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  1. Some smart folks in this group here generally are not in favor of the velocity stacks for mechanical reasons, and i've followed that advice with my V11's, partly on its own merit but also based on experience in other machines (which arguably are relevant for comparison). But i recently acquired a very low mile greenie to "supplement" the 2 Lemans in the garage (gotta keep them company...), which has the velocity stacks installed from the PO, and next winter when i go through it i'll start off with keeping those velocity stacks in place, partly because they look neat, and mostly because i don'
  2. +1 on the advice given so far, from my perspective, of about 10years with the slightly more basic, older, cheaper model of the cycle hill. I’m a fan, and it works, and the tricks noted seem spot-on. But to double down on the touring tire comment, the no-mar clearly ain’t hydraulic, so a stiff touring tire, done in winter when it’s cold, is too much hassle for me. Dirt bike tires are easy, basically mimicking the videos u see of folks using the NoMar so effortlessly. But a stiff walled K60 in a cold shop in winter (I try and time mx when I can for winter, non riding season), forget it. And
  3. Multi enduro and Ktm 990 are both fantastic. Couldn’t decide, so ended up eventually having one of each. 990 is most definitely a better off road machine, although still nothing like a true dirt bike. The multi is magnificent beast, but at the weight and just overall size is brutal off-road. Realizing that you’ll need a helicopter to lift it out of a ravine if you dump it makes you ride nervous, which isn’t good. But it’s a fantastic road bike that also does fire roads with glee. The Ktm lives in Alaska, and the multi is my daily rider. As a properly obsessive Motörhead I have more to o
  4. Love that Borrego springs run. Been a while since I’ve been down that way, but that’s a sweet route and area. And love the 8gal (7.9) on the multi enduro. Takes the stress out of fuel stop planning. Rode through Death Valley on Friday, with lots of long stretches of no fuel, and no cell reception (at least not on ATT), and 8 gallons made it easy to just enjoy the sun and scenery. I rented a stelvio in mandello a couple years ago.... do they all have the 8 gal tanks? Seemed like the tank on the stelvio I rented wasn’t that big, but thats just my lousy memory banks...
  5. not enough caffeine in me yet, but i'm thinking 1000 Lire back then would have been closer to $1.50 (600-700 Lire per dollar in 70's?), and gas was likely down around .30 cents/gal (?), so she probably got a decent top-up for the top-off....
  6. Does an 02 lemans tank fit a 2000 greenie? Wondering if I want to “practice” the paint process on an old tank, for the bead/material blast through the paint match process, before I do it on the existing green tank.
  7. Thx docc- u jump-started my slow but decent memory, regarding the “joining of the streams”.
  8. Ah, lovely. Is the usual “customization” to use a portion of the existing fuel line in its current position/routing for straight through vent, or do folks reroute the vent line if there’s that much of it?
  9. (Smile) ha! When I first saw a greenie many years ago, I wondered who would pay for such a color. But then I developed a “taste” for them.... gonna definitely keep her green. Must have been an Irishman in Mandello at some point, leaving Ireland to sneak in for the wine, pasta, sunshine, and “meccanica”.... I would.
  10. Bought a greenie. Or almost did... seller forgot the title, so bike is in our hangar, and we’ll do a money and title swap next week to finish things up. Very low miles, runs decent, but needs lots of little stuff, and the big thing (that I know of) is the clear coat coming off the tank. Right side valve cover leaking oil. He converted to pods. Lots of light surface corrosion. Etc. any wise words on things I should know about the red frame, vs my (2) longer frame Lemans? I think it’s mostly all laid out well enough in the pinned topic that compares the models... under the seat
  11. Appreciate that Phil. But wait, you have an ST2? I knew you had the 1000SS, but just saw the ST2 noted there.
  12. Agreed. Common in the story of my life, I often don’t see the best stuff where I live until I move away. Had to leave Oregon for 15 yrs before I recognized a lot of the great things in Oregon, and left Santa Clarita before I realized how great those LP national forest roads were. Like an old country song about needing to get away from home... Red is up on the lift at home, waiting patiently for me to get back there to grease/lube/service her up. And maybe she’s hearing rumor of a greenie coming into the harem.
  13. Excellent. That’s more or less what I figured, that it’s a matter of either minor touch up, or full repaint. Have done the Caswell (sp?) lining on other tanks in the past, so assuming that’s a fine way to go. And know a couple decent sources for bead blasting. But what remains is the question of whether I’d spray it myself. Comfortable enough spraying, but usually with a couple coats of same paint then some clear coats. If it’s that ER4 paint noted, then I may do it, but if it’s layered colors I’d be hesitant. Have a new HVLP sprayer to in theory replace my trusty but very old traditi
  14. Helicopter crew for FS.... fire crew? I’ll be at Lancaster for our spring training for LAT crews late March, and that’s my excuse to be down there. Lived in Santa Clarita for a short while about 25yrs ago, so based on your advice maybe it’ll shoot over from Lancaster, do a fast cruise down memory lane of where we lived, then out 126 and up 33 from ojai. hate to bypass that Frazier park and pine mountain area coming out from Gorman/Lebec.... but a change would be good.
  15. I haven’t seen the tank in person yet, but are we asserting here that the bubbling may be from an issue that’s more “evil” than just some surface issues, like maybe ethanol or something along those lines that could be compromising the tank from the inside? In short, should I be more deeply concerned about paint issues on one of these tanks? the machine has a lot of surface corrosion, mostly cosmetic from the pics, but it’s very low miles and price seems attractive, so am leaning toward taking the chance with it.
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