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  1. New to the bike. Not NOS. Which means a bad crash and if insured, possibly a salvage title.
  2. All I have to say is that if you've never ridden a Ducati do it at least once. That being said there is something more visceral about the V11 Sport. Which is saying something considering the opposition.
  3. I recall sitting on a carb 900SS and it didn't feel like that extreme of a riding position.
  4. Both Italian? I fired up my Ducati yesterday. It's eerily smooth although it sounds like it should shake. There is a big difference between the 90 and the 45. My brother is selling the V11 Sport (it's on eBay) as he prefers his Ducati. Having ridden his I can see the appeal. Revs to the moon and feels a lot lighter. But I'll stay with the Guzzi because it's a little rough and pudgy, like me.
  5. I think all the riding you do has kept it off the side stand just as much.
  6. I also have one on the lift table. Roll the bike on and it stand by itself. Then you can leisurely put the straps on. You can pull the front part off with the bike on it if you need to remove the front wheel. I use a center stand for the bikes that have one or a flat jack for the Guzzi.
  7. For us more frugal Guzzi owners. https://www.harborfreight.com/1800-lb-capacity-motorcycle-standwheel-chock-61670.html
  8. I would never have a bike with a self-retracing side stand. I rode my dad's K75 and the side stand retracted when you pulled in the clutch. On my 850T that I had and on my Nortons the side stands are so long you can't forget them. I have seen people ride off with those long side stand out but they were always drunk.
  9. I'm surprised you didn't delete it.
  10. It was only a year ago. Did you think I’d be done by now? Been working on bikes instead.
  11. Well, crap. Just up the road too. Decent price. Why didn't you put them on? They'll sound great!
  12. swooshdave

    Scura build

    People here are generally far nicer than most places on the internet.
  13. I bet you could presell more than a few. They do show up for sale occasionally. You should get prices for a few ranges. 1, 10, 50. Especially since they are readily available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/132489689696
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