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  1. What with our respected V11LeMans.com domiciled in The Netherlands, with Belgium in the wings, surely if anyone has any knowledge of the V11 Playboy Exclusive Edition, this particular "model" might be within our grasp? So far, there is not even more than that singular image, let alone any reports of the V11 EE, itself ? ? ?
  2. Well, we at least know of people with Scura R, The V11 Playboy EE ? *** crickets ***
  3. Using @stewgnu's 2002 wiring diagram, it looks like @Grim's 2003-carryover has the same wiring colors I noted above for the 1999-2001. There does not look to be any electric petcock wiring to get mixed up with the fuel level connector:
  4. So, that image is not entirely the factory configuration (looks like an added belly pan and maybe a Quat-D exhaust). Let me find one more representative image of the Scura R. So, yes, this is the Coppa Italia/ Café Sport configuration with handlebars and headlight/instruments frame mounted (unlike the 2002 Scura which is fork mounted). Anyone paying a premium for the V11 EE should insist on the stack of magazines that came with it….
  5. Yes, that is coincidence. The fuel level connector on your early wiring harness should have black and white wires (Perhaps white with a faint yellow stripe) and "should" fit onto your new pump assembly's fuel level sensor connector with the white/blue wires. Otherwise, yes, make up matching 2 pin auto plugs. [edit: earliest wring harnesses also have a similar connector for the early electric petcock with yellow-blue and black wires. DO NOT connect your fuel level sensor to this connector!] Your existing fuel pump wires (red-black and black) have ring terminals and will have to be re-routed to connect with the new pump wiring (red and black wires). You will have to make up a matching connector set unless you happen to have a harness side connector to fit the new fuel pump connector. [NOTE: wire colors are from the 1999-2001 Sport diagram. The 2002/2003 "carryover" harness does have slight variations. If anyone has a 2002 wiring diagram, that will apply to @Grim's 2003-carryover harness.]
  6. Frankly, this is a very familiar and fantastically sexy formula . . . Missing = 1) Exclusivity , and 2) Tanya Dexters (Instead, a concrete pillar)
  7. From Wikipédia.fr: La V11 Playboy EE (pour Exclusive Edition) est une série spéciale présentée au salon de Bruxelles en 2003 commémorant les cinquante ans du magazine. Uniquement réservée au marché belge et néerlandais, ce modèle se singularise par sa livrée gris métal, complétée par des logos représentant le lapin, et son échappement en titane. Chaque acheteur a reçu un abonnement d'un an au magazine. Ceux qui ont passé commande avant le 15 avril 2003 ont également reçu deux laissez-passer pour assister à la soirée jubilé de Playboy qui a eu lieu à Amsterdam, dans le Heineken Music Hall le 25 avril 2003. The V11 Playboy EE (for Exclusive Edition) is a special series presented at the Brussels Motor Show in 2003 commemorating the magazine's fiftieth anniversary. Reserved exclusively for the Belgian and Dutch market, this model is distinguished by its metallic gray livery, completed by logos representing the rabbit, and its titanium escapement. Each buyer received a one-year magazine subscription. Those who ordered before April 15, 2003 also received two passes to attend the Playboy Jubilee Party held in Amsterdam, in the Heineken Music Hall on April 25, 2003.
  8. I was thinking if anyone had that V11EE, it might be parked between a Riviera and an elephant-motor Mopar in some secret Norwegian location . . . That would be IPA-time, indeed!
  9. I wonder, as well. I also wondered where you heard of that "model." I did not see it on the list in the AnimaGuzzisti link. New topic posted in hopes one of our own is hiding the V11 Playboy EE in some anté chamber waiting to be discovered by inquiring archeologists . . .
  10. Sure, we all know about the very few hundred of Rosso Mandello and Scura (600-700, respectively?). And less than two hundred Tenni (170?) Perhaps just slightly fewer Coppa Italia (150?). But then it has been reported only 18 (of a planned 20?) V11 Scura R. Are any of those models outside of Europe/ UK? Never exported to the USA? The rarest V11 of all? Likely the V11 Playboy Exclusive Edition (EE). Here it is at the 2003 Brussels Salon presented with Playmate Tanya Dexters . . . Was there ever more than one built? Was it prepared by the factory? Where is it now? And are there any other images from this photo shoot or presentation?
  11. @Jon K, Here is the thread I was thinking of. Looks like several members in BC: @guzzijek, @SMDL, @guzzigary, @loteq, @motrhead, and especially this post by @PhillipLarsen:
  12. I’ll revisit that “Playboy Edition” (EE), since that is an irresistible topic (and interesting model), but back to @Jon K’s inquiry. As stated, the production numbers of the “common” V11 have never been made clearly available. I do recall a Canadian member securing collector status for his V11 in recent years. Perhaps I can find that thread…..
  13. "V11 SCURA R - - - 18" No wonder I have never seen one . . .
  14. Is that this location, @Lucky Phil?
  15. https://www.redlineoil.com/20w50-motorcycle-oil
  16. That is likely just the difference in the color. The same part for the 2002 LeMans (wrinkle black): 01003240 For the 1999-2001 Sport (silver color): 01003202 2001 Rosso Mandello (smooth black): 01003240 Here is one from a 2003 LeMans (black like your 2004) on US ebay parted out from Germany: Moto Guzzi V 11 Le Mans KS Bj 2003 - Oil pan, intermediate ring, engine cover A2
  17. I hear that Legnano green starts with a silver base coat. So, like, silver with a party dress…..
  18. RedLine is 100% PAO and ester base stock. One of the very few true full synthetics. I stopped using Lucas motor oils when I could not find their base stock. https://www.redlineoil.com/Content/files/RLO_PRODUCT_CATALOG_2018.pdf
  19. Try to get Castrol to declare the base oil used in their product. True Grade 4 and, more so, Grade 5 base oils are hard to come by.
  20. I’d love to see how that turns out, @Scud!
  21. It’s a breeze with the swingarm off.
  22. docc

    Lifting the V11

    +1 on using overhead straps in addition to any lift from underneath. What with the acceleration due to gravity being such a constant and relentless predator of motorcycles……….
  23. Hey ! I resemble that remark! Seriously, I’m about to get my first year production V11 Sport fully sorted. Just need to swap out for the later frame upgrade…….
  24. Here is an excellent image of the 2002/early-2003 "carry-over" LongFrame with short tank compared to an early ShortFrame/short tank Sport. Notice the amount of exposed frame between the front of the tanks and the forks. That is where the V11 frame was lengthened. A trim piece ("panel" 01 57 59 60 ) covers the otherwise exposed wiring/etc crossing the space. Later "long tanks" (internal pump/filter and no chin pad) obscure this area. Image (and Sports!) courtesy of @Guzzimax
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