeatedly, rolled the throttle on and off to revel in that rocking, syncopated rhythm?
  5. Well, Zip-tied for even thirty minutes and the pressure is gone. No drop in fluid level. Pressure immediately returns with another squeeze. I have a used m/c on the way with 110,000 fewer miles on it. I suppose some wee scrap of trash could have gotten in from my last bleed/flush attempt, but will likely perform the cleaning task on the replacement before installation.
  6. This still blows my mind. I try telling people about it and it is just beyond description. Totally blows my mind.
  7. Alright . . . I couldn't wait!
  8. Waiting for Chuck to come along and enlighten us with his awesome Aero-Lario! Aero-Guzzi engines rock!
  9. Interesting. I see "0C02-16" stamped on mine. On the lift, I do see the outboard aspect of the m/c is lower than the banjo bolt. I took it off the lift, and on the sidestand with the bars turned, the reservoir exit is above the banjo bolt. Still rather disappointed we cannot source a proper Brembo rebuild kit for this master cylinder . . .
  10. I forgot about this method! I've seen it used on rears, but not front . . . Thanks, Chuck! Trying to understand how this occurred, but the operative term may be, "I just bled those brakes!" [Waddington rears his head once again?]
  11. Messing around with the lever, parked, I was able to squeeze it close to the grip a time or two, but the last time it recovered pressure and seems to stay. What is that? Some air in the line after the last bleed/flush 1,000 miles back that finally burped through the master cylinder? Deformed seal that reset? As bad as intermittent electrical problems are, I definitely don't want an intermittent brake failure!
  12. docc

    '03 V11's

    Connecting rod change to provide an oil spray to the bottom of the piston along with slight change in compression ratio? Or did I dream that . . . Also, just because a V11 has a 15RC does not mean it actually has a Lambda probe? Are there any US V11 with Lambda probes (oxygen sensors)?
  13. Thanks, gentlemen! I did a crude measurement of the outside of the barrel and could see it is at least 3mm bigger than the clutch side which, as Marty says, we know is 12mm. This is the inside diameter of the cylinder, yes? Here I thought this is a common Brembo, but I’m not seeing it on any Ducati (after the 916?) or common Aprilia.
  14. The 2000 Sport was courteous enough to wait til we got home from the South'n SpineRaid to let its brake lever creep toward the grip with a hard, sustained squeeze. Thinking this means a master cylinder rebuild . . . Any insight as to what Brembo kit is correct?
  15. This was a mighty cool piece to put eyes on (and listen to pulling away!):
  16. "If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples, then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas." - George Bernard Shaw [image by Tom in Virginia]
  17. The tach is fed through relay #2 (from the front). Make sure those contacts are clean and consider installing a full set of “Best Relays” . . . ( OMRON G8HE )
  18. Strap it to the Shovelosaurus and ride it to the next South’n SpineRaid! Surely that thing has a spine under those plates . . .
  19. [docc posted image by "Copy Image Location" and pasting]:
  20. My Sport could use another RedFrame to huddle with! It will be great to see you, again! I still remember the sight (and sound!) of your Greenie disappearing up ahead of me climbing the Tennessee side of The Divide . . .
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