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Ghezzi-Brian V-Twin Supersport

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3 minutes ago, docc said:

Whew, footpeg behind the swingarm pivot. That's not for everybody . . . :blink:

Yeah, certainly not for creaky old men, although I'm pretty sure the little training wheels showed in the picture are removable... :rolleyes:

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Ha ha 

I can feel a twinge in my knees already....

As good as this looks I reckon it makes the V11 a really modern machine whereas I love the V11 for it's classic lines!

I think everyone who sees a V11 can appreciate it as such where this just looks like a new machine albeit a good looking one!


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15 minutes ago, guzzler said:

I love the V11 for it's classic lines!

You nailed it right on the head.

The V11 is respected in its various livrées. G&B are certainly recognized Guzzi artists, however the V11 does not need any add-on to be a looker. Everyday I take it out, I feel special and accomplished.


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@guzzler I'm with you on the original classic timelessness of the V11s but I really like what they've done in preserving the V11S old bones and turn it into a modern looking machine. Imo it looks much better than most modern sportbikes out there in great part because of it's classic pedigree. To me, it has a certain appeal(un je ne sais quoi) that none of the origami/praying mantis designs we see nowadays on much of the production bikes hold.

They actually produce a bolt-on kit to transform any V11S into this "Supersport". Finding a cheap donor bike with a good drivetrain to build on would be a fun project, albeit probably not a cheap one... better start playing the lottery...

And to hell with those damn creaking knees... :P

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4 hours ago, p6x said:

the V11 does not need any add-on to be a looker

This is not so much an add-on as it is more of a complete transformation emphasizing the “sport” in V11 Sport and a racy "exercise de style", away from factory constrained production and only meant to exist in very small numbers. As you said they(G-B) are artists but what's more important to me is they are keeping the V11S relevant by using a 20+ years old platform and bringing it into today's world. Dgmw, I love the classic look of my V11CS but this is like a modern sportbike with an old soul. I think there is room for that!

4 hours ago, docc said:

While rather angular for my tastes, I bet it is luscious to see in person . . .

It's a good thing we don't all have the same taste... life would be so dull... :grin:

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On 5/19/2023 at 1:24 AM, Speedfrog said:

... better start playing the lottery...

As it happens, I bought a ticket today. :)


My knees don't creak. Yet. The problems are in the neck (slipped disc...), but if I pay attention to how I sit, I can keep that under control. I reckon I could ride that thing. ;)

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Ha ha 

Creaky knees and a neck that's been bolted back together means I'll stick to my ole V11 Sport!

I went to sit on a 916 once when picking up my bike after a service and there's no way in hell I could've ridden it.

Ha ha doubt I could've  gotten it out the workshop!


Ps Jaap's bike does look bloody good though!!

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