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    Will see how long I be happy with the sharp angle, I do like the stock angle,, it flows correct with the rear section of the bike. MORE TUNING. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
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    That's a *nice* stable, Tom..
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    The Greenie looks good with those Ti pipes. Nice tool board as well. Your workshop has a lined ceiling like mine. I miss the exposed beams when it comes to hanging and supporting stuff. Ciao
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    Yeah, battery powered digital calipers suck. I dumpstered my Federals.. gimme an indicator caliper every time. Come to think of it, about all of my tools are antiques. How could they be? I bought most of them new..
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    Marabese is a hard act to follow.
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    Not sure if these have been posted before, but you might find this of interest: https://www.returnofthecaferacers.com/moto-guzzi-cafe-racer/moto-guzzi-v11-cafe-racer/ https://luxatic.com/the-moto-guzzi-v11-sport-receives-the-japanese-treatment/ Cheers to our beloved V11! [docc copied and pasted "Image Locations".]
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    This is for pre-EFI systems. Your ECU has much more control over spark than this can provide.
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    My machinist in the Norton club is so old school his lathe can’t cut the metric threads. So far my mount is working fine although the custom one is pretty cool.
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    One of Lucky Phil's images from his post, linked above:
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    Here are a couple pictures I just took..the Rosso Corsa tank is definitely shaped different than either the 2000 sport or the 2001 Rosso Mandello..those two appear to be the same. Maybe its because their is no provision for a " Chin Pad" on the Corsa...the tank has more of an indentation where I am holding the pen and rises up a bit higher and the "nose seems narrower . My two cents!
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    The bearing went easily on the shaft (with heat/freezer and a good whack with a hammer on the inner race). Getting the assembly in the rear swingarm was a whole different ball game. Eventually, with some carefully used force, she went in.
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    Yeah, I could murder out my Greenie with flat black paint...............maybe I could wrap the exhaust with asbestos tape too. Might put knobbies on it. Then I'd lower to the ground. Man, would that be cool.
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    Nobody mentioned the mirrors yet:) Ciao
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    Sorry Kane - those two are really just V11 Lash-ups! At the other end of the spectrum - the V11 Titanium is probably at the apex of V11 Custom. Some other’s take the middle road..
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    Unrelated: I have backed off all of the dampening on the forks (compression and rebound) and the steering damper, and brought up the tire pressure to 40psi rear and 38psi front, and she feels better than ever!
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    That old one in the back's jugs are sagging..
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    Middle of June, and still raining quite a bit. Good excuse to put Red back into the shop and get the new exhaust installed. Looks pretty, to my eye. I like the sound of all the exhausts I’ve heard on the V11’s, though I’ll admit I’m not loving these new Agostini’s sound as much as some others I’ve heard. Still sounds great, i just prefer the lower tone of some of the other mufflers. Also installed the agostini crossover. Many love the Stucchi, i have the mistral on Goldie, and in this case just figured I’d give this agostini x-over a whirl. a bonus of the Agostini crossover is that it somehow cleans up the look a bit more than the mistral x-over. Presumably because there’s no mounting bracket on the aft aft end, but it’s just noticeably more “naked” looking. Of course that comes at the expense of not having that bottom mount bracket for structural reasons... hopefully that won’t be an issue. I’ve not done a lot of exhaust system changes, other than re-installing stock exhausts, or just putting on new cans, but per my limited experience this was again a weird game of djanga, lining things up, twisting, sliding, and slowly tightening things up so they aligned. One issue i think is that perhaps the PO had slide the x-over a bit too far up the header pipe. No big deal, but leaves visible corrosion under where the pipes overlap of course, and i had to have less overlap with this setup to make it all fit (probably about 1.5 inches rather than about 2.5 inches) together, mostly based on the muffler mounts. So it left a bit of an eye-sore on those header pipes. Perhaps vanity will again get the best of me and I’ll spring for header pipes at some point down the road.
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    Shakedown rides begin . . .
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    S'xteenth Spouth'n SpineRaid shakedown rides are underway in earnest . . .
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    I have another hint for you ... The struts of the front fender have different lengths, not much but a bit. If they are mounted in the wrong position (like on mine - short one towards the engine) the tire will rub a hole in the fender! I ordered an used one at TLM which seems to have the same problem in an early state. I discovered a lot small things when overhauling mine in the winter 2018/19. Some where caused by Luigi, others maybe by the owner or his dealer. Treat your CalVin with more respect & love than the previous owner.
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    Still listening to Rush again and again since Neil´s passing.
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