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  1. Don’t know if it’s been said yet, but happy Father’s Day to all you good and bad daddies out there! I had some nice quality time with one of the kids today. Don’t mind the bird, it’s just a natural reaction whenever a camera is pointed at me. Cheers, Daddies!
  2. Hey X! Welcome and well done. Really nice bikes. Congrats on your sweet Rosso Corsa! Very cool that SUB has an MGS-01. I’ve never seen one for sale. Alas, It’s one of those collector’s things where if you ride it you depreciate pristine value of the bike. Hell, that bike should be ridden! Cheers!
  3. Well, as far as bums on a bike go, this is a Honda, not a Guzzi, but do you all remember the movie, “Vanishing Point”? It may not be “Citizen Kane”, but that movie, along with “Easy Rider”, and “Electra Glide in Blue”, had as much to do with anything to put me in the saddle. As a very wee lad, me and my pals would jump the chain link fence at the local drive-in and appropriate a speaker where we would sit at the very back of the lot watching these motoplotation movies. It wasn’t long after seeing “Easy Rider” and wearing out the soundtrack LP, that I was able to get my hands on
  4. At least she has the good sense to wear a helmet.
  5. After a little time and work, Bobby D’s 850T3 is cleaned-up and running. I flushed everything out and got new gas and oil into her, cleaned up the plugs, charged the battery, and fired her up. I had Mark give her a good look over and dial in the carbs, and she runs pretty good. What a different animal from the V11. What a difference 23 years makes! (1978-2001) Nonetheless, this bike is very fun to ride, although we’re still getting to know each other. The clutch is real grabby, but the 5 speed tranny shifts crisply, but neutral is a little elusive, and the faint dash light
  6. I’m reading that more tires are now made in China. From what I’ve been told, when there is someone from the client company overlooking production things are good, but when there is a lack of supervision corners and expenses may be cut and quality can suffer. If that’s the case then it could make a difference, and why have that factor with something as important as tires. I have read that Dunlops are U.S. made. I wish this information was more disclosed and transparent, other than actually having the product in hand.
  7. Those M9RR’s look pretty great. Thanks for sharing that. Any idea where these are made? I will most likely go with a 160 rear. I guess with the M9’s I’ll have a 70 aspect ratio in the front and a 60 in the rear as that’s a what available. One thing that I’ve noticed is a lack of 170 rear tires being offered by some tire makers. I had thought that 170 was a pretty standard size. Maybe 180 is the new 170?
  8. Hi Tomchri, thanks for your input. I don’t see the Sport Smart....is this a sport tire? Too many choices to easily wrap my old head around. I figure any of these premium tires will be a step up from the Shinkos that have been on the bike, not that I’ve has any issues with them. Cheers!
  9. I am looking to change my tires soon from the wearing out Shinkos that are on it now. From what I’ve seen, people seem to be really happy with Pirelli Angel GT’s. One other tire that may be in the same class as the Pirelli but I don’t see mention of here is the Michelin Road 5. Can anyone compare the Angel GT and the Road 5? While there are many past tire threads here, most are pretty old so perhaps the Road 5 is a more recent model. Another thing that I am wondering about is if a 60 or a 70 aspect ratio is preferred for a 2001 red / short frame V11? Also on the front rim would it be a 55
  10. I semi-resemble that remark!
  11. The more I see of these iconic old models the more classical the V11 seems. It’s certainly as visceral to ride as my old triumphs and 850t were, so the modern amenities have not taken away from the classical “real motorcycle” feel of the machine. Thanks for the good brakes, though!
  12. Very cool! Your Greenie looks fabulous. It’s great to see a city support the sport. Hey, maybe Edmond will become the new Sturgis!
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