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  1. Thanks Scud...good to know...it's on my list of things to "eventually" get around to along with the Roper plate install as well. Too many hobbies and activities to get it all done quickly, but hopefully soon!
  2. John/Scud...Mine is definitely the single plate, original clutch...prior owner had looked at it with the boroscope and showed zero signs of cracking, spidering or imminent destruction. The bike shifts cleanly, precisely...zero issues. Now...assuming that the current single plate is still in good shape, is it not normal for the OEM single plate clutch to be rattly when in neutral and disengaged, and quiet when pulled in? I see the exact opposite on my 2008 Norge dry clutch - disengaged quiet, pulled in noisy. If in fact, I'm sitting on a time bomb, then it's time for me to replace it for peace of mind for the RAM single plate... Thanks guys!
  3. Interesting...similar issue, but my fast start also requires a hand on to keep it idling fast at warm up,...sounds like the spring should be removed, but I also "overrode" this a bit by adjusting the idle screws to a bit higher rate so at least the bike doesn't die when cold w/o the fast start engaged. On item #2...mine is super quiet when the clutch is pulled IN and you can hear the smoothness of the engine, but it's noisy and rattly when the clutch is not engaged (we're talking about the bike sitting in neutral at idle here just to be clear).
  4. Another idea...using a stethoscope - can you tell if the noise is more towards the bottom or the top of the engine, i.e. sump vs. valves area...sometimes sound/noise travels and is deceptive on where it is originating. Hopefully it's not something as silly as a 10 m wrench wedged into the sump and getting ground down somewhere...thinking the oil change might show any filings if there were something down there already being eaten away. If I were a betting man, which I'm not...I'm sure Chuck is closer to the solution than I am...but guessing is fun anyway...maybe the combination of ideas will lead to the light bulb moment!
  5. Bit of a long shot here Scud, and I don't doubt your impressive Guzzi surgical skills, but might you have a loose nut or washer or bolt floating around in the sump somewhere? Have you tried to drain the oil since hearing the noise to see if any metal bits show up? Perhaps a quick oil change, check the level again and see if that changes perceptibly the noise level. Starting with simpler items first before suggesting a full tear down... Night time canyon raid sounds like a good way to let the brain work on auto pilot and solve the issue by itself as well! Good luck!
  6. That's an innovative way to Powder Coat the Pork Chops! Nothing like good BBQ at Black's in Lockhart, Texas...come on over Chuck/John...we'll get you properly attended to with some seriously good BBQ...you can add Dee Ip if you like...or not!
  7. Thanks Scud...that's a great thread with tons of super ads! Mods...please feel free to merge this thread if considered appropriate with the one Scud mentions...although it might be best to edit LowRyter's comments, since he seems "Greenie" with envy! (Just kidding John...having a little fun here! )
  8. Very nice story BB...enjoyed that, and enjoyed Moto GP here as well...have been for the last 4 years also to COTA. Must be great fun to be right on the track as they are coming by! Thanks for the story and pics!
  9. I'm hoping to find a larger version in print of this picture for the garage...right now the version I found is only 7 x 10 inches more or less. Would be nice to get a poster size to go along with the other garage decorations. John...if I'm lucky I might even find a Greenie one, and as we all know...Matte Black is like a Picasso and the Greenie is more like a Dali...both good but in their own right!
  10. Found this photo on line - nice description of what we all enjoy every day!
  11. Mine as well...ZGUKR....looks like a Scura, sounds like a Scura, smells like a Scura... must be....
  12. Good catch...for sure I'll go to Lindale, maybe Okie...so it looks like an Ark Spine raid may be out for me then this year as September is not possible...maybe next year! Thanks John...appreciate you trying to herd the cats here!!
  13. For me...it's either the 1st or 2nd week of October...can't do anything earlier...so if it works out...great! Otherwise, plan when you can!!.
  14. If possible. kindly push it to early to mid October John...and I have a good chance to make it up from Houston...can't do it in September...but obviously, pick the date with the most # of participants.
  15. Thanks Chuck...glad I could provide a "chuck"le, I didn't know it was an electric regultor by the generic term "regulator", but I'm not too shy to ask if I don't know anyway!! Got all the tips written down, will start working thru them! Including the above mentioned 14 gauge wire with a star washer suggestion! (See...I was listening to the Guru!) By the way, we did see a phone on the stage at the barn, but no one could find its owner at the time! Now we know who it belongs to...hopefully Dusty can help out locating it if it was turned in to City Hall or the Mayor's office.
  16. John...I'd be in for a Spine raid, just ran thru parts of Southern Missouri, Western Arkansas yesterday on the way back from Cedar Vale and there are a lot of great roads! I have a few "preventative maintenance" suggestions Chuck kindly gave me for my Scura To Do LIst while chatting at CV, so if I get them done and family/work schedule permits, I'd take a run up! October would work better for sure as we'll be in Colorado for 2 weeks in September... Sorry I missed you for the Skype NAR conference call, I walked around to all the groups in the Hewins barn with my laptop and we were able to greet the Cottonwood contingency and see the whole crew ( at least those assembled by JJ on Friday night)...we didn't do a Sat night connection however. Cheers! Paul
  17. Could be 1 Red one with a Black Swoosh, and a Black one with a Red Swoosh! Just do it!!
  18. Kermits are fun and easy...mine is strapped on as well for Cedar Vale...if you need assembly help, just mosey on over!
  19. Plate received...thanks Tim!
  20. I assume it's reading it at the ECU which I don't think it directly connected to the battery. Quite possible Dave...good idea! I have put the battery on an overnight trickle charger to see what I read on the battery in the morning once it indicates fully charged w/o running, and then test with a voltmeter at the battery when running to compare results.
  21. I noticed a bit of fuel smell after the bike was parked in the garage for a few days after coming back from Moto GP last weekend. I found a small fuel leak on the left hand throttle body, took the clamps off, reseated everything and all was good. Also appears that one of the small bolts holding on the black flat metal bit on top of the throttle body has gone missing, so I'll need to get a replacement for that and the second one was quite loose...but luckily not lost. The bike seems to like rattling bolts around a bit! Spent a bit of time going around the bike with the various allen wrenches and checking all other easily accessible bolts. Next step: Attached Guzzidiag and ran thru errors and live values and settings: Found the CO setting at +31, reset to 0, all good. Voltage reading on Guzzi Diag showing me 11.88 which seems quite low to me, although the bike starts w/o fail every time and runs w/o problems so I'm guessing maybe I have an alternator problem or eventually a failure. Will have to check if the battery itself is any good now. 3 error codes were registered: Throttle sensor Battery Voltage Coil Right Off to read the archives here, review the detailed Workshop Manual and plan next steps. I have to say, the bike is running way better now with the CO reset to zero and the throttle body properly positioned with no leaks. Also upticked the low idle 2 turns and it's now idling perfectly even at start. Throttle feels much lighter, easier to rev, instantly responsive with no flat spots all the way to redline, significantly less engine braking, and although I'm sure it's my imagination, even sounds better! Love the Scura...
  22. PJPR01

    I fell down

    Ouch...more painful on a new bike to be sure! Hope all is well.
  23. Nice!!! Comfy bike indeed the K1600GTL, I enjoyed a weekend rental on that bike in the Bay Area a couple of years ago. Almost an Iron Butt run on your first night! You can definitely run fast from San Antonio to El Paso...wide open territory!! So you're a flag man in the corner...cool gig!
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