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  1. That’s us. Nice action pic!
  2. Actually I’m with Erickson Aero Tanker (Aero Air). Jack Erickson sold sky crane many years ago, and partnered with my boss to buy this company. And it is his collection we speak of. His name is part of both the old and the new companies, as founder of the old company and owner of the current one. We work alongside the big sikorsky’s sometimes, but we’re in the white/orange fire fighter jets, the MD87’s. And we’ve definitely been overhead in northern AZ quite a bit this season, and on the ground there at Prescott, Winslow, then over at silver city NM, etc.
  3. think i'll give it a try. dollar is strong against the pound now, and always fun to play with a new tool, so will give it whirl and compare to the twinmax. that damn BMW dealer years ago put the bug in my head that maybe i can still get the sync always just a little better....
  4. Love it! i'll head down to napa and get one right away, and carry it in the V11 road tool kit :-> i've got a soft spot for Alfa's, "peculiar" as they are. I spent the summer when i was 15 in italy tooling around in a 2.0 quadrifoglio (sp?), with an uncle who lived there and was insane enough to let me behind the wheel, so he could smoke and cue up his music on what was then a state of the art stereo (mostly Mario Lanza, Buddy Holly, and John Denver). All that espresso and nicotine formed an "elder" family member who should have been saying "slow down kid", and instead was saying "faster!"
  5. Our company has a sizable collection of WW2 birds that’s kept at Madras airport, here in Oregon (likely not a town you’d know unless you’re from around here... a perfect place to build a nice big facility on a quiet airport). Pretty much Only the owner got to fly the P38, his favorite, for many years. The air show in Madras each year is great, because it’s such a quiet little airport, and not a zoo like some of the big air shows. if you’re a fan, here’s the collection: www.ericksoncollection.com And of course, to stay on theme, if you’re ever riding your V11 in or near Oregon, be sure to take in some of the top notch riding out in central Oregon, and stop by the museum!
  6. If you want to share the part numbers, I’d be a taker....
  7. Thanks all. Wasn’t really fearing anything major, just filling in the mental gaps. Mission accomplished! I’ll dig into the wild guzzi feed and check things out this winter. paul, I see a P-38 on the avatar.... u have a private collection?😎. Sweet machines.
  8. i'm guessing there may be a thread on this but not seeing it.... My old Twinmax i've had since Y2K has been my sync tool. On the last go-around with the red v11 i noted that even on the most sensitive setting i wasn't getting much change as i adjusted things. In comparison, on the old oilhead i had for years that twinmax needle would bounce around soon as adjusting things out of the sweet spot on the sync in either direction. On top of that, at one point many tune-ups into owning the oilhead, i had the BMW dealer do a sync once, and it came back better than my previous sync's. Hmm...i had been confident in my technique and results, but now had a new standard. what was i missing, or did they just have a better/more sensitive sync tool? Not too long later, sold the oilhead, without resolving in my head what the bottom line was on all that. Fast forward to now, and i'm looking at comments (TomChri, etc) on the carbtune pro, and some other options, and generally see that folks tend to think the the carbtune pro might be more accurate than the twinmax, but thats really the question. I haven't ventured from the twinmax in 20-ish yrs, and love a good tool, so thought i'd fish about for input on whether to consider shelling out for a different sync measure tool. and no thanks for all the "just make it yourself" stuff. I know, those work, but I'm only interested in retail tools, and ones that are better than my old twinmax. And/or thoughts on what else i might be overlooking for why i'm seeing such little variation on the twinmax as i adjust the sync/white knob (yes, valves done, idle backed off, un-connected, etc.) Ciao
  9. Thanks Docc- Then I shall ride on in bliss, and re-visit it in winter.
  10. this is probably something i should already know, but i don't.... i have this seepage coming from left throttle body, leaving the fuel goo on the left side alt cover. is it something to just wipe off and ignore, or is it indicative of an issue that should be addressed in the throttle body? fishing for easy answers during the prime riding season, when i'm much less likely to fiddle and more likely to just ride, which then flips around to the opposite scenario in the wet season. So much riding to be done, so little time...
  11. That sounds about right on the savings. you could probably look up your oval mistrals online and find the advertised weight. my ST4 of about the same vintage had a 9lb savings going from stock to aftermarket carbon. i just pulled a set of aluminum stock cans off my lemans, but they actually came from a sport, and were installed by the PO. Actually sounded pretty good, and I guess now I know why... They must have been cored, because they were (are) quite light. They’re way lighter than the two sets of stock lemans cans that I have on the shelf.
  12. good point. i'll be looking at ways to do something like that. i am partial to how clean it looks down in that area without the charcoal cannister and all that stuff down there, but thats hair-splitting, and re-installing parts of it as solution for crossover support would be worthwhile. does the Stucchi also not have a bracket? the Mistral i have on Goldie has the bracket, and i do like the mistral in regard to the nuanced performance angle.
  13. thanks Docc. i should have thought of that. but as my wife says, just a kid trapped in a mans body... BTW, your 115k machine sure looks nice in the pics after your mx. Special diet, massaging, and skin care creams keeping her in good shape? I forgot to mention that i also noticed more of drip under the left throttle body, on the starter plastic cover. used to drip about once a month, but seems worse now, though its been mostly sitting for the last many months. may pull that left side TB and take a look.
  14. Took red out for a Sunday test flight... New exhaust installed, and sun came out a bit. With the new exhaust and crossover, she ran great. Arguably it’s a more linear throttle response through the rpm range. But it ran great before the exhaust change, so will need continued observations to confirm that initial thought. Mixed feeling on not having the mounting bracket on the agostini crossover. The start switch on red didn’t crank it over. Hmm. Played with clutch, checked if it was in gear, cycled kill switch, etc. Was about to pull seat and check breakers and/or relays, but one last try on start switch and she cranked. Started up fine then, and did again on shut-down and restart. Tiny seep from front brake Rez caused some paint damage to black paint on triple tree (sh!t). Veglia rpm gauge now has some slight condensation on inside of glass. Will have to poke around the forum to see how much I should worry about that... Still have the slight fueling “wandering” at lower rpm when at constant throttle. But a good ride and sweet running machine...
  15. Middle of June, and still raining quite a bit. Good excuse to put Red back into the shop and get the new exhaust installed. Looks pretty, to my eye. I like the sound of all the exhausts I’ve heard on the V11’s, though I’ll admit I’m not loving these new Agostini’s sound as much as some others I’ve heard. Still sounds great, i just prefer the lower tone of some of the other mufflers. Also installed the agostini crossover. Many love the Stucchi, i have the mistral on Goldie, and in this case just figured I’d give this agostini x-over a whirl. a bonus of the Agostini crossover is that it somehow cleans up the look a bit more than the mistral x-over. Presumably because there’s no mounting bracket on the aft aft end, but it’s just noticeably more “naked” looking. Of course that comes at the expense of not having that bottom mount bracket for structural reasons... hopefully that won’t be an issue. I’ve not done a lot of exhaust system changes, other than re-installing stock exhausts, or just putting on new cans, but per my limited experience this was again a weird game of djanga, lining things up, twisting, sliding, and slowly tightening things up so they aligned. One issue i think is that perhaps the PO had slide the x-over a bit too far up the header pipe. No big deal, but leaves visible corrosion under where the pipes overlap of course, and i had to have less overlap with this setup to make it all fit (probably about 1.5 inches rather than about 2.5 inches) together, mostly based on the muffler mounts. So it left a bit of an eye-sore on those header pipes. Perhaps vanity will again get the best of me and I’ll spring for header pipes at some point down the road.
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