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  1. Pretty Clever Foto, What kinda oil ya runnin' synth or.........DINO?? Paul B
  2. O.K. Due to the overwhelming lack of interest since Monday, I'll spill the beans. These tools are used for front end alignment on US made autos with some being specific to certain popular models. Some are generic and provide access to bolts and nuts without being a contortionist. The secondary use for the tapered tool is for hub cap removal. Hope this helps Paul B
  3. Actually a secondary tool
  4. No. However they are automotive related
  5. No. Used widely in the 60"s and 70's, not so much anymore,
  6. Sorry no, keep 'em coming
  7. That part is correct, but not armament related
  8. OK, anyone care to venture a guess on these? Sized from 5/8 to7/8" box end and one with a tapered tail.
  9. 2000 V11 Sport
  10. Just as long as it's not that fluorescent pink you had leftover Paul B
  11. Finally figured out the resizing tricks. 2000 V11 Sport.
  12. Less obtrusive than stock and they work well with enough view above and past my arms. Ebay and cheap Paul B
  13. Waiting on the tutorial and pictures from Chuck
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