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  1. Great point on the sun shade. Used to dislike them, on the older style Nolan helmets, but love the newer ones now that are better integrated.... use it all the time.
  2. All the good stuff has been said, and I’d only add a couple nuance items: As noted, Bilt and Sedici are house brands at cycle gear, and vary a lot in quality, with one model/item being great and the next model being pretty junky, so you just need to evaluate each item on its own. That said, their warranty is arguably the best, at least in a practical sense. Since it’s house brand stuff, they have long warranties and pretty much just let u swap it for a new one if you have an issue. I only used the warranty once on a Bilt ADV suit I bought for my son, but it was totally painless and devoid o
  3. My son sent me a reference to these guys, and i admit that i figured it was just more odd stuff from my son, but i gave it a listen a while back. Catchy, but whatever, is what i thought. Then i thought “hmm, that was unusual, gonna listen to that again...”, and from there the brain worm sunk in deep. I might go so far as to say that once Wolf Totem in its pure Hu version (they do the song with an American metal band to help sell it, which is fine, but loses some of its best qualities in that version, imho) could end up in that category of rock songs that survive the onslaught of time and fa
  4. Love to also see pics when all done and on the bike. Cool project.
  5. Agreed with Pete, though to be clear the “universally rich” descriptor should probably be qualified as applying (presumably) to our subject-matter V11’s. Some bikes of that vintage from other makes did run too lean, and while it’s true that it’s too crude to say they were simply lean or rich, I have seen these band-aid devices work to great effect on some bikes. In my case was on a bike that didn’t have an open ecu (at the time), and it ran consistently bad from being too lean, despite all kinds of various ways/attempts to tune around it. An O2 tricking gizmo instantly transformed the machin
  6. Did I just see five finger death punch and mark knopfler/emylou Harris on back to back posts? I must be dreaming... knopfler is my favorite, and can’t beat death punch for when at the gym (sadly a bit rare these days for this slacker). Death punch makes me feel like an 18 yr old, but that ain’t all bad. On a different Italian bike tonight (duc multi) in Globe Arizona, where I stopped for an overnight enroute from Tucson to vegas. Little winery here, called “Waggins” (I think), quirky place but with a couple surprisingly good reds, with live music outside, playing soundgarden, CSN&am
  7. Ok Shakespeare, some of us are transfixed to the tale and the images... that taillight is exactly as you’ve described, both “wrong” and also intriguingly sweet.
  8. It’s a great one. Like u say, hard to find in some places, but Then u end up in Montana and see it’s darn near everywhere (or was last time for me), and about the same price as regular. Crazy.
  9. Mmmm, another ethanol thread. We are gluttons for punishment... :-> The tanks on my cagiva’s all fit fine from the dealer early on, so wasn’t an Italian QC issue. then over time they expanded and became very problematic. Same with other earlier model ducs from back when we had moved beyond metal but didn’t really see the effects of the ethanol yet. As Phil and others have have indicated, clean em out, whichever way works best for you, then either coat the inside or or just convert to non ethanol gas. All my little gas powered stuff at home now, lawnmowers, weed whackers, dirt bikes, a
  10. Gmc28

    '03 V11's

    many thanks gentlemen. that fills in most of the blanks for me. From what you've written, I'm seeing a header crossover, so that points to it being an 03 spec, and no lead coming from the o2 sensor bung on the header, so that just means its the US spec bike. being 03 may mean the conn rod/oil spray change. do the 03's tend to have better fueling, or does the 15RC and the header crossover (and whatever else) not translate that into that?
  11. Gmc28

    '03 V11's

    these question(s) are answerable via pulling info from various other topics/threads, but i'll pose them here specifically for clarity (for me), for those who don't mind chiming in: the '03 V11's went to the 15RC ECU, but only after a certain point in production, correct? If it is the RC, i assume i would see a O2 sensor coming off the exhaust somewhere (see next question also) the 03's have a forward crossover, rather than mid-bike, it appears. Does that sound correct, and if so, is that a good thing, or do folks tend to prefer changing over to a system more like the '02's and olde
  12. My brother is down that direction. may see if he can take a look at it.
  13. Gmc28

    900ss vs V11

    I think i just had a longer-winded way of saying the same? my '16 Multi enduro is magnficent in most every category that i care about, but apples and oranges to the older italians i have (or had). Since the OP was talking 900SS vs V11, i just poorly attempted to steer my comments back in that direction :-) And MZNYC, i'd 2nd that notion, albeit only loosely, in that the 2v 904 in the old Monster and the Gran Canyon has "feel" of power that does NOT match with the low actual dyno numbers, nor the (heavier than one would think) weights. Fuel delivery and just general rounded power band a
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