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  1. You’re right about the V11 Sport except the gearbox. You’re thinking about the five speed. The six is way different.
  2. That's a common problem with the older bikes although I've never seen a 4 year lag before.
  3. Get your own appraisal! Do not accept theirs!
  4. The Gambalunga won the class and maybe best of show. Dunno, didn't stick around that long.
  5. I'd go with the alloy tank option.
  6. I’m suppose to go see those two Loops on Friday. Luckily I don’t have any room… or money.
  7. Well, I thought it was going to be good but it was more than good. It was gooder! I have never seen so many V11 Sports in one place. I think I counted six. Here's a taste. There will be a video released in the next week with more goodness. I don't recall what he was asking for the silver bike. The LeMans was $4k. More pictures in the next post.
  8. Now I know why they are often missing. I bought a replacement a while ago but never got around to actually putting it on. I just did and it’s like a Rolex piece. And reverse thread. Turn it the wrong way and it’s loose and from there it’s not going to stay long in this world. I did use locktite but I’m more tempted to use superglue.
  9. I'm saying I'm not sure it not the same battery. Do we know the Spark wasn't made under license? I just recall (vaguely) when I replaced the Spark it looked damn near identical.
  10. I was telling the OP that they should find someone who know more about V11 Sports. Not sure where you got lost in the conversation.
  11. Sorry to hear what? I got my Odyssey from Autozone for way less than Batteries Plus or anywhere else locally. https://www.autozone.com/miscellaneous-non-automotive/power-sport-battery?filterByKeyWord=odyssey&filters=4000000227&fromString=search&isIgnoreVehicle=false&model=odyssey
  12. Rowdy Canadians, the worse!!!!
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