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  1. looking at a Guzzi head-on always makes me think of old propellor airplane engines.
  2. Very nice. What is the fairing? Is that the Magni?
  3. What is this finish issue on my V11’s triple clamp? Is the finish a silver paint that is peeling or flaking? Any ideas on how to restore or rectify this? Thanks
  4. Kane

    SPMC Wheels

    I’ll go with “So Pretty My Cycle”. What else could it be? Makes total sense!
  5. Kane

    SPMC Wheels

    Yes they do. They’re Guzzi. Thanks for asking me the obvious. I’m an idiot!
  6. What a great red.....is it the same red as Ferrari? Is there relief to the eagle and letters? They look raised rather than a flat decal.
  7. I live in La Habra Heights, next to Whittier, south-east L.A. County. I go out to Santa Monica often for work and to visit my daughter. Give me a shout when you’re in town! Cheers!
  8. Hi folks, I have a perhaps trivial question, but it’s perplexing me: My ‘01 V11 Sport greenie has the letters, “SPMC” printed on the rim of the wheels. I have not seen this on other Guzzis, nor can I find any information on SPMC wheels. Is this an in-house Guzzi wheel, an after market wheel? Other the lettering they look like the regular three spoke cast wheel. Anyone familiar with SPMC?
  9. That’s something to look forward to. A tour through the southland would be a lot of fun. The south is one part of the country that I have not had the pleasure of seeing much of. Yet I have always felt a deep affinity for the music and the food! A lot of soul in both.
  10. I’m looking forward to that!
  11. Well, there are racks, and then there are racks! I like ‘em all. back to the bike: good to know that there are options available. This will be a fun project getting the V11 tailored to my needs. Cheers!
  12. Lovely. Now that’s Italian! All that red.....very nice. Looks like you got a heck of a package with that scoot. So cool how Guzzi was making different distinct styles of basically the same bike. What did you use to shine up all the painted bits, tank, etc.? The red color has been really restored, almost like a different shade, deeper and richer.
  13. Cool. I imagine it would help for long rides. Any work needed for the shift and break levers? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the info on Moto Machines. Buell pegs. These are just stock pegs for a Buell? Any particular model Buell to fit on a V11? I’ve seen these mentioned before for other bikes. It looks like they’re “L” shaped or have a jog to them that puts the foot lower and back a bit? Any issues for cornering clearance? I can see the benefit of dropping the foot and relaxing the knee joint a bit, also perhaps changing the shift and rear break feel? Is it just a straight retrofit, or do I need to rework or mod anything? Easy to go back to the stock Guzzi pegs if I prefer them over the Buell pegs? Cheers!
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