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  1. Cool pic. What’s the building in the background?
  2. Chuck, the weather has been outstanding and the traffic is still lighter than usual. The fires have been rough. Much of the crest / Hwy 2 was shut down for a while.
  3. Another look: Ain’t she sweet? So what will the bright lads and gals at Moto Guzzi / Piaggio do to bring in the 100th anniversary? Will they give us a new bike with this fire, this visceral riding machine?
  4. After too many weeks of limited in town riding, I took the Green Muse up San Gabriel Canyon / Hwy 39. It’s a lovely November day, and it felt great to hammer up and down a canyon! As usual, she ran flawlessly. But I think I’ve lost some of my handlebar vibe acclimation!
  5. Thanks, Pete. I thought that if Mistral makes it it might be a good thing, especially if I’m running their mufflers and potentially their crossover. I have also read good things about the Fat Duc O2 manipulator, which looks very similar, but obviously requires an O2 sensor (not on my bike). I guess that’s one of those “super-shitty” O2 sensor foolers that you’re referring to. I get what you’re saying! I’d like to use Guzzidiag and learn to do this stuff myself. I am sure that it will be enlightening and liberating to be able to master the knowledge and control the bike’s fuel map; however
  6. Hello folks, Since putting a set of Mistral slip-on exhaust on my ‘01 V11 I’ve been a little concerned that the bike may be running lean, particularly if I am running with the dB killer baffles removed. I am also interested in adding a Mistral crossover which may also lean things out (?). My impression is that it’s good practice to have the ECU map checked and adjusted when changing the exhaust. My bike runs pretty well, but I don’t want run it too lean and hot for too long if that’s its condition. I approached a mechanic about checking my mapping. His response was to add one of the
  7. Being here has made me realize how many of us V11 devotees hail from The Land of Oz. That seems really cool and interesting. Not that it’s a totally obscure place, but with our riders from the states, and a good bunch from the UK and the EU, Australia seems pretty well represented here as well. I’ve never had the pleasure of being there, nor do I know much about the place other than reading Bruce Chatwin’s book, “The Songlines”, which has nothing to do with motorcycles. There must be something about the place that fosters motorbike riding, as evidenced by our good brothers, and I hope sisters,
  8. How big a deal would it have been for Guzzi and others to coat the inside of their plastic tanks to avoide this problem?
  9. Wow. Is this something that we just learn to live with? I’ve heard the same thing and have avoided removing the tank, which seems lame. Does letting it dry out and coating it help? Will the tank eventually fail, like cracking or what ever could befall it from distortion, or is it just a long-lived irritation?
  10. Kane

    900ss vs V11

    I like your testimonial for the 2V Duc. I like the idea of air cooled 2V twins, and if it’s out-oomphing a Moto Guzzi V11, that’s pretty impressive. So, how about the air cooled 2V Duc against your 4v liquid cooled ST4S?
  11. Woohooo! Chuck, my Lucky Phil shifter brackets arrived today. They are gorgeous! The colors and paint are very nice, and the pieces look and feel great. It’s nice to have one of each color. No doubt there’s a Scura or Rosso Corsa in my future, and which ever once of these doesn’t go on the red frame greenie will be reserved for the “yes, she will be mine” bike. In the meantime, it’s going on the tree this year, right up at the top next to the disco mirror ball and glow-in-the-dark typewriter ornaments. Beautiful work, Chuck. Thank you! Next time that you’re in SoCal, Joe Jost’s
  12. Kane

    900ss vs V11

    Phil, thanks for posting the info and photos. Really sweet looking bikes. What do you think of the lower spec (non-adjustable?) suspension and steel swing arm? I like the look of the half fairing non-SS bikes as you can see the neat engine. Did you change the swing arm to an alloy one? It looks like alloy.
  13. Chuck, I have asked for two. If possible it would be great to have one green and one black. Thanks!
  14. Thank you. I’m going to take some time and test the three modes of bafflement I have on hand more thoroughly; i.e., full baffle, reduced baffle, and no baffle. I think I got a little scared by the glorious roar of the V11 engine running on unbaffled Mistrals. I was under a carport roof, and that likely pumped up the sound. On the open road, surrounded by all the straight piped Harleys and street racing Hyundais and Hondas with their glorified lawnmoweresque exhaust tone that we have around here, it might not be so bad.
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