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  1. Will be fun to see your progress... isn’t it winter down there, time for some garage work? :->. But sounds like you won’t be suffering, with an ST4 to ride and a V11 in the garage ready for some hands-on. Sounds like a good “happy place” to be. i was extremely fond of my ST4 (916). The sound of that machine with proper exhaust is in the class of the V11 (like the “Italian tenors”).
  2. Thx PHil. I’ll chase down some crush gaskets...
  3. Opened a box from Italy. A fool and his money are soon parted.... now just need to determine if fitting them, and the new crossover, will be just the typical battle with the fitment, or if there are any special tricks or concerns with that charcoal canister/exhaust mount setup.
  4. Gmc28

    Riding gear

    i'll keep using my aerostitch, probably forever, while i make it an ongoing hobby to continue to look for the ultimate riding jacket (for me). That unicorn may never be found, or who knows.... but the Stitch will remain my well-used, tired looking, heavy, aging riding companion. But in a moment of weakness (or ?) i picked up the relatively cheap Sedici Garda jacket a few weeks back, a new model for them (cycle gear). Haven't been a Sedici fan in the past... just didn't have anything that interested or fit me. But the Garda jacket seemed to both fit me for the most part (odd, as most popular and marketed stuff won't fit my hunger-strike type body), and it largely fit the "mission" i had in mind for it: lighter weight, no liner to have to remove (i'll provide my own layers, thank you), supposedly water proof (which means its not, but will be ok in an occasional shower), right kinds of pockets, longer length, and doesnt' look like something from Star Wars. oh, and its affordable. and has the cycle gear warranty, which has always seemed pretty good here at my local store. rode with it for the first time last weekend, and so far so good. prefer more back armor, but will chew on that option. oh, and don't like the velcro closures on the wrists. Velcro just wears out. but at the price, it doesn't need to be a "forever" jacket.
  5. Phil - don’t u have the agostini crossover?
  6. Amen. Staintune makes nice stuff, and the 2 brothers i bought and had on an oilhead (For a short time, then sold ‘em) were much lower quality. Anyone have the Agostini crossover? They’ve offered to sell me a set of mufflers I’m inclined to spring for, And they also have a crossover they sell. It looks like the Stucchi i think... the two pipes join rather than have the little bridge pipe like on the Mistral crossover. Have the mistral x-over on goldie, and could just go that way again for Red (that has been the plan), but maybe that agostini crossover would be good. Anyone have knowledge on that unit?
  7. Gmc28

    Decent Tune-up

    like doing a valve adjustment.... put a thin feeler gauge between throttle arm and the idle/set screw, and tighten screw until it just barely pinches the feeler, a very thin one (or thicker, but then tighter... you get the idea). but getting it up in there between the throttle and the screw on the right side is a hassle.
  8. Nice work, and sharing docc! The only datapoint which is troubling me is that despite all that you’ve wisely chronicled, I’ve run several odyssey’s and (older) westco’s On my bikes for around 10yrs at a whack, never with an issue, and always on a battery-tender (deltran) brand charger (all winter, always, and at times in the summer). No issues. Too many batteries that lasted too long for me to ignore. Now, I never killed one and had to bring it back, I don’t think.... so maybe the Deltran (batterytender brand) is ok for that. I’ll check the float voltage at least, and see how it compares to what you’ve shared here... I’ve got a shorai I inherited (I will not dive into that here) which would just drop off on voltage, but then come back alive after a brief hit with the li-ion charger, despite being told that it should be toast. Took it out of the bike and it now powers my home clay pigeon shooter, very nicely! Great covid activity [emoji41]
  9. Gmc28

    Decent Tune-up

    Yes. I Backed off right side idle screw (had been set high, and on the right side). And yes, .157, or 157mv.
  10. Gmc28

    Decent Tune-up

    Pulled Goldie over to the rack yesterday to check out TPS, CO trim, and the do a double check on the TBS. i love a “smoking gun”... its rewarding, and found the CO trim at -40, and the TPS at somewhere around 182. Set now at zero and 157, respectively. TBS was still dead-on, but looking forward to the coming weeks sunshine to get her out and see how she runs!
  11. Very sweet. i‘ll add another example Of the same, as my current “collection” of 2 V11’s is because my first one i bought from a friend who figured he’d sell it because he wasn’t riding it much anymore, but fast forward a couple years and he nicely intoned that he’d like her back..... So i immediately went out and bought another one (somewhat by chance that i found the 2nd one so quick) so i wouldn’t be without one!
  12. Gmc28

    Riding gear

    hard to beat the aerostitch. when i make my little complaints, they fall into the category of "1st world problems", or "jaded biker problems", as its truly great. i have the same setup, and its just as old or older, though a little worse for the heavy wear its received over the years. did the rebuild on the pants from aerostitch... came out perfect. And i agree, the easy on/off of the pants is a huge plus compared to most other pants i've owned. But As alluded to above in earlier post, on the jacket the overhaul didn't work out so well. the new velcro after just a year or two is now barely better than the old worn out velcro they replaced, the zipper wants to slither down if i have the jacket a little unzipped for airflow, the sleeve ends won't stay tight any more when i'm cold wx riding due to the those zippers also creeping, and that kind of thing. And as also mentioned, packing that stuff around on the airlines is a drag... its bulky. fine from home, but for travel its a pain. ya, i know, its good protection or lightweight... can't really have both. but i'm looking. i'll probably just end up using it forever, but am forever on the prowl for the perfect.... everything!
  13. Gmc28

    Riding gear

    Oh great, now I need to drink enough to erase that Yellow image from my mind.... the dainese “sport master goretex” I tried last month (and returned) had some great sleeve and neck seal features that I was very fond of. Probably makes it legitimately water proof, inasmuch as such a thing exists. And great armor, and other great features. But very high price, the stormtrooper look, and imperfect fit for me resulted in a return.
  14. Gmc28

    Riding gear

    Dave, you’re from Oregon!.... u know nothing is water proof other than seam sealed neoprene and vis-queen 😎 They say the stitch is water proof, and it’s fine for a little shower on the way to work or along the way wherever. But if you’re really riding in the rain, which is an unfortunate reality in my riding life now and then, only a legit goretex shell over whatever else I’m wearing is really going to keep the water out. I prefer to have a “water proof” riding jacket, which is then fine for most riding and occasional rain showers, but any long trip means I have my goretex pullover in my bag and ready to put on over the top. Even jackets that do a great job of being seam sealed and all that, will still wick in somewhere, so the Pullover shell rules in my humble opinion.
  15. Keeping in mind docs words about this topic, but also not wanting to start a thread for such a small thing..... and, its something “I did today”, or “was gonna did”.... went out to put the nifty little MG logo on the front of the freshly powder coated stator cover, and only then realized the logo piece is flat but the custom sized rectangle area where it mounts there in the center is curved. Is there a special, different logo for that spot, or do folks have some way to properly attach the flat logo to that slightly curved surface? My logo piece came with some spongy backing tape, which is probably garbage...
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