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  1. Awesome on your clutch!! The tachometer is electronic. That collection of failures = Relay#2. Install a full compliment of High Current OMRON, Accept no substitutes. Use Caig DeOxit® on the contacts.
  2. "Let's ask the other inmates on the ward if we really are crazy." (I caught wind the T3 is going to be keeping the Green Muse company . . . )
  3. The source for disconnecting the regulator from the battery being externally charged comes from a US distributor for OEM type DucatiEnergia regulators (EME/EuroMotoElectrics): FWIW, I was always concerned about pulling the 30 amp charging fuse out, and replacing it, since the connections are already tiny and under-rated for the amperage. Same for pulling relays out: too easy to spread the female contacts below and disturb the connections. I feel like I solved this with by replacing the 30 amp Charging/Regulator fuse with a rated circuit breaker. So, yes, easy for me to "disconnect Vo
  4. You can copy and paste it into a reply here. I can then put it, also, in the Fileshare subforum. What type file is it (like .pdf?)
  5. I am thinking there are two different wiring systems for the V11 (early and later). Yet, there are also two separate wiring harnesses: Fuel/ignition and #2) everything else.
  6. All cool! I love Coltrane as much as the next guy, but he ain't gonna charge your PC545 . . . I apologize: I should have left a link when I split those posts. I saw everyone followed it to the "What do you listen to?" thread, so I thought it was okay . . .
  7. Ah, sorry: Technical Thread got "Moderated." I thought everyone followed the drift here:
  8. I remember seeing the HyperPro option and thinking, "Those look spectacular." Poked around until I found a link: https://hyperpro.com/steering-dampers/ Talk about *flash* . .
  9. I replaced my leaky BiTubo at about 68,000 miles in August 2009 with a Japanese Shindy (SHIN-juh) standard length/oval body (17-001). It's nicely made and comes with fresh end joints (ball joints/Heim joints/Rose joints . . . ) that have tiny grease fittings on them. Only 58,000 miles on it these eleven years, but staying "flash." http://www.shindypro.com/ss.html
  10. @KINDOY2 shared this with me when he noticed the bassman plays a Fender so like my new one. Thanks, man!
  11. Still learning. So much great information in this Odyssey Technical Manual: https://www.odysseybattery.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/US-ODY-TM.pdf
  12. Thanks, mate! I couldn't bring myself to buy a fourth Veglia speedo. The Speedhuts make me nervous in the rain, but 20,000 miles so-far-so-good. Steady, accurate speed and odo. Illumination is stunning. We shall see if they actually outlast my usual 27,000-30,000 mile lifespan of my Veglias . . .
  13. I see this one which needs springs (they're cheap), and I'm not seeing the intermediate plate in the images (also cheap to replace). No declaration on mileage, but priced right (150£/$210US): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-2002-On-Clutch-Assembly/353110155146?hash=item5237015f8a:g:7KwAAOSwagpgRfaq And this one that is in California(looks to be in great condition). I have the reardrive from this 14,000 mile Sport bike (also in great condition): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-2000-Sport-Fly-Wheel-and-Clutch-Assembly/163743517580?hash=item261fdfcb8c:g:ilUAAOSw
  14. Uncertain about that charger and how to use it. Always attach a reliable voltmeter and never exceed 15.0 volts. Amperage is much harder to monitor. Odyssey say actual charging only occurs at 6 or more amps. Those catch phrases "pulse" and "repair" do not look AGM compatible. Also "lithium battery" parameters are not AGM parameters.
  15. Very timely question (for which I have no answer). Chatting with another member, we are having difficulty finding a "manual" charger that will actually provide a true 6+ amps to significantly charge the PC545 Odyssey when it falls below the 12.65v charge threshold. Seems that these "manual" chargers taper the current (amperage) based upon >some algorithm<. Giving the Odyssey "the full beans" remains elusive . . .
  16. I cannot be surprised. My Sport had to come off the lift (her foot-lighted plinth/dais) while the sorry, old Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy gets all the attention. SHE (my Sport) almost instantly started spilling fork oil as never before. Then gearoil . . . "An Italian woman will stab you for no reason at all." -unattributed Henri Metisse, 1916
  17. Such (should be obvious, but?) square peg/round hole wisdom. It is why I ask before dragging my hairy knuckles into these sorts of things . . .
  18. Ok, gotta get me some o'them. I have a selection of dental picks, but they are very hard and rather brittle.
  19. This is the image from Post#1 that SoCalKevin posted a few years ago of our V11 fork seal retention. I am changing my original fork seals, so am trying to prepare for the event. I am no > Seal Whisperer < . . . I've dealt with these wire springs clips before, and recall there is nowhere to get a purchase in them save for one of the ends. I found the video unhelpful (except that YooToob popped up some rockin' Beth Hart as a tease.) So, since we're not actually trying to work on whatever is in that video (like auto transmission components or whatever), but actually the V11 fork s
  20. What would be your approach to this one, @Lucky Phil?
  21. You know how the YouTube Rabbit Hole goes. You start searching videos on replacing fork seals and removing snap rings and click on something diversionary, but interesting. Then you see your bass on stage with a Gold Top Les Paul. And Beth Hart. "Whole Lotta Love!" - indeed....
  22. Getting staged to replace my original fork seals, so I watch this video again. This time, I see the third hand appear at 0:55 and 1:15. How many times have we needed one of those to appear from out of the frame?!?
  23. Pretty interesting to study through 78 images with good light and decent resolution. The bike is very well presented (well, you know: "bringatrailer"). The text is maybe 99% correct, yet with a few notable omissions that say the seller doesn't really know what's been done to the bike. Gonna be interesting to see the final sale price. I reckon the Coppa Italia is one of the two most desirable V11 (along with the Rosso Corsa). They are not my cuppa, yet I remain fantastically mystified that a finely fettled (ie: expertly molested), silver (like a Gambalunghino!), early RedFrame (Telaio Ross
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