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  1. Seems pretty clear. Care to continue refuting?
  2. Guzzi’s been learning for years - at least since first 15RC with O2 sensor models! Closed loop = learning!
  3. Speed of LSH24 input. -> at optimum temperature of less than 600 °C the sensor responds in less than 50 ms. The 15RC ECU’s subsequent fuel modulation response is even faster - much faster! “Consider that the clock speed of some modern ECUs is 40 mHz; that is, the computer moves through 40 million switching states per second. Keep guessing - but it’s no mystery.
  4. You LP - amongst others have tried everything & are still failing at pinning down the root cause. Yet - because there was simply NO consensus on this English speaking forum (& others) frustrated, I looked further afield to research what the Italians were discussing on their forums years ago about the same problem. Nb., ‘years ago’. They - via Ube’s Fiat research & Guzzi knowledge - found the cause for their bikes behavioural issues. The overwhelming single “fix” of many was the simple O2 sensor change. Go read their experience’s for yourself. It simply allows the ECU to do its job better. All those issues were able to be adjusted & were in a nanosecond, subsequently dialled out by the now better performing ECU. The previous slow oem LSH15 incurred the G.I.G.O. of the fuelling modulation by the ECU. Once that single sensor input into the ECU was speeded up by the vastly improved LSH24 cycle rate speed the ECU is infinitely able to adapt appropriately & adjust the fuelling more accurately - hence the surging, stumble, hiccup on constant throttle was able to be adjusted out of the system. It’s not a problem that just affected V11’s alone - the same ‘surging, stumble, or hiccup on a constant throttle’ - call it what you like - occurred on the European smallblock Breva’s, Nevada’s & V7 Classic’s - as well as affecting various bigblock Bellagio’s, Breva’s, California’s, Griso’s etc. LP you know a hell of a lot more engineering than myself - but on this I’m afraid your eyes are simply blinkered. Why? We all have foibles I suppose. Disbelief at the simplicity? If like me you ever trawl back over old posts - way back before Guzzidiag days - back when there were plenty of discussions about Power Commanders & Cliff’s MyECU & whether these would help get rid of the issues. I read everything because I had the same issues, but now, I’m of the opinion it was all just blinded bulldust - the cure had simply been ‘lost in translation’ & didn’t make it over the pond because the Americans don’t have O2 sensors. The 15RC simply moved the game on. Ube & the Italian Guzzista knew all along. SimoneV11 - he knew! So after all that... who’s going to disable their O2 sensor on their new V100 Mandello? Huh? 🤔
  5. ...a properly informed 15RC dials both the stumble & surging on constant throttle out. That’s the modern ECU’s raison d’ètre - the beauty of closed-loop adaptability. Nothing to do with valve gaps - or Titanium maps - that’s all just looking for a black cat in a dark room that isn’t there! Try it & see...
  6. 🦀🦐🦞🦀 Nuthin’ wrong with a bit of seafood! Seen a lot of blokes with a missus’ with an ‘enormous wheelbase and there is really pretty much nothing that can be done about it’ looking just as you say. Still, those blokes keep going there... https://www.motorradonline.de/naked-bike/blacktrack-motors-bt-05-cento-moto-guzzi-griso/
  7. ...even the Guareschi’s GCV is getting customised now! €118,000 as you do!
  8. Any cheapo Carc but would probably target the Bellagio preferably - only just to get that full re-worked GC Varano custom transformation. Phwoarrr! https://fb.watch/aeerBrKpmO/
  9. I’d only have one as a base... https://fb.watch/ae84wioOts/
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