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  1. It might also be easier cutting with a hacksaw blade than the bottle remoulding process. Hoping the pic lines help indicate what I’m contemplating...
  2. Q: Would it be possible to effectively open up the inlet opening by just hacksawing across to the widest point of the squared off elbow? Wouldn’t also incorporating the elbow volume actually offer a bigger total opening for airflow ingress than just reworking the round hole before the elbow? A whopping big scoop funnelling into airbox...?
  3. So... besides the 15M is this BIN also for the 15RC bikes? Was this confirmed? Also, I’m under the impression that the O2 sensor needs to be disabled - only just to upload new map. But that the O2 once again be enabled after new map has been successfully installed for best results as it retains O2 sensor driven STFT & LTFT adaptability.
  4. Future factory tour
  5. Factory model pics indicating scale & orientation. https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/moto-guzzi-new-factory-museum/
  6. ...the more I see the more... hmmm, I’m actually warming to it! Good gracious! 😏
  7. https://www.cycleworld.com/story/motorcycle-news/moto-guzzi-v100-mandello-new-model-and-engine-details/
  8. Looks more like a Piaggio child with an Aprilia grandparent - not a lot of DNA apparent in this great grandchild of Guzzi. Not a worthy effort to celebrate a century of Guzzi! Plasticised & scooterised meh. Still, it’s a little better than those pics forming my first impression. I said, a little - as in marginal. Enough, to test the new liquid cooled platform. Hope springs eternal.
  9. ScuRoo

    Fun V11 read!

    “full digital engine management (injection and ignition) was a Guzzi trademark long before being adopted by other makers.” Well, I for one didn’t take this as an absolute literal claim of being the first in “using EFI long before anyone else” - but more in making the point it was a feature, that was commonly adopted as a “trademark” feature before most other manufacturers had switched over to adopting EFI. In fact, is that “anyone else” quote actually accurate or has it been somewhat paraphrased? Anyhow, the article got far more right than wrong in capturing the V11’s qualities, in this case the Scura, and my absolute favourite line was one of the photos captions... Bravo! Give that man a cigar!
  10. Yes true. There’s much in Guzzi’s annuals which can provide both experience & inspiration. As we know - this isn’t the first liquid-cooled Guzzi design - you even had your pick of two models last offered for sale only some 25 years ago! Maybe the latest V100 heads design & the liquid coolant chamber have taken its styling cues from the nowadays somewhat unsighted ...er, Custom! Anyhow, that’s what I reckon. What do you think? For those unfortunate few who aren’t familiar with the Custom (or 125C) here’s from Wikipedia: Moto Guzzi 125C or "125 Custom" is a motorcycle produced by the Italian company Moto Guzzi for ten years, from December 1985 to 1995.In 1983, at the motor show in Milan, a new type of 125 engine was presented by the Guzzi-Benelli group, intended to replace the old 125 used on the small cars from Mandello born 10 years earlier.The new engine featured innovations such as reed-regulated intake, separate lubrication, liquid cooling and anti-vibration countershaft crankshaft. The reason for the delay in using the engine is to be attributed to the excessive length of the tuning, which made it possible to use it only two years later on the 125C and 125TT (all terrain). In November 1985 the 125C was presented at the Milan motor show and, the following month, it was made available to the public.The Guzzi, on the aforementioned motorcycle, tried to bring the characteristics of the "Yankee" style of the California (reflectors placed on the sides of the direction indicators, two-level saddle and teardrop fuel tank) within the reach of the youngest: a feat not exactly successful given that trace of this model has been almost completely lost: even in the Moto Guzzi historical museum in Mandello del Lario it is not possible to find one.
  11. ...until I realised it was all just a fantastical dream!! Oh well, it was a rather nice breathless moment before continuing to reconcile myself with Mama Guzzi’s liquid blandness...
  12. Woke up this morning smiling with feelings of excitement of the ride about to come...
  13. Not thinking of buying gears ⚙️ ...but better a Guzzi than it’s kissin’ cousin 🤤
  14. Actually was expecting better for the launch of a new century, new engine platform... something more celebratory with the splash & buzz created of a halo model. This looks boring as batshit - so the Breva launch commentary makes sense. I’m guessing the engine will have bore/stroke dimensions more akin to the Bellagio - with higher revs capability.
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