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  1. I thought that was interesting also when it first appeared. Tried contacting but no response? Twice?? Ciao
  2. Hi all. Just posted over on the wanted section as well but wanted to cover as much ground as possible. Anyone have the small fairing complete with mounting hardware for the 1999/2001 I believe that they would be willing to part with....painted or carbon either would be fine. Thx in advance. PS. still looking for the carbon starter cover as well. Ciao
  3. Hi all. Would like to add to my request of the carbon starter cover as well would like to find the small fairing complete with hardware for the 1999 to 2001 V-11 Sport. I believe according to others as stated there were two manufacturers at the time Stucci and another I dont recall?? Either carbon or painted it doesn't matter......... Thx in advance to anyone who might help me find. Ciao
  4. OK thats some very interesting stuff. That being said would really appreciate it if any of you could PM me if you hear of a screen complete with hardware that should come available. Thx in advance Ciao
  5. Thx all for the insight. I had purchased a Stucchi belly pan faring for the Tenni Griso I owned years ago from Curtis. When I moved the machine along I was made a very generous offer from a gentleman back in the eastern U.S I should have not sold than piece of unobtainium looking back now. Any help on this adventure for finding the front fairing complete for the V-11Sport (early models) will be greatly appreciated. Ciao
  6. Good evening all. Was wondering what the chances are of locating a V-11 greenie factory fairing with mounting hardware as well as possibly a Stuchi belly pan color matched as well. I remember seeing a few machines in the past with such features. Thx in advance.
  7. Was wondering if you still have the factory green fairing and screen for sale?


    1. Gio


      Hi Dale - flyscreen sold a while ago now ...


  8. Make sure you send pics of you and all the hot Guzzi girls OK....... Ciao
  9. Hey Docc. At this point I cant get across the border or pick up anything from across the line sooooo..... let me know how things go for you boys this season OK. Ciao
  10. Good morning all. Was wondering if anyone might be willing to part with a Carbon fiber starter cover which came as factory on many of the V-11 sports/LeMans ect. PM me if you do or know of where to locate one. thx in advance.
  11. Well done and well spoken...…. Keep us informed. Ciao
  12. I'm on Avons….Love em. Ciao
  13. Well don't plan on moving mine along any time soon....I have never purchased any of mine with any other intent but to enjoy them and try and be a respectable custodian of these fine machines. That being said when the time comes I can only hope that the next owner/s will know what they have acquired.
  14. Well done Phil. Seriously lovin pretty much everything about it... especially the attention to those details... Looking forward to a short vid when she's up and sorted. Ciao
  15. I'm hoping..... or maybe someone knows who can build one
  16. So was hoping someone might know where I might find a OEM carbon chin pad for the Scura fuel tank. Any and all please..... Thx in advance. Ciao
  17. That's the Carbon covered one correct? Ciao
  18. Yes spoke with him a while back....nice guy just was not the one is all.
  19. I believe that one is gone...….. didn't last any more than a few days as well as his Griso.
  20. Wow.... I spoke with this weirdo a while back when he first exposed himself. He was more concerned about how I was going to pay for the said machine and appeared to have exceptionally low IQ ...Coppa??? Run don't walk as they say Ciao
  21. I'm thinking you have changed your mind on the offer Griswoia? Would be a shame to acquire one only to find your offering may work better for me is all. Regards.
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