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  1. Still waiting for ScuRoo to add a V85TT to his profile along with the ScuraR . . .
  2. So, as MartyNZ pointed out, this is what can happen if the main ground at the rear of the gearbox on the right is neglected. Service that well! The ground on the ECU grounds the ECU case. The crispy wire in the harness comes from up front, possibly the regulator (you should ground that case separately) or the lighting.
  3. docc

    ANSWERED Best Relay

    G8HE-1C7T-R1-DC12 is the correct OMRON High Current Relay. Unknown regarding minimum orders across the border.
  4. Yep: pretty sure we're looking for the 1C7T: "oversize relay on the normal base." I followed that DigiKey link to the G8HE: "quantity available = 0/ Part Status = obsolete" . . .
  5. Maybe not so much "used" as rebuilt/re-engineered/ricostruire one part at a time. Reminds me of some V11 I know . . .
  6. Apparently not entirely! Seems they are both on their way to caring new owners . . .
  7. Indeed. I found that conditioning the connectors in my harnesses contributed to better running overall. Nothing specific. Caig DeOxit® !
  8. When I first retourqued to the front yoke to the slightly higher value, it clamped tight to the output shaft. After a couple thousand miles, the sliding play returned. I was tempted to retorque it again, but the fasteners have not loosened. So, good question. Is the sliding movement normal and acceptable?
  9. This is my experience, also. Mind you, we have very high ambient temperatures in the US south and my Sport has never liked this with low speed traffic, parking, restarting. Dan M did some interesting data collection on the higher mass sensors becoming a heat sink with resultant diminished responsiveness.
  10. WOWOWOWOWOWOWWWWWW!!!!!! This is one extraordinary Tenni! Welldone, footgoose!!
  11. Agreed with gstallons about connections and checking the battery. Heat is hard on batteries. And the relays. With temps here in the US south at dangerous levels, the Sport knows she is not in the Alps. I moved an unstressed relay into the #2 postition and "think" *maybe* she was more forgiving on the way back home . . . Make sure you are using Best Relays!
  12. docc

    V85 TT

    Looking like South'n Spine Raiders are going to get a close-up view!
  13. docc

    V85 TT

    My, my . . . . . . .
  14. Rolf, Is this the Engine (head) Temperature Sensor or the Air Temperature Sensor?
  15. The highly derived stock airbox really is a desirable piece of kit. People ditch them for a lot of reasons, but it has major advantages when it comes to running quality and rideability. Plus. it is such a sexy thing! (as long as the side covers stay on . . . ). Helps mightily to bell the intakes, IMHO. Best V11 maps in the world come from Meinolf. Far better than using a PC. Also, what does guzzidiag say your CO Fuel Trimm is?
  16. Just a (strong) suggestion, but anyone that separates the gearbox and engine really should carefully inspect the "Safety Washer" that stakes the gearbox input hub. Mine was faulty from the factory and failed. (Not leak related, just "best practice" to inspect this potential failure point while it is accessible) . . .
  17. Check out Page5 of that thread for more detail on the leaks I found . . .
  18. So, yes: eight leak sources in the "bell housing" (clutch space): gearbox input shaft seal, clutch pushrod seal (gear oil leaks), rear main seal (rare), rear cam "bung", two lower main bearing carrier bolts (common leaks), gasket under the crankcase vent flange, and gasket under the main bearing carrier. Oil can also leak down onto the clutch from the crankcase vent oil return line fastened above the engine-gearbox junction.
  19. If memory (from two years ago) serves, there are eight leak sources in the clutch space. Let me find references for you . . .
  20. But what would I do with a matched pair? https://www.ebay.com/itm/153570093359?ul_noapp=true
  21. Credit where credit is due: al_rothlisberger posted this source on June 18, 2019:
  22. I was trying to decide on a proper homage to the Inaugural South'n Spine Raid, 2004, "held" at the Athens Super8, just off I-75. I thought I might head up there Friday night, late, and take a leak in the parking lot. Not that any of us-four Inaugurals did, but it seemed to be part of theme "up'n 'em parts" . . . We've come a long way, baby!
  23. docc

    V85 TT

    Likely to get eyes on one in the next few days. "Somebody I know" has pulled the trigger on a pre-order . . . I predict the bianco-rosso-giallo TT will become one of the iconic, yet as-always-underappreciated, Moto Guzzi models we will look back upon.
  24. Rolf, Try this source recently posted in the "Best Reela" thread:
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