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  1. Mike has 50w flowing through his veins. He loves those old bikes.
  2. swooshdave

    Hello all

    Thank you for your support!
  3. This was at the Oregon Vintage Motorcyclist 43rd Annual Show. Not sure if it sold or not but if someone was interested it might be worth a call. Seemed like a decent bike. I took a look over and didn't see anything out of sorts.
  4. My friends Mike and George went down to Quail a week ago to show off George's Ducati. Mike made a little video about it as he's apt to do. There were a ton of Guzzis down there so I thought I'd share it with y'all. There will be a part 2 to the video that will probably come out next Sunday.
  5. It was a 95 convertible with 6 speed. It had 130k miles so it was a bit worn out. I would have loved to have kept it but can't keep everything. I like the 67 body better than the 65. Maybe one day I will have another 67 convertible.
  6. Ended up selling the 67 this week. The wife was happy to have her parking spot back in the garage. Went to a few nice family who have the wherewithal to get the car back on the road. No crying for me, I still have the 65 to work on.
  7. I didn’t think the updated spring worked on the early bikes.
  8. A couple more updates while my Guzzi rests for the winter. C-code is the base V-8 with the 2 barrel. This one has a rebuilt motor, 4 bl Edelbrock carb and supposedly a mildly updated cam. And a fat dual exhaust. It's moving farther and farther from stock every chance I get.
  9. So they start silver and then the improve it. Gotcha.
  10. The term you are looking for is "envy".
  11. LeMans are always red. Just like red frames are always green.
  12. Yes, there's one on the wall in the lower area.
  13. I think I only saw one V11 Sport (aside from the one in the museum) this year. There was a nice LeMans in the swap meet area but I don't think it was actually for sale. And I didn't even get a picture of it. The weather was great, not as blistering hot as 2019, although the humidity was pretty stifling. Lots of people and it was a great time.
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