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  1. Many thx all! i’ll email Ghezzi then, and see what comes of that. May allow myself the indulgence of some CRG levers, to go along with this winters otherwise mechanical focused work (tune). off to japan in a week and a half to ride a 1250gs around for a while on the South Island of Kyushu. No v11’s for rent were forthcoming.... :->
  2. Know a source for buying them?
  3. Saw that, and may be interested. Just want sure if I’d buy that and which I had the ghezzi-BRIAN unit instead. Looking for thoughts on which one to pursue, stock or the ghezzi, based on effectiveness and price.
  4. Docc, i’ll Leave the lights on in my shop so you can come do your cleaning magic to my machines any time! Just a quick hop over the hills (intercontinental divide... whatever) from your place to mine. I’ve started the fall/winter process of chasing down the loose ends for winter mx. Got the data cables coming, will download guzzidiag, etc., but chewing on what to do about the lack of a rear hugger. Mostly to protect that rear shock. Better to chase down a stock hugger, or go try and find a Ghezzi-brian unit? I see the ghezzi unit on line but haven’t found a source yet to buy them, so don’t even know price. Any hot leads?
  5. Gmc28

    Rear hugge

    anyone know how to find the ghezzi-brian huggers for sale? a quick web search yielded dead-ends so far.
  6. Damn. Was hoping the red wasn’t as “national treasure” elusive as the champagne. Color matching the champagne was more than the two best shops in my town could handle. But i’ll Also check the fingernail paint selection, as all I need is some touch up. If anyone has found a good option, pls post.
  7. I see it’s already touched on here a little in this thread, but is the general trend for folks to replace that u-joint every 10k miles (very roughly 15k kilometers, rounded...)? i would venture a wag that some do, and many don’t, but that’s my question.. Do we have any (or many?) 1st hand accounts of failure? Curious. I saw the notation of guzzi CYA in this thread, which is what I can’t help but wonder. I would say Better safe than sorry, but sometimes the margin of safety can get a bit overblown?
  8. Thx all- did a half assed job of capping/unplugging the lines. Will need to get her home to dig in and do it right, to assure I have properly cleared or capped lines, but think we’re good for now. But no issues running today, other than crappy idling, after 8.5 hrs in the saddle, including some very spirited riding, several hours of freeway droning, and then capped with some lovely stop and go traffic in Salt Lake City when my ass had already had about all it could take. She purrs like a proper italian now at mid range rpm, where she’s living most of the time on this ride. man, the million dollar highway (hwy 550) with only a handful of midweek, off season cars was moto-heaven. When I die, bury me right there. And the run from Ouray over to Moab.... almost as good, and basically no cars for 2 hrs, so that’s pretty much a full house right there. Thank u motorcycle gods for your plentiful bounty...
  9. In Durango, bike running sweet, and many happy smiles/curves behind me. Route 64 between Taos and Chama is not to be missed if in the area, myself only getting to it by accident after missing a turn and not noticing for too long, causing that excellent re-route. still not good idling, and that 3000-ish rpm stumble, and worse than it was a week ago, but as of a week ago she had been mostly sitting for a long time, so thinking the use/miles are getting things stretched and worked, which is good, but likely means a handful of adjustments later.
  10. Moto bliss awaits. Out of the flat, windy, north Texas plains, and now into the tasty mountainous curves. I shall indulge.
  11. Also have but of grease on the rear wheel, from the u-joint. I can see small amount of grease coming out from around the round joints, and i’m Assuming a small amount like that is normal if it was recently serviced? my only shat drive machine that i’ve Owned over a period of time and miles didn’t have that exposed u-joint, and it just required occasional gear oil change, so i’m Lacking in knowledge on what’s normal for this machine.
  12. You bet. Already have permanent hearing damage from past stupidity, which my wife lovingly reminds me of.... is that emoji a pic of u removing a sticking petcock with a cigarette?😎 yep, starving fuel. it’s just the notion of the next 1500 miles ahead of me that makes me think long and hard about whether the problem is gone or whether that was just warning of impending pump failure or some such thing.
  13. Shouldn’t that manual Petcock knob be able to turn? I see a wire next to that petcock, which I assume is for low fuel lgt sending unit? The knob doesn’t turn with quite a good heave in either direction, so don’t want to force it till confirming I’m not missing something obvious in my haste. the sound of the fuel pump relay this morning is clear. Maybe my ears are just ringing less, or maybe cooler temps or replaced relay is the deal.
  14. Thanks all for thoughts so far. I’m thinking fueling issue, whether pump, relay (for pump), vacuum from clogged charcoal cannister, or bad fuel is hard to say. New relay in place, next tank of fuel and additive to address bad fuel, and maybe mess with the charcoal can lines and we’ll be off for Durango tomorrow.
  15. Ya, in theory I can just unplug it all, and keep the lines open for now, but hoping to avoid tracing each line to figure out which is which, till I get home, if possible. Maybe it’ll be Easy. Just assumed that since it’s in back it may not be immediately Obvious where each line routes.
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