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  1. Hey Scud, On the top of the master cyl. there should be a seven or eight digit number stamped into the flat boss. The last two numbers will be the diameter ie 16. BSANUT on ebay usually has an assortment of Brembo stuff. Paul B
  2. Greetings Phillip, Looking through my stash of old parts I believe I have some of the hardware you require. These are from a 2000 V11 sport that was converted to bars above the tripleclamp like you are wanting to do. If these will help ,let me know. Paul B
  3. Looks like your lucky day, nc43bsa. I have one and if you PM me with your address I'll mail it to you for Christmas Paul B
  4. Made in the USA, packaged all over the world. https://bardahl.com/about-us/our-company Paul B
  5. I believe that you'll find all but a few oil mfgr's use crude oil as their base stocks. Highly distilled, but additive recipe's make the difference. Top Secret of course Paul B
  6. Not necessarily in this order, some brands will have specialty tools others don't. Snap-on, Mac, Cornwell, Kobalt, Craftsman. All have good warranties, some avilable from "tool trucks" that travel to shops and most will sell online and at parts houses. Happy Hunting! Paul B
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133447808196?hash=item1f121bf4c4:g:-fkAAOSwB5Fe87WI Used, but it's a start. Paul B
  8. In the Ebay ad I supplied they are omron relays, with both omron number and chrysler number printed on them. Paul B
  9. These are rated at 40 amps and as you point out will fit in all receptacles. Paul B
  10. If this doesn't suit the bill, seller gives the Mopar part# for your local jeep dealer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/332626544016 Paul B
  11. Interesting topic on date codes, I have a spare cowl and it has the dots for 99,00 and 01. 99-May and Nov. 00-Jan, Mar,Jul,Oct and Nov. 01-Jan,Mar and Dec. I bought it used and have no idea on the real date. Paul B
  12. Oui Oui, I bought the fairing already the Guzzi champagne factory paint color, and then bought extra side covers and seat cowl and had some paint mixed to match and added the Italian flag emblems where the originals were. I kept all the stock parts so it can all be put back to stock. Paul B
  13. My rare black 80.000 mile Sport. Paul B
  14. Docc is correct. The O-ring groove you refer to is between the end of the threads and the cap. Once installed it takes on the angular shape of the chamfer on the crankcase. Paul B
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