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  1. Thank you for making these distinctions. I had thought it was a simple idea of enabling more air flow to boost power. I’m learning again from this place! Thanks for all of the great info and breaking these things down. Cheers!
  2. Dang. That’s doesn’t sound so good. I guess looks aren’t everything. I actually like the stock look, but sometimes I wish the bike’s profile was a bit stealthier. Thanks, guys, for cueing me in. The bike’s running pretty good with the stock systems, so I’ll leave it be for now. Cheers!
  3. Hello all, I’ve been tempted to remove the side panels on my V11 and replace the stock air intake with two small K&N type of filters. I’m thinking it looks kinda cool, more of a stripped-down cafe racer thing, it might afford bettter access to adjust the rear shock, and might save a little weight. Is there better airflow with two small filters? Any change in performance either way? Hope everyone’s 20/20 has been grand so far! Thank you
  4. Thanks very much for this great information and advice. I really appreciate it. I’m going to check it out soon, as soon as the seller and myself can find a time to meet from his busy schedule. Scud, I was following your ST3 and was hoping to get enough money together to check it out, but alas it was gone like a Christmas snowfall. This one is going for $1500 with the worn clutch....not too bad a gamble, but I have yet to see it in person. I’ll keep you all posted!
  5. Phil, I see from your profile that you have a Ducati ST2. How is 1999 for the ST2? I have read that the early ones had electrical and alternator problems.......do you know if this was better by ‘99? Any particulars for this year/model?
  6. Cool! Thanks so much, Phil! That makes me feel better about considering this bike.
  7. I hope it’s okay to ask a question about Ducatis here. I know this is a Guzzi forum, but you guys are so cool and smart about everything I though I’d ask. There is a ‘99 Ducati ST2 for sale cheap in my area, but it needs a new clutch. The bike has 32K miles on it. Is this unusual at this type of mileage, or does that sound about right for a Ducati clutch? It’s a dry clutch. Also, is this an easy fix for a dummy with a box of hand tools, or what would a shop charge for putting in a new dry clutch? Thank you!
  8. Just an update, fwiw: I just acquired a pair of very clean hangers in a lovely black powder coat. Thank you very much, Bill. Now I’ve got something to compare the suspicious perhaps bent ones on my bike to, and at least the option of adding a new look. The price was very reasonable, so what the heck. Thanks everyone for your help on this. Cheers!
  9. Good man. Money comes and goes, but your Guzzi is timeless. And with all of the kit you have for it it’s legendary. She’s a real beauty!
  10. Hi Bill, if those V11 muffler hangers are still available and if you have a pic of them handy, I’d be interested.

    If it’s easier to send the pic to a standard email address, you can send to:


    Hope all is well!


    Thank you,


  11. Hi footloose, thank you for asking and sorry for the late response. I’ve been wrapped up with holiday/end of the year stuff and haven’t been here much lately. Thanks for the leads, but I’m thinking to wait until I can attend to doing some upgrades on the bike and then pull the exhaust system off and have a more detailed look at everything. The mechanic who did an overall inspection on the bike told me that they were bent, but after studying images it looks like left and right brackets are asymmetrical, and also the tabs on the subframe that they bolt to do not look completely straight, but I really need to remove the rear body work and the exhaust to be more clear on what’s going on. As is, it’s not really a problem other than something being bent and not perfect. Thanks!
  12. Kane


    Great shot, Canonman! It really shows what a bad-ass bike the V11 is. Is that the same bike as in your other Tenni photos? What a cool bike. Great color scheme.
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