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  1. Twin AH

    EICMA 2021

    That is just a beauty.. IMHO So I'm thinking an over square as there turning these pretty high 9500 RPM
  2. Anyone? I would have thought there would have been a whack of these in like new condition in parts collections all over. Ciao
  3. As with many of my experiences with these machines................ I would need to see it first and for most I'm thinking its going to take time to really appreciate what it has to offer. They will be fine I believe as long as they don't go too far out on that ME TOO branch and end up as just another soul less appliance as many manufacturer's have succumbed to unfortunately. JMHO is all. Its good to see them staying in the game. Ciao
  4. Those are beautiful but no. I'm looking for the factory pieces that came with all the Sports /Lemans of that era.........2000 to 2004 I believe. Do you still have the factory ones for that machine? Thx
  5. Was hoping some one might have or know of someone that might part with 2 of the V-11 Sport factory head guards. Anyone? PM me if you need too. Thx in advance PS. I have a set that may be traded if that works for anyone.
  6. That hard to come by?? Any and all. Thx for your response Jaap
  7. Greetings all. Was wondering if any of our members may have a 2V 1200 Sport with the Stage 2 kit complete with the exhaust system fitted? Could you please PM me I have a few questions. Ciao
  8. Bump...............
  9. TLM has one that will work for your machine. Ciao
  10. Me too......... looking forward to your reply. Ciao
  11. Apologies for the tag along.................. I am also looking for a Stucchi crossover for the V-11. Thx in advance.
  12. That is exactly what happened to me with the RM Not sure how it all happened but couldn't believe it when I found them. Ciao
  13. mission accomplished.. thx to all for your assistance. Ciao
  14. Mission accomplished. thanks to all. Ciao
  15. Thx all.............. mission accomplished. Ciao
  16. Twin AH

    V-11 Tennie

    Thx Tom I get this feeling you know how I feel. Its getting worse I'm told. Ciao
  17. Twin AH

    V-11 Tennie

    Here I am again................. apologies in advance. Hoping there might be some mortal that is in position of a factory correct pristine V-11 Tennie. I have yet to find anyone that has one as it appears many have had paint and cases that are far from perfect. PM if you can. Ciao
  18. Twin AH

    CARC Fail2.jpg

    Probably a giant OFF when that occurred.
  19. Welcome.............
  20. It was an epic race............... Vali put on a respectable show and the Ducati squad did the same. Cant wait for the next season with Ducati running 8 Desmos on the grid. Ciao
  21. Has anyone tried a set of Metzler M9s on their V-11 Sports? I'm running a set on the Griso and they are spectacular in comparison to the factory rubber. Regards.
  22. I know............. it makes no sense but for those that do not want to follow the masses in appliance ownership it is rewarding to be apart of the MG alliance. If that doesn't make any sense please advise. Ciao
  23. Yes......... that now look's proper. Ciao
  24. Yup.......... I think that might have been me. Course that was after acquiring quite a few rare Guzzis ago
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