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  1. Yep. Maybe the naked munter tickles your fancy Pete. 😁
  2. This effort in asphalt&rubber is more appealing than the red throwback above... If the factory could ‘add lightness’ of say 20-30kg to the coming Stradale version they’d have another winner on their hands...
  3. Fancy a little scalding tea & hotcakes? https://riders.drivemag.com/news/best-selling-adventure-bikes-here-are-the-most-successful-models-in-2019-germany-and-italy
  4. Phwoarrr! Carbon fibre sexy... Guareschi’s showing the way... keep an eye out for the Naked version
  5. http://www.moongarage.it/2019/05/27/moto-guzzi-1400-8v-pikes-peak/
  6. That’s quite an interesting snippet there RL... are you indicating some sort of ‘finesse’ beyond the standardised Decent T/Up? ‘It can be done.’ So what tune changes made the all day rider difference for you...?
  7. You need more than simply pissing around with exercises fooling yourself LowRyter. Symptoms severe enough to disturb sleep & your feet cramping when reclining or wearing thongs combined with reduced flexibility - are indications you should be riding your bike & parking it in front of a garage for humans with a sign out front that says, BEST DAMN CHIROPRACTOR IN TOWN.
  8. Thanks Cliff. 🍻 Nice guide elucidating each step by step up of ignition concepts & grading of inherent limitations. 🤓 Making sense of various ignition options is daunting when the blurb may be minimal or worse overblown. P.s. Just to seek clarity - is the Rec-Ignition module on or off the options table?
  9. Touché! 🤣 I wasn’t actually meaning it had anything to do with the fuelling per se Chuck - I was rather noting they had been converted to carbs - hence the understanding ie., no longer requiring an ECU. Yep, Cliff is ridgy didge. Care to cast an opinion for further information that for those Guzzi models that are pre-ECU (or converted) is this a worthwhile item?
  10. Ah, I see - the 2019 Indian, 2006 Harley & 2015 R9T have been converted to carbs & done away with their ECU’s. Okay thanks Cliff for your assistance.
  11. Hope I’m not waking the dead here - but I do mosey around searching topics sometimes. It’s a pita just having lots of disparate threads on same/ similar subject so I’d thought it best just to ask my question here after reading this thread. Am wondering if anyone has any knowledgeable opinion on this product - & whether it has any benefits as an upgrade to our V11’s? http://www.altmann.haan.de/P1/
  12. ScuRoo

    V11 Custom Builds

    Sorry Kane - those two are really just V11 Lash-ups! At the other end of the spectrum - the V11 Titanium is probably at the apex of V11 Custom. Some other’s take the middle road..
  13. Life is no dress rehearsal. We only get one shot at it - may as well enjoy the ride. Looking forward to your Greenie unveiling...
  14. V11’s create a hell’uva lot of interest wherever they land - people & other bikers just love to find an excuse to sidle up & have a perve, a chat, even give a generous helping hand! Now if it was a generic like a Honda or sumsuch - meh! I wouldn’t be so sure. Better clean it though - she’s looking a bit skanky 😂
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