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  1. Hi Joe, I’ve been looking at that CL ad. I’ve always wondered what the thing is with black frames, LeMans fairings, and Ohlins suspension, and here is one in the neighborhood in all of her hot red splendor! Did you happen to inquire or find out what’s up with the black valve covers, what happened to the right muffler can, and I think also the front wheel fender may not be original? I guess I could ask the seller, but seeing as you've posted I hope that you don’t mind me asking. Seems like a good price for such a nice model. Thanks
  2. Thank you, Signore Marabese and Moto Guzzi! Went for a nice run today. What a fun motorcycle!
  3. That’s pretty funny, Lucky Phil. I reckon that bike was as much of a prop for Prince’s character in that movie as anything else. He made some great records; I have no idea if he really rode bikes. Too busy riding faders. I love street murals. I think I need to visit Tucson!
  4. I’ve seen that CL ad. Now that’s under discussion, are those valve covers correct for an ‘03 RC? They should be red, no? Joe, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s putting you off about the bike?
  5. “Drawn much easier”...... This is a phrase that I am unclear on. I can think it may relate to how it breaths, or how it was designed, but who knows. I think “bicycle” is the rolling chassis. It’s a good detailed text, interesting information on the company’s history. ScuRoo, do you know the original source? It reads pretty well, the grammar is not too bad, but with some quirky phrases.
  6. Ciao metticio! Great to hear from you in The Mother Land! Hope you’re well!
  7. Thank you, ScuRoo! That’s a pretty good cataloging of changes through the models. Seems like perhaps some quirks in translation...lots of bicycle and small steering box references that I don’t get. Mmmmm.....Tanya Dexters...... So, who has a V11 Playboy EE? Perhaps the Corsa models have better brakes and higher compression?
  8. Swooshdave: thank you. I am very much in love with my goddess in the lovely green dress. She’s been quite good to me, although at the end of the day I know that she’s got more chutzpah than I can handle on my best day! 4corsa: thanks very much. I had thought that it was an across-the-board upgrade. Each model has it’s own unique look at least. I look forward to riding a black frame Ohlin equipped V11 to find out what the difference is from the red frame with the Marzocchi. I’d be interested to know if anyone has, or if MG ever put out, an Ohlin equipped red frame V11.
  9. I am only personally familiar with my own ‘01 V11, but my impression from what I have read is that the major performance changes from the ‘01 to ‘02 and beyond V11s are the slightly longer and beefier black frame, and equipping the bikes with an Ohlins front suspension to replace the previously used Marzocchi. I can see that the various models have differences in body work such as carbon fiber bits, fairing and windscreens, and graphics and color schemes. I am curious If there are other performance related differences such as compression ratio, gearing, etc., that distinguish the various models from each other. I know that people love their Scura and Tennis and the various Rossos, but other than lighter CF bits and fairings vs fly screens, is the various beauty only skin deep?
  10. Thank you, docc! Got it back together with a much snugger fit. It was a matter of a few tries finessing that clip, but it’s much better now. Everything looks good, and gave the back of the BOSCH a good wipe down for smudges. I pulled the bulb and here it is: Does this look like the correct LED bulb? The beam is a fairly bright white light, but I don’t much about the LED lighting systems for bikes.
  11. Strollin’ down Memory Lane: Wheel go ‘round and ‘round:
  12. Docc, thank you so much for the photo and explanation. Much appreciated. That photo really helps. I’ll take it apart and examine all, take another shot at it. Hope all is well!
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