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  1. Ok Shakespeare, some of us are transfixed to the tale and the images... that taillight is exactly as you’ve described, both “wrong” and also intriguingly sweet.
  2. It’s a great one. Like u say, hard to find in some places, but Then u end up in Montana and see it’s darn near everywhere (or was last time for me), and about the same price as regular. Crazy.
  3. Mmmm, another ethanol thread. We are gluttons for punishment... :-> The tanks on my cagiva’s all fit fine from the dealer early on, so wasn’t an Italian QC issue. then over time they expanded and became very problematic. Same with other earlier model ducs from back when we had moved beyond metal but didn’t really see the effects of the ethanol yet. As Phil and others have have indicated, clean em out, whichever way works best for you, then either coat the inside or or just convert to non ethanol gas. All my little gas powered stuff at home now, lawnmowers, weed whackers, dirt bikes, a
  4. Gmc28

    '03 V11's

    many thanks gentlemen. that fills in most of the blanks for me. From what you've written, I'm seeing a header crossover, so that points to it being an 03 spec, and no lead coming from the o2 sensor bung on the header, so that just means its the US spec bike. being 03 may mean the conn rod/oil spray change. do the 03's tend to have better fueling, or does the 15RC and the header crossover (and whatever else) not translate that into that?
  5. Gmc28

    '03 V11's

    these question(s) are answerable via pulling info from various other topics/threads, but i'll pose them here specifically for clarity (for me), for those who don't mind chiming in: the '03 V11's went to the 15RC ECU, but only after a certain point in production, correct? If it is the RC, i assume i would see a O2 sensor coming off the exhaust somewhere (see next question also) the 03's have a forward crossover, rather than mid-bike, it appears. Does that sound correct, and if so, is that a good thing, or do folks tend to prefer changing over to a system more like the '02's and olde
  6. My brother is down that direction. may see if he can take a look at it.
  7. Gmc28

    900ss vs V11

    I think i just had a longer-winded way of saying the same? my '16 Multi enduro is magnficent in most every category that i care about, but apples and oranges to the older italians i have (or had). Since the OP was talking 900SS vs V11, i just poorly attempted to steer my comments back in that direction :-) And MZNYC, i'd 2nd that notion, albeit only loosely, in that the 2v 904 in the old Monster and the Gran Canyon has "feel" of power that does NOT match with the low actual dyno numbers, nor the (heavier than one would think) weights. Fuel delivery and just general rounded power band a
  8. doesn't hurt to have that spare. not necessarily the best cost option, for a diminishing/expiring part, but obviously nice to have on hand. I use mine to power my clay pigeon flinger :-) The MotoBatt i removed from my sons Gran Canyon did the same thing... was failing, then bike no-start, so i grabbed the bike from his place and brought it home and began an attempt at a revival process, but ultimately it also started to get hot and balloon, so i punted it and grabbed a new battery. its also an AGM, and has a similar following as the Odyssey from bike (etc) enthusiasts.
  9. Gmc28

    900ss vs V11

    i loved my ST4. And love the ST2 and ST4S, but for different reasons, and never owned those 2 (but had a version of the ST2 motor in my Gran Canyon). The ST4 (and the S) are in my mind a bit closer to the V11 in that they have the distinctive italian (ducati of course in this case) sound and feel, whereas the newer duc's (which i love) are becoming more "homologized"... not quite as distinctive sounding and feeling. The longer wheelbase (or some other geometric features) on the ST4 made it better for touring but less ideal for tight corning/twisties (which makes sense). i regularly consid
  10. "The 15RC ECU is used on O2 sensor equipped V11’s." So, even if not O2 sensor equipped, if a 15M/non-O2 sensor bike had aftermarket exhaust with sensor bung, and added the dongle (ran the wiring to a sensor, and plugged into the bung), the RC should work? Partly curiosity, and partly because i'll be playing with ECU and map options on the "other" V11 in the shop this winter (as mentioned in our PM)
  11. anyone know if the 15RC from a California works for a Lemans? i'm assuming yes, so long as the proper map is uploaded... but maybe i assume wrong.
  12. Thanks P- kaoko just sent me their form asking me to measure and take pics of all the various handlebar stuff, which i may do, but if you’ve had success with the GSX-R 16.8mm ID model, then that’ll probably short cut the process. And before i forget, thought I’d mention that above in this thread (or one of the other threads on this topic) someone mentioned the throttle meister “departing the bike”. I had the same experience with Goldie, shortly after i bought her from my friend. Never had an issue with the throttle meister setups over multiple decades, but the throttle side came
  13. Feel free to PM whenever... all good. I generally park the V11's in the fall when the rains come, and then ride less and ride stuff with bigger windscreens and that i don't mind getting as dirty. Many good all-weather V11 riders on this forum, and my hats off to 'em, and it makes me happy to read about them, but i've chosen at this point to make the v11's my "keep them shiny" bikes, and abuse other bikes. But point is, i try hard to do most of my bike mx in the rainy season, with the wood stove going in the shop, and am game in the winter to offer whatever help i might be. You mention
  14. any update on this by chance? I use the various "gocruise" devices on my bikes, but rode my other V11 (goldie) yesterday for the first time in a while, the one that has the throttlemeister, and remembered that i subtly prefer that kind of friction lock over others. Appears throttlemeister has closed their doors, so looking at the kaoko option. have the kaoko on a ktm, and it works fine for me, so thought i'd give it a go on the V11. saw a lot of banter about all this here and on wildguzzi. fwiw, i've got a strangely damaged throttle side shoulder, and i end up spending a lot more
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