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  1. Does this celebration explain why I’m not getting an answer from Agostonis about renting a V85 when I’m there in late September.... because it’ll be swarmed with guzzi people already? Maybe I’ll have to rent a German bike when I visit mandello again. Is that legal, or contrary to some papal proclamation? Nothing a few Hail Marys won’t fix I suppose...
  2. +1 Took a friends 140 for a spin yrs ago to exercise it, not realizing in my youth that a sump drain located mid tank won’t be the low point when a tail dragger is on the ground (my t-craft didn’t have that issue). Ran perfectly sweet till leveling out at 800’, then my very young son asked why the plane was so quiet... After paying an unscheduled visit to the farm of my in-laws on one of their fallow fields, the water was removed by raising tail, then flew it back. Water trapped in the wrong spot is “undesirable”. Drain water, then add some fuel additive, and done. If that’s the issue here.
  3. Damn clever.... would love know if you recall any more on where u got those.
  4. Forgive the new member for not reading much yet of this thread or the many other threads that indicate that most users get way more than 3-4 yrs on a even a mildly cared-for odyssey...
  5. San Diego Duc and MG dealer.... we have folks who live there and know them, I don’t... is it GP motorsports? Few hours to ride there and spend a day, if they are good and able.
  6. Thx Scud - copied to my ride file for next visit down there. Cheers
  7. Looks like the map link picks the most efficient route, rather than the route you built. I’m intrigued... Would love the map detail for that section of dirt u describe, to add to my options for that great area.
  8. We share the sentiment about Adams, I just mistakenly deduced that he may have been from NZ from the earlier post. Both of my adult kids still befuddle their mother when they communicate with me in 1-liner quotes from an Adams book.
  9. Was Adams a New Zealander? Like Germaine and Bret, and Xena?
  10. Dave- is there a (email) list to be on to get a heads up on that show each year? Somehow I only see that its happening every year after the fact. User error I’m sure, but whatever... I need a nanny I guess.
  11. +1 on the careful use of stripper. Small enough area that it’s not a pain. What will be the plan for the paint method? Tape&spray, or is it reasonable to powder coat with it still assembled?
  12. Ah, what a mix tape that would make.... Zeppelin, Springsteen, and Mamamoo! Just needs a little Dethklock and Pavarotti to round it out.
  13. That is indeed a beautiful collection!
  14. The Motobatt that came with my son’s Cagiva lived a hard life, due to non realization for a number of years that it was a LiPo and not AGM (sigh), and consequently was handled improperly. In the end when it came out, not only had it been abused pretty badly, but it was also realized that it was very undersized for the application in the 904cc duc according to motobatt. But you never would have known while using the bike, as it took it all in stride. Just had the usual LiPo thing where it would behave sluggishly when it got real cold-soaked. moral of the story remains more or less as on
  15. I did the lipo thing a few yrs back, gave it an honest try, got bit, and changed back to agm. But since then I “inherited” a couple lipo batteries, and they’ve been working great. And something rarely mentioned is that not only is the lighter weight of some value (not much to me, but still a good thing), but the smaller size. Much less tedious to remove and replace the little lipo’s than the agm’s that are usually a real tight fit. Small thing, but desirable. Just put a lipo in my sons cagiva last winter, and the inherited lipo in my 1200 Duc is doing great, on year 3. Both have the roadst
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