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  1. Sounding check . . . Gotta be close to a start-up video!
  2. Best to Paul! What a fine gentleman!
  3. Nothing wrong with your madness. ("Let's ask the other inmates on the ward if we really are crazy . . .") No worries about the idle mV. Once all other parameters are set, put the idle wherever your motor seems happy. Could be +/- 0.50 mV, doesn't matter.
  4. This one deserves some explanation, buddy! Dali in Oklahoma?!?
  5. That balance should be fine for a mechanical starting point, but surely you have some sort of vacuum synching device (Mercury sticks, TwinMax, or such . . .) to fine tune the synch? Critical to baseline the TPS. This sets the map in the ECU to the actual, mechanical throttle plate opening. 157mV with the throttle plate entirely closed (No right side idle stop screw, linkage disconnected, high idle cam released, clean throttle bore).
  6. Best method is to host your images ( I use and only trust imgzeit )and "copy Image Location" to post onto this site. LuckyPhil (also in Australia) seems to have the resizing and uploading to this website down cold. Not sure how he does it . . .
  7. I recently fitted my first non-Pirelli to that Sport (rear): Battlax Sport Touring T31R. So far, so good. I've long been fond saying, "If I don't like it, it'll be gone soon anyway." Very interesting the classic style of the BT46 . . .
  8. docc

    Decent Tune-up

    No question my Sport has offered up hiccups for a myriad reasons from tune-up to relays to coil wire connections and on (and on). She absolutely hates ethanol fuel with high ambient temperatures stuck in traffic. Yet, a regular "decent" tune-up and quality fuel, along with keeping the motor "on the cam" (not "lugging it) can yield some awesome running even on the apparently flawed factory map. If a complete "decent" tune-up doesn't yield adequate results, time to look for flaws and other issues. Chasing other issues before a decent tune-up will be a formula for frustration and may lead to a craigslist ad. Currently, Meinolf's latest map version (v.93?) would provide the cleanest, most well developed map available for those inclined. Some of the tuning parameters differ for his map, yet no map is a substitute for a complete tune-up.
  9. I was just thinking that is such overkill to get the cork out of that wine bottle . . .
  10. I remember calling Moto Guzzi North America in early summer 2000 when a Cycle World ad showed a brilliant green RedFrame, leaned over in action, and saying $9,999(US). I couldn't believe they could be available after seeing an image of a black V1l Sport from EICMA 1997 (three years earlier!). The nice lady on the phone (yeah, yeah, we used phones then. Mine had a coiled wire fastened to the wall. ) said, "Oh, yes, they are available in the US. Your dealer has one (er, 125 miles away . . .). But they're not $9,999. $11,999." That one was already sold, but the silver Sport was under my skin a few weeks later, $11,700US, all up and delivered to my driveway. As I recall, prices for V11 really did not seem to change much over the production run, even with the special models (ie:Öhlins). I feel sure my Sport will be worth that again, someday. Like when it gets dug up by archeologists. From another planet.
  11. No use worrying over what's next before doing what's first. Removing and replacing the shift plate is not horrible. (A lift makes this much more pleasant!) I have had more than one V11 over that the external mechanism had just rattled itself apart and loosened up over time. Something between the vibration, exhaust heat, road spray down there, and being continually kicked (literally!) up and down.
  12. Simple stuff first? Fettle, tighten, shim, clean, lube, and adjust the foot lever mechanism and its connecting rod, "Heim/ Rose" joints, and lock-nut on the pivot shaft. The whole Rube Goldberg affair can get loose in eight (8!) places. Make sure the "pawl arms" stay parallel. Next, fresh fluid for the clutch. Then on to the other likely culprits. (For sure, your early sport has had the Gearbox Recall performed?)
  13. That magnificent "grandfather's mechanical tachometer", in a velvet lined box, is a hard act to follow! I had some good fun digging around through funky, old kit smelling of ancient oils and burnished wood handles ( I already said my people were carpenters). I selected a smattering of inherited, acquired, or otherwise brought to hand, hand-tools put to use over my un(mis?)guided course of wrenching (and beating upon) on various mechanical nemeses, Sirens, and pure delights.
  14. Stunning reverence, to treasure the memories of these "things" . . .
  15. docc

    andreani front kit

    Ah! The missing link: mis-using pre-load to compensate for the wrong spring rates. I tried that and it did not end well . . .
  16. There were certainly some variants of these. The standard Moto Guzzi Rosso Mandello, as shown, differs from the early 1999-2001 fiberglass MG accessory made by Stucchi Luigi for MG to fit the early Bosch (metal housing) headlamps. There are later versions built for the smaller (?) plastic housing headlamps that are frame mounted. Someone with a later V11 (or both) please conform that the headlamps are different diameters, or no? There were Sports made 2002-2005 that had fork mounted headlamps/instruments, but I am not certain what headlamp they used.
  17. Here are the Copy Image Locations on the two images Rox Lemans posted, but not yet hotlinked;
  18. Safe way for three to be together in a close space . . .
  19. Too cool! Welcome Randy!! And living striking distance to the S'xteenth South'n SpineRaid (or, at leas, a lunch rendezvous on that Saturday at The Tapoco Lodge)!
  20. docc

    andreani front kit

    I followed up until here, "If free sag is too much that means your springs are too stiff, where as too little free sag means your springs are too soft. " That seems reversed to me. (No doubt, getting the Sport's suspension set-up improved has been the single greatest thing ever for my V11.)
  21. My father, and his brothers, were carpenters by trade. They made their livings other ways, but their trade was always evident. Holding and handling their tools, now, is a special feeling. I remember my dear friend, "Goofman," saying, "To know a tool, and to use it well, in the service of others, perhaps that is enough." That we can share our efforts and interests, in these times, is extraordinary. Dear thanks to Jaap for these forums and LuckyPhil for this awesome thread!
  22. Funny thing, my excellent selling dealer supplied me with replacement side covers under warranty, but made me promise never to install them!
  23. +1 on 68C's reply. I did not know the steering damper was not Öhlins. Biggest drawback to the Rosso (and probably the Nero) Corsa is way complications from ethanol fuels push up the checkered flag graphics on the tank. And, Joe, too cool to see you back and trying to find another V11! "June 2002" forum join date, buddy!
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