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Odyssey PC545 Battery conditioning


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I haven't been tracking this thread but noticed so much activity, and possible problems noted. I copied my post from last December on a lithium I've been running.  It's been perfect, no problems, very satisfied. I haven't trickled charged it once, granted I ride at least every two weeks or so.

YTZ14S Z14S Lithium Ion 12v Battery, 1.98lbs, CCA 300, $122.


I currently am using this on my 2003. Note: the height of this battery is only 3.4", thus it can be mounted upright, accounting for the positive terminal being on the left, as opposed to the OEM being on the right.

Update: this battery has been working perfect, not a single problem. Since this purchase however I ordered a NOCO lithium for my KLX250 and was more impressed than I ever have been with any lithium brand. In the future, I plan to stick with NOCO.

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Good to see it's not obsolete. Think I'll wait until I absolutely need it. Sort of like waiting for the Low Fuel lamp to come on while not knowing if it actually works.

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LaGrasta, good to read about the NOCO option.

I was considering that as a replacement.

l have to do a little more checking but I believe pc545 in the Mighty Scura may be getting a little sleepy. Couple outings ago I experienced slow rotation but it fired up. It started fine the rest of the day. This last time I got a got a click, clunk, uggh. No rotation. Cleaned the terminals and the same. I keep it on a1.25-1.5 amp Battery Tender when not riding. Same treatment as the GRiSO, still on the original 2013 battery.

The Scura is most likely a next month project as the GRiSO is on the lift for preseason checks and maintenance currently. I’ll try to remember to update on my findings and actions.

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If your "Battery Tender" has the typical "trickle" voltage below 13.2 volts, Odyssey states the battery will be damaged.

If your static voltage is below 12.65, they say the battery will not charge with less than 6 amps applied. Monitor that charge voltage does not exceed 15.0. Discharge and repeat until stable.

Pretty sure this thread details that conditioning procedure. If the battery is deeply discharged, there is another procedure referenced for recovery.

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