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  1. I recall hearing that if the stock ECU is remapped, eventually over time it will restore itself to the factory settings. I don’t remember the source for this nor the details, and I may be misremembering anyway as this was when I first got my bike. But is this factual, and if so what happens and how does one maintain for it?
  2. Where’s Waldo?........I mean Wanda https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-photo-mosaic-cm-11x17-poster-hundreds-pics-of-nude-GUZZI-girls-/264508580030?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  3. Kane

    iphonepics 036.jpg

    The venerable green body and red pork chops, and those trick valve covers.....Oh Momma!
  4. Kane


    A beautiful bike! Are those polished pork chops?
  5. How so? Could not a LeMans do with the shorter frame? I thought the V11 was basically a naked LeMans? btw, thanks all for the encouraging info on an Ohlins / red frame marriage. I’ve not ridden a long frame bike, but I find my short red frame bike stable enough and fairly nimble considering her weight. The suspension feels a bit harsh at times, and I am sure that when I finally get around to sorting out what ever it needs it will perform better. But perhaps an Ohlins equipped red frame V11 would be a grand thing!
  6. Kane

    Birthday Cake

    She’s pretty darn good! Happy Birthday!
  7. Kane

    Birthday Cake

    In this case, I guess you can have your cake and ride it, too! What an awesome cake! Who made it?
  8. Just curious for reference sake if the Ohlins forks and shock like these from a black frame V11 will be a simple swap and work well on a red frame V11? I’m sure that has been covered before and I’ve overlooked it. Thanks
  9. Now that’s something I haven’t seen for a long time!
  10. Marco69, welcome to the party! Some real gems in your list. XS650 a first hard tail.....I’m a fan of both.
  11. That’s fine, docc. Thanks as always for your steadfast attention to this well sorted forum!
  12. Here’s the Green Muse in her soon-to-be-pimped lair. Finally got this space cleaned up. I hope to paint and start setting up this weekend.
  13. Informative and fun. I would love to go to Sammy Miller’s museum.
  14. Nice. I also like your shortened rear fender. A nicely sorted bike!
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