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  1. For the Oregon AAA you have to get the Plus level which includes motorcycles. $108 year. I don’t use it a lot but when I do... With vintage bikes in the stable you have to have some backup plan.
  2. I have no problem stepping out of the way and letting the pros work. I was just the instigator and wanted to see the plates being offered again. My job is done. Now everyone just needs to order some plates! Well, soon. Thanks again to Pete for letting us continue his work! And to Chuck and Pressureangle for making it happen!
  3. How far are you going? When I brought mine home it was about 800 miles. I had to pack light and I overpacked the tools. In reality I only needed enough tools to mount the phone mount. Does the bike have its toolkit? If it does you don’t really need much more. One good relay as a spare is all you need. And AAA. This time of year packing the right clothes is way more important than tools.
  4. These are off my 2001 V11 Sport. They are not perfect but are perfectly serviceable. One muffler has a pretty good scrape. $75 or best offer. Can get reasonable shipping rates in the US.
  5. I’m going to sell my stock Lafronconis. Cheap. Shipping will be the bad part.
  6. If they match side to side consider that a win and move on.
  7. It’s like I’m all grown up now. Now I need to find something to hit with it.
  8. Wasn’t that on a Breva or something over on WildGuzzi? I think it would have been less hassle to move to a less humid climate.
  9. If they are just sealed up there’s always some water vapor trapped inside. What you need is a vacuum or inert gas but as you can imagine that’s overkill. Except for this forum.
  10. I checked the sticker while installing the Roper Plate. It was on solid. No worries.
  11. I’m still trying to get over the rusty star picket. Not sure, nay, quite confident I don’t want to see or know about the podge bar!
  12. I need to get a brass drift one of these days.
  13. I'm not saying this group can go off topic easily but...
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