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  1. ScuRoo

    V11 Custom Builds

    I know it’s not a V11... (someday someone will) But dammit - it’sa mental TWIN TURBO GUZZI!! 🤪
  2. ScuRoo

    V11 Custom Builds

    1700cc toy! 😂
  3. ScuRoo

    V11 Custom Builds

    Guessing the budget was fairly generous on this one..
  4. (200 kb only sucks with these sorts of topics) My wife thinks I’m on another oil thread... 🥸 Now, do you reckon that’s about 5W30 weight? Yes Darling, coming... Phwoarrr! That’s one well lubed Italian Nevada right there!!
  5. Not M7RR - they are now superseded by the 100% silica M9RR’s Better. Much!
  6. Guys... don’t bother with the Angel GT’s - not because they aren’t good. They were actually what I was running previously but tyre technology just keeps improving...! Do yourself a favour and get yourself a set of Metzeler M9RR’s. They are the bomb! Awesome dry grip lean angles beautiful feel... 👍😎
  7. Hey Bbennett One experience you should absolutely try first... Only fill your existing tank by 10 L consecutively for a minimum of 6 stops for gas. If you find you actually prefer that more than filling up 3 times... well then, you’re good to go so just go ahead and drop the hammer on the Benelli lookalike - seems a reasonable price. I like big tanks simply for the range aspect. Agree a lot of smaller tanks do look pretty good - but I’m yet to see a 21 L capacity tank that is much better looking than the V11’s - even those early versions that seem to have attached some sort of
  8. ...as per Jarno assume your ideal intended position!😆
  9. I’ll have to double check when I get back to my bike - but just by searching I think it’s this little unit https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/powertech-6v12v-7-state-intelligent-lead-acidlithiumlifep04-battery-charger-mb3902/
  10. FYI - Living in hot country (lithium’s don’t like cold apparently) I decided to experiment & installed a lightweight LiFePO4 battery some 18+ months ago... A whole 600 grams worth - which is literally like a pack of cigarettes in weight. Is 0.6kg equivalent to like 1.32 pounds? (Not sure if there’s a difference in UK 🇬🇧 vs USA 🇺🇸 pound variance..) Over 200 CCA which is more than a PC545 Odyssey I seem to remember.. The LH7L-BS is suitable for spinning over thumpers up to likes of Husqvarna 570cc so I figured if it can spin over one big cylinders compression it’ll probab
  11. As an assertion this begs the question - does Piaggio waffle in isolation as some marketing USP - or does every motorcycle company have the same waffling modus operandi? There’s lies, damn lies & then there’s statistics! Translated: The crisis does not sink the two wheels. Maxi alliance in sight on the electric by Simonluca Pini After the close of 2020 with a drop in sales of 8.9%, in February the decline is even more contained: -6.35%. Piaggio Group, Ktm, Honda and Yamaha sign a letter of intent for the development and production of interchangeable batteries Mar
  12. Here I’ve selected recent pertinent quotes from translated links indicating current thinking/plans: The birthday present? "It is a very secret model, it will have a new engine and many other innovations that Guzzisti expect". “Yes, we are studying whether to go to lower displacements but not soon, also to meet young people. An entry level is not planned for the V85 TT enduro, rather we could think of variants of motorcycles with smaller displacements on crossovers. We work to create engine and chassis platforms on which to adapt different models. This next bike will b
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