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  1. Kane

    Tech Spec Tank Grip

    They have a rubber called C3 that sounds more cushy than the Snake Skin rubber.
  2. Was the 1100 the last engine with carbs? Not to sidetrack, but while we’re on the subject, does the Griso 1100 have the same engine as the V11?
  3. Hi Randy, they don’t list the Moto Guzzi V11 on the website, but they have a templet for it on file, at least for my model 2001. They made them for me the same day and I received them in two days. They were nice enough to add a center tank protector for an additional $5. The ones I have are made from their Snake Skin material. Give them a call and tell them the year and model and they’ll help you: www.techspec-usa.com Ph: 775-783-5110 Good luck!
  4. The bike made me think of your bike, docc. How many silver V11s — with a Stucci flyscreen no less— can there be in Greensboro?
  5. Saw this $1200 2000 V11 on the CycleTrader website. I know nothing about this bike, but for the asking price I thought I’d mention it: https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2000-Moto-Guzzi-V11-5012974616 Good luck!
  6. Kane

    Tech Spec Tank Grip

    In spite of the paint fade issue, I’ve put a set of these on my tank. Thanks for posting on these 4corsa! They do help with the feel of the bike while braking. I’d not really had a concern with this until I graduated from riding in Levi 501’s to some Klim riding pants. Those are some slippery duds! I guess they’re suppose to slide.These tank grips pretty much negate that problem.
  7. Taking a tip from 4corsa’s earlier post, I put a set of TechSpec tank grips on the Greenie today. As pointed out by Phil in that earlier post, an opaque tank protector will show uneven paint fade over time when removed, but these sound like they work well and I’m curious to try. I’m not sure how I feel about the center piece. I may take that piece off and replace with clear. Anyway, here is what a Greenie looks like with slabs of rubber of her tank:
  8. Here is the Stucci “Fly Screen” in factory green paint, once offered as an accessory . They pop up for sale every now and then. I found mine N.O.S. from a local Guzzi mechanic. Not much of a fairing, but it does seem to help. Good luck!
  9. Thanks, as always, for your sage elucidations! This place is awesome—-I feel like a fly-on-the wall at a post-race pit party! It looks like I missed the boat on the LM IV. It sold before I could get to it. Nonetheless, I’ve learned a lot here. Perhaps the 16” stigma is good for the buyer given what these bikes sell for compared to the 850s. Cheers, and I hope everyone is staying well and getting some good rides in.
  10. Looking around for Tonti frame bikes I have found a LeMans 1000, 1986 model with the stock 16” front wheel. My impression is that the 16” wheel is considered undesirable, and I have heard that this model may also have smaller brakes or rotors (?). How much of an issue is the smaller wheel and brakes on these models? I’m also wondering if the frame geometry is different on the 16” wheel bikes compared to the bikes with the conventional 18” wheel. How hard is it, and how well does it work, to convert these bikes to 18” front wheels? I have read that people don’t like the handling, that some feel they are a little unstable because of the 16”, and that putting a 16” on the LM was more of a marketing move than an engineering move. But also that Dr. John had much success racing these, but it would be a road bike for me, not a racing bike. For getting into a carbed Tonti Guzzi via the ‘86 LM1000, is the 16” wheel and smaller brakes (if that’s the case) a deal-breaker? It would be great to hear from those of you who have experience on these. Hope everyone is well! Thank you
  11. Kane

    V11 Custom Builds

    I dig the Griso, it’s grown on me, but my head is still on its way to wrapping around it. A lot of Thor’s hammer or something of the kind going on. Is that exoskeleton tube that cradles the tank a frame member or an accoutrement? I think if Ellen Ripley had ridden a motorbike, a Griso would have done it! Perhaps I’m still acclimating to the Griso, but I like the idea of an 8V Guzzi. How about an 8V LeMans?
  12. I love your Rosso! Does the Rosso tank sit taller than the Greenie tank? It looks larger, maybe it’s the camera angle.
  13. Kane

    V11 Custom Builds

    Unrelated: I have backed off all of the dampening on the forks (compression and rebound) and the steering damper, and brought up the tire pressure to 40psi rear and 38psi front, and she feels better than ever!
  14. Kane

    V11 Custom Builds

    Marabese is a hard act to follow.
  15. That’s a nice herd of ponies!
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