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  1. Don’t mock the vacuum hose to supply the fresh cool air to the airbox - those Guareschi’s know a thing a two about getting the most outta Guzzi motors (did anyone actually translate the article?) Apart from cost & ease of installation maybe they had additional bonus of the golf ball effect!! https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-do-dimples-in-golf-ba/
  2. Si intravedono sotto il serbatoio i due tubi per convogliare l'aria nell'airbox The two pipes are visible under the tank to convey the air into the airbox. http://archivio.animaguzzista.com/page_builder.php?fileindex=saloni_eventi/C_I_Naked_2002/C_I_Naked_2002_index.txt&filebody=saloni_eventi/C_I_Naked_2002/naked_gara1/Naked_gara1_body.html
  3. No arguing - just discussin’ “Whatever you do for lifetime... ends up being same shit 🦗” Confucius (or Master Po) https://www.ducati.com/ww/en/bikes/panigale/panigale-v4-r Scroll to: INTAKE Click: READ MORE OEM: P08
  4. Jeezus... just how clean do you wanna be?? Us rufty-tufty bikers seem happy enuff riding thru hundreds of miles of countryside filtering out super phosphate billowing out from farmers spreaders, caught behind sheep trucks swallowing their aromatic trails, marveling at the sights and smells of burn-backs and bushfires, the sickly sweet whiffs on the wind of roadkill rotting roos wrinkling our noses, grain harvesters, hay baling, wild pollen laden eucalyptus bushland, smacking into stinging fly’s and bees, or dodging lazy crows at 100mph and inhaling ancient dusty sky trails of legendary dead dingo dongers from Arnhem Land... only to pull into some favourite Quinnie for a greasy burger, long-awaited cold pint and a lung filling fag! We’re not bothered whacking sodden great big filters over our snoz’s so I should think our pussy little bikes are damn lucky! Why are we happy to concede that factories do cut costs by installing lesser quality shocks, forks etc., than what’s best available then violently knee jerk react that their filtration choices are quality driven and not cheap price determined? Dogma be damned.
  5. K&N’s rely on fallible oiling - as that chick sez... nobody got time fo dat! These breathe better with airbox & without any hassle! https://sprintfilter.com.au/sprint-filter-p08-air-filter-for-moto-guzzi-v11-le-mans-sport-california-daytona
  6. That Seattle bike for $55K is nice, real nice but this nos old skool is damn cool 😎 https://www.mecum.com/lots/LV0120-392696/1981-moto-guzzi-le-mans-3-crated/ someone here might wanna raise their hand ?!!
  7. ScuRoo

    Staintune cans

    Some say... M4 carbon fibre
  8. Claudio Torri - Dakar legend reappears after 25 years in Eritrea 🇪🇷 http://www.parisdakar.it/tag/torri/
  9. ScuRoo

    Staintune cans

    Chuck I fancy a nice cleansing weep... got a clip handy? 😂👂
  10. There’s a bit of asymmetry for shaft drive clearance - but that rhs tab connecting your muffler to peg seems excessive. 🧐
  11. ...you must’ve been flagellating yourself for those 7.30 mins then...! 🤣 Green - good one.
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