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  1. Curious that this black 2003 Lemans appears to have the fuzzy engine/transmission/bevel paint from the 2002 model year. ... or maybe the engine/trans/bevel paint finish is just REALLY dirty so it looks fuzzy in the photo It looks like someone may have painted the stock exhausts as well, as they no longer have an anodized finish that by this time would have turned purple.
  2. Wow 40k! Oh is this the bike with the custom built high-HP engine?
  3. Looks like someone added a much larger oil cooler to the green bike above, plumbed into the "deep V sump". It was my understanding, I think from Pete Roper, that the external oil cooler wasn't typically necessary anymore with the "deep V sump" installed, and even when needed with the standard "flat broad sump" the oil cooler was still controlled with thermostatic valving to not overcool the engine. Curious, what was the reasoning for this very large oil cooler in combination with the "deep V sump"? That fly screen is also very nice. Who makes that?
  4. Thanks for researching and posting this information on sourcing these replacement connectors. It has always concerned me a bit that they were plastic, and over time might degrade and break just on their own or when put under stress such as removing the tank. Interestingly no one has mentioned these being a notable failure point though, so perhaps they were well engineered and used quality plastics. But it's great to now have the part numbers and alternate sources! Regarding the colors; one connector should be white, and the other red, from the factory as seen in the thread and photo below. One assumes this coloring is to help guide reattaching the correct hose back to its corresponding nipple. Although since the 2003 fuel pump and pressure regulators are internal to the tank I'm not sure (from memory) it really matters which hose and nipple is attached?
  5. Are the bolts the correct size without modification? Do you have the McMaster-Carr part number for the bolts in case anyone needs them?
  6. In theory the bolt I ordered is still on order ...not critical timing, so we'll still see.
  7. My buddy had a Honda VFR 800, 1998 model I think. That was a great bike to ride, had plenty of power, sounded good, was surprisingly slim as the V4 was transverse to the frame, and wasn't heavy. It never gave him any trouble... it was a Honda after all .
  8. Fantastic looking bike, and the next few years of other models based upon this platform is going to be very interesting to see! Sorry to hear about your mishap, but good news that it was only some damage to replaceable plastics. And it's good to hear that MG has spares already available! That's a big difference from 2002 when I first bought my Lemans and MG North America and my dealer had a hard time getting anything...
  9. As an aside: If we have a "how to" replace the universal joints thread posted somewhere in the forum it may be helpful to put the link to that discussion in this thread for posterity and reference since this will come up in searches as a top match for the topic
  10. Quota's are definitely an "oddball" in that you never see them. I've never seen one in person. I wonder how many MG sold.
  11. Great, well let everyone know if it works as advertised!
  12. I've never seen that subframe used with the V11 Sport tail rack. So I'm sorry to say I can't offer any guidance. But I'll be interested to see if someone else has experience with it since it seems like a more unique/unusual mounting for the rack. Good luck!
  13. Were you able to just successfully clean it with electronics cleaner?
  14. The site hasn't been updated for almost 20 years (wow 2005 WAS that long ago I guess!), but the site still has some interesting information if one is curious about the California Jackal and Stone models. http://www.armory.com/~marina/
  15. https://www.topspeed.com/upcoming-moto-guzzi-stelvio-adv-spotted-testing-with-radar/
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