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  1. paulnaz

    Name the part

    As per Scud's explanation there is a later one on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Sport-Document-Holder/264290936701?epid=17011726625&hash=item3d88f7a77d:g:uTQAAOSwdfVcaY7O Hope this helps Paul B
  2. 2000 V11 Sport Second owner, 90,000 miles and rising Paul B. Lake Powell AZ
  3. Thanks to all that responded, I'll be good to go now that doslemans has come through! Paul B.
  4. Greetings r3datom9, I'm still in search of the muffler brackets that attach the muffs to the footpeg bracket. Let me know what you may have and price. Thanks, Paul B. They look like these without the mufflers
  5. paulnaz


  6. Tomchri, I would check the coils and plug wires for proper resistance, if they're bad, they don't do well under load. Paul B
  7. Thanks for the info on the Tec Mate. Interesting tool. Paul B
  8. paulnaz

    Sport fairing

    Now I know this is heresy, but there is a ducati monster fairing on Ebay for 99 bucks. Smaller than the stock Guzzi but looks similar in shape. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2000-on-Ducati-Monster-NOS-969206AAA-carbon-fiber-fairing-kit-with-mounts/361967241169?epid=1023026675&hash=item5446edc7d1:g:ZlgAAOSwuMZZBfoK&vxp=mtr Paul B
  9. Just curious not-fishing, how does one synch the throttle bodies electronically? What type of instrument? Thanks, Paul B
  10. Glad to hear that,Stick Least possible monies spent is always preferred way, plus now He's educated! Paul B
  11. The one thing I didn't see on your list is synching the throttle bodies. Made a major improvement on my Sport and now is as civilized as it's gonna get. Paul B
  12. Hey there Stick, While browsing yesterday I came across this one, might work, dunno. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1999-Ducati-750-Super-Sport-1-5M-ECU-28640201A-computer-brand-new-in-the-box/173217351061?hash=item28548f0595:g:1R4AAOSwho1aqbL1 Paul B
  13. Greetings o knowledgeable ones, I'm curious as to the model and date that Guzzi eliminated the electric petcock on the V11"s. Thanks in Advance and Happy Holidays one and all! Paul B
  14. Unfortunately not mine footgoose, just one of my favorite planes. Their own distinct sound, kinda like a Guzzi..... Paul B
  15. Greetings Ian, Sometimes overlooked is the relatively new kid's shop Cadre Cycle. They have a great online parts Fiche and will help you wit whatever you need! https://cadrecycle.com/ Good Luck, Paul B.
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