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  1. These just came in the mail from MG Cycle. I ordered a Brembo rebuild kit for the Ducati and thought I needed to pad the order a little. Now I need to shop for a jacket to put them on. The key fob thing I think I got at Barber a couple years ago. For references it’s just over 4.5in.
  2. Aside from my brother taking it for a spin last week this poor thing has been lonely. So when we had a warmish day this week and the Norton was not to start the Guzzi got the call. WIth the excuse of stopping by the grocery store for some potatoes off I went. I may have taken the longish way to the grocery store.
  3. Good eye on the MG. It's owned by the guy with the grey hair.
  4. Yes, Portland dealer is toast. Rick is retiring. We still have several very active online sources for parts so the Guzzi community is fine for now. Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier, next time I'll have @docc notify me with an @swooshdave.
  5. You run the risk of the charging system not being compatible with the Li-Iron or Li-Ion batteries and not charging them correctly. I got the Odyssey from AutoZone, and they were the cheapest by far.
  6. Someone once said they were going to send me a Veglia reset knob. Didn't happen.
  7. Well, that’s dedication. The risk of stripping those fine threads would prevent me from doing that.
  8. There were 3 (Three!) V11 Lemans at the Number Two Show on Saturday. I haven't ever seen three LeMans (or V11 Sports for that case) in one place before!
  9. I didn't think you actually owned a car.
  10. Are we talking about cars again? Did I mention my new project? So I traded my Corvette. It had 130k miles and was worn out. I had it for 17 years so it was time to go and besides, the family didn't fit in it. I managed to trade it for a 1967 Mustang convertible. Although the Mustang is going to be a lot of work in the end I'll come out ahead. So far I've managed to pull the engine (and sold it) and get a welder. Both necessary steps. I will be replacing a bit of rusty metal but I do like learning... the hard way.
  11. I'll be at The One Show that weekend. Surprisingly there is usually a couple Guzzis there.
  12. Having lived in Tacoma (near Seattle) and Portland I can attest that the weather is significantly different. Portland is much warmer and somewhat dryer. That video was shot a while ago and during the summer. Don’t tell anyone else but we have some of the best summers in the US. Shhhhhh!
  13. If there’s one thing I don’t do is hide. I’ve been on YouTube for 12 years and countless videos. Very few of them flattering. At least the bikes make me look cooler than I am.
  14. Guilty. Yeah, those are my drone shots. If you watch enough of Mike’s channel you’ll see me more often than not. There’s a whole series (playlist) on my Norton engine rebuild. He has a video coming out in a couple weeks that we shot today. Very fascinating no matter what bike you ride!
  15. I think I found the source of the dripping. Some bonehead didn’t tighten down the drain plug after taking a bunch of stuff apart. I’ll check it tomorrow to see if that was it. With snow in the forecast it’s all immaterial at this point.
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