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  1. Not yet, he got an ST2 so he's good for now.
  2. It's got a healthy patina. Also with the size of stable that my brother has he can't get to all of them. Nice problem to have.
  3. Yeah, ironically neither of those vehicles were ever updated quickly enough and they both perished.
  4. ended going with uShip. Cost me more but I’m getting it when I wanted it (now!). Bike is currently going through Paducah, Kentucky. ETA is Wednesday. Shipping was $750 plus $50 uShip fee ($800 total). Transporter pays $150 to uShip. Next time I can go direct with transporter and save $200.
  5. Yeah, if your peacock takes a dump you can put a manual one in.
  6. Well, you are eventually going to wear the one you have out. but you really need a green one, just so you can appreciate a proper V11 Sport.
  7. Haulbikes quote $699. They are the only real quote I’ve got. I’m ok with that rate if they can get it here before August.
  8. Carriage or Carrier? Keyboard Carriage seems to do pianos.
  9. Thanks. I'm not having any luck with uShip so far. I'll try Keyboard too.
  10. I'm having a hard time disagreeing with your list.
  11. Leaning against the fly and ride, too damn hot in the mid west in July or August for me.
  12. Between the Norton forum and this one I will hopefully avoid motels. Plus family in Nebraska...
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