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  1. Good morning, there was a general problem with the wrinkle finish on all V11s (see for example and that is why Moto Guzzi at least in Europe organised a call back. So if you find a V11 with wrinkle finish that is still in good condition, it has been redone (by Moto Guzzi or by the owner).
  2. The steam locomotive, the dinosaur skeleton, the rain... such strong metaphorical art!
  3. Okaaay; perhaps this one is a more appropriate choice then (my first motorcycle, which I still regret crashing....)
  4. My 2003 Le Mans Rosso Corsa which was converted in 2010 to dual ignition and a different camshaft to improve midrange response, by HTM Aachen, now approx. 30,000 Km (and..... not for sale anytime soon).
  5. My Nordschleife (or Eifel)-tool.... probably the wildest bike I will ever own....
  6. I have been using this one (http://shop.becker-technik.de/en/motorbike-lifters/24-central-lifter.html; see also http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2995 ) for the past 15 years. Very simple and effective. (see also )
  7. Blast from the past: with the Rossa on the Nordschleife in 2016...
  8. Hello, I am looking for the small round black rrubber cover on the brake/clutch pump to cover where the side mirror is normally fixed. Anyone knows where to find this (I tried Stein Dinze and Wendel in Berlin but they do not have it). Thanks a lot.
  9. Perhaps this can help? http://www.wendelmotorraeder.de/coupling_ap8104192-p-3037788.html?ref=expl
  10. Ouch; unless somebody can fix the broken pipe, this is a big issue (had the same issue a couple of years ago and managed to find a second hand fuel pump... these things cost a fortune).
  11. Thanks a lot. docc Your suggestion makes a lot of sense. After all those years I was. however, thinking something in the sense of: "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability..... Better than he was before. Better...stronger...faster." . Perhaps this does not apply to the battery for my Rosso
  12. Ciao, After 16 years (!) my OEM Hawker battery seems to have given up. I saw on the forum that some of you have replaced the Hawker with the Odyssey PC545, whereas I have also seen recommendations elsewhere for the Unibat X Racer 15. I ride my Rosso Corsa two/three times a year during longer summer trips; the rest of the time she hibernates in a cozy garage, battery disconnected. Thanks a lot.
  13. A bit of a belated reaction, but, judging by the colors, this beauty does not look like a Rosso Corsa (even if it has the Ohlins front fork).
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