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  1. Mimosa?? Champagne and Caviar baby
  2. Oui Oui, I bought the fairing already the Guzzi champagne factory paint color, and then bought extra side covers and seat cowl and had some paint mixed to match and added the Italian flag emblems where the originals were. I kept all the stock parts so it can all be put back to stock. Paul B
  3. My rare black 80.000 mile Sport. Paul B
  4. Docc is correct. The O-ring groove you refer to is between the end of the threads and the cap. Once installed it takes on the angular shape of the chamfer on the crankcase. Paul B
  5. Me thinks you may have the beginnings of a dead spot or corrosion in your TPS. Guzzi Diag can help with this, also check your CO settings. Of course it could be a bad slug of gas. Paul B
  6. No pics.... as bestos as I can do...... Paul B
  7. This one is over at wild goose chase, no relation disclaimer, Happy Hunting! https://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=111794.0 Paul B
  8. You have done well grasshopper. Stick to your plan and it will happen. All the Italian's complement each other
  9. Remember how much your paying for this opinion I own it's twin sister, 2000 model. Overall looks to be a very nice example of the rarest and fastest color V11 Sport. In looking at their other bikes in their ads, I would say they are on the high side of pricing but that just gives them room to negotiate. The ad does say Make Offer. The missing cowl can be had on Ebay, the exhaust not stock but fit the bike well. The other farkles are to personal taste and don't really matter. Any service records? Can you talk to the previous owner? Shipping is a concern, but also the price of doing business from faraway. Good to very good condition, low miles I would say $4800 to $5100 if you sharpen your negotiation tactics. Good Luck! Paul B
  10. For the bikes I have not installed 90 degree stems I made one of these. Fits in your pocket or anywhere else. Dual foot air chuck end with a Schrader valve installed. Paul B
  11. Greetings Weegie, Being curious, what is the factory recommended oil weight for the Hi Cam ? Paul B
  12. Greetings Alfacity, sold mine a few weeks ago but here are some pics that may help. Flat stock, longer bolts and a couple spacers and your in business... hopefully this is the same rack. Paul B
  13. Truer words..... as they say . I had to cover both on mine with a Panigale sidestand and extended pegs and shifter so I would fit comfortably. All reversible if need be Paul B
  14. Part No. on the tree on mine 01493180. Part No. for the EV 03493100 so I dont know if the fork spacing, diameter is the same. The handlebar support hardware will work though,with the Ballabio tree. Paul B
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