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Post a pic of your V11 - No words


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41 minutes ago, Matz said:

It's been ages ago since i sold my v11 Sport, but after some HD, a Norge and a Cali  i finally got a V11 Lemans 03  and hope to put on a lot of km's . 


Gorgeous, elegant machine. Great choice. So jealous.

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Excellent choice of machine. Went on a ride out around Derbyshire today with some friends, I was on my Griso 8V, seen here parked next to a friends fabulous MK1 Le Mans, whilst we were stopped for tea & bacon butties 


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Leading indicators that you are about to have some great tacos:

  • You just had a brisk 100-mile ride.
  • There are more Spanish than English words on the signs.
  • The picture on the sign is of a pile of raw meat.
  • Carniceria is one of the words.
  • Panaderia is one of the words.
  • You have to walk under an arch to get in. 
  • Wrought-iron is featured (in this case a wrought-iron arch, so bonus points).
  • The wood chairs are all painted different colors.
  • An old man wearing farm-work clothes and a straw hat is by himself, reading the newspaper on the patio.
  • There is a dirty, beat-to-hell old Ford truck in the parking lot (this was true when I parked, but sadly replaced by a Hummer by the time I sat down with my tacos.)
  • There are more than three flavors of Jarritos in the fridge.

And proof:


Two el pastor, one carne asada. Two fresh corn tortillas per taco. With onion, cilantro, pico de gallo, guacamole, hot sauce and lime. The real deal.


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Make no mistake, the "RedFrame" V11 Sport was/is a real "sporting" Guzzi. So-much-so, that Moto Guzzi very quickly lengthened and braced the frame, offered a fairing, with a wider rear rim/bigger tire, changed the forks, and offered "handlebars" (over the clip-ons).

We  > RedFrameTrash < are just lucky to land here and soak up the love.

                                           :race:   :mg:      :bier:



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From my stint in the saddle of my own V11 Sport, I must say it offers it's own unique blend of Ducati soul, Harley torque, and airhead BMW indefatigable drivetrain.

... and yes, it really is "sporting", but somewhere between a full on sportbike, and a proper large touring bike. I'd say that the V11 series are like the BMW GS-series. A proper GT machine. Comfy, torquey, long-legged, and they just serve up lazy, drama-free power.

Just marvelous.

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