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Cheaper source for TPS

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An alternative TPS would make a good entry for our burgeoning encyclopedia of compatible parts - by somebody who has actually done it.

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My Sport has gotten all spitty and jumpy just off closed throttle where I "cruise," pull away from stops, and out of corners. Very annoying and I remember it doing this when the original TPS played ou

Page one.    

Meinolf is a “heavy user” and takes it for granted, that we all know the GuzziDiag/Tunerpro -details and change the charts in our ecus very often… To see and change the tps look up table, all the basi

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So did anyone ever figure out if there's a Hall Effect TPS out there that will witk for us? I like the idea of a solid state unit. Good to know about this one though.

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Thanks, czakky, for adding the Harley one.  However, perhaps someone who has used the PFC3 from CA Cycleworks can add that, one, too?






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Is this come with a part # & place to buy ? 

Any Harley dealer. Wear your doo wrap. :whistle: *If* it is the same TPS as the Jackal, it's Harley Part # 27271-95.

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Yes there is a Hall Effect TPS, I bought a Honeywell one a few years back, it was a little on the large side but there are smaller ones now that should work, I will see if I can locate one.


Oh I see I already did on page 1, here's another


Ok went downstairs and took the TPS Off, I have a PF3C/00  2240BE  FROM Magnetti Marreli

It turns CCW and is spring loaded to spring back CW

So far I have the part No as


98H1E   Basic part No

3            Spring return CW

A            1% 

1             90 degrees

Z             Custom, we need the 3 pin plug, anyone know the name for those? Otherwise we could wire the leads in

B             Analog CCW

8H00       Hollow shaft


I'll send Vishay a note tomorrow and see if I can nail it down, I'm sure they can cross reference the MM part No

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My Sport has gotten all spitty and jumpy just off closed throttle where I "cruise," pull away from stops, and out of corners. Very annoying and I remember it doing this when the original TPS played out at 62,000 miles/ 100.000 km.

Using the Caspers Breakout Harness and Triplett DVOM set to Ohms, the resistance jumps all around at those low throttle openings. Time for a replacement!


I've been running a H-D PF4C over ten years (49,000 miles/79.000 km), but those now seems to be non-adjustable so I ordered the CA-CycleWorks PF3C they spec for Ducati. Almost $100US shipped.

We shall see if the "Nasty Hiccup" resolves . . . and how the correct PF3C curve "feels" after all this time with the PF4C.

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PF3C arrived today, now installed. Well, it is a beautiful thing to watch the Ohms rise and fall perfectly smoothly on a fresh TPS. Hoping for a brief test ride tomorrow, but the coming weekend will tell the tale.

I'll be adding the resistance test to the Decent Tune-up.  After all, once the DVOM is hooked up to baseline the TPS to 157 mV, it is really simple to switch over to Ohms and look at how smooth the potentiometer (TPS) is functioning.  I have never been able to catch a bad TPS watching the change in millivolts, but in the 2000 Ohm range the resistance variation (jumping around) opening and closing the TPS is obvious.

Pretty sure Meinolf has said that a bad TPS can be seen in guzzidiag watching degrees of opening while opening and closing the throttle.

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Re hall effect TPS. You'd have to be really really sure it was impervious to stray magnetic effects. Imagine if it read full scale suddenly...

I wonder if an optical encoder or resolver would be better? Both need additional electronics to generate an analog output though.

We used to use 'pots' in CCTV cameras for position sensing. There wore out regularly. Then we moved to plastic track pots, as used in servo motors etc. These lasted 10 times longer. Then we moved to resolvers which last forever as there are no contact points at all. Very accurate.

We tested a hall type sensor, actually a magnetic angle sensor from AMS. It worked but it wasn't completely linear and needed a calibration run to iron out the bumps. According to AMS these are used for automotive drive by wire applications.

I wonder if the ECU range checks the TPS readings?

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This is copied from another place:

(EDIT/May 2019): Having had two TPS go bad after 50,000-62,000 miles/ 79.000-100.000 km, it is simple enough to check the TPS when it is hooked up to the DVOM (Digital-Volt-Ohm-Meter) . Switch the DVOM to resistance in the 2000 Ohm range with the key off. Slowly and smoothly open and close the throttle body and observe for a smooth transition of increasing and decreasing resistance from the potentiometer (TPS). If there are jumps and glitches or drops and variations in the resistance, the TPS should be replaced. Be certain to set the DVOM back to > DC voltage < before baselining the TPS in millivolts or you'll think something is terribly wrong!


I have both analog and digital multimeters. I would think that the analog version would be better to read. Anyone have tried this? (I will try with both instruments in a week or 2).


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