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  1. Thanks Chuck, I stand corrected and as Weegie put it,always listen to Chuck Paul B
  2. Very early Height gauge and yes, used on a surface plate. Cool tool even if it"s just for display now. Paul B
  3. Serial Numbers 111929 thru114435 had a gearbox recall. 111929 thru 112099 had rod bolt recall. Great bike though, I love mine. Good Luck! Paul B
  4. It does have the appearance of a "pre-production" tool, (homemade). Have you used this for it's intended purpose?. I checked my K75 tool kit and that part was not included, my second stab would not only be a wrench, but also a gauge of some sort. Paul B
  5. 1984 R45 specific valve tool/spoke wrench. Paul B
  6. There are actually two drains in the moat. The raised one is for gas to go to the cannisters and the flush one drains to the ground. the flush one is about the 7 o'clock position(while sitting on the bike) and may just be covered with debris. Inner cable from a bicycle brake or some 80 Lb test fishing line will rooter it clear. Paul B
  7. END OF STORY..... ISP had several bot attacks and some of the addresses were blocked by mistake. All fixed and back to the speed of internet Paul B
  8. Not that I can answer your question technically, however BMW has been doing that way since they introduced the K bikes back in the 80's. Paul B
  9. Gmc28, I take it then you must work for Erickson skycrane?? When I lived in Phoenix we used them to remove/install new cooling towers on a hi-rise that was remodeled and what a sight to watch! Now I live in very northern AZ I see them now and then as they use our aiprort as a refueling stop. Quite the operation. Paul B
  10. Yes as a matter of fact I do................they're all 1/24 scale or smaller tho . My real connection to them is my Father designed and built the sighting tube and rangefinder for the photo ships for aerial reconnaisance . Paul B
  11. Gmc28, Back in 2014 over on Wild Guzzi, Bill Havins did an extended write up on relacing the seals and cleaning the injectors and throttle bodies. A search over there will reveal all. Paul B
  12. I was able to overcome this by enabling my VPN through my anti virus. I'll be researching this further as it was only WG not letting me in. All my other bookmarks loaded right up.If I find earth shattering info I'll report back. Paul B
  13. Thanks Guys, I'm still unable to get on WG, but I think I've narrowed it down to my wi fi router or my ISP. Paul B
  14. Where did Luap and the gang go? Was working this morning early but now they're AWOL . Anybody know or is it a western U.S. thing. Paul B
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