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  1. Thank you. I’m going to take some time and test the three modes of bafflement I have on hand more thoroughly; i.e., full baffle, reduced baffle, and no baffle. I think I got a little scared by the glorious roar of the V11 engine running on unbaffled Mistrals. I was under a carport roof, and that likely pumped up the sound. On the open road, surrounded by all the straight piped Harleys and street racing Hyundais and Hondas with their glorified lawnmoweresque exhaust tone that we have around here, it might not be so bad.
  2. Hey folks, I am curious if people like to drill out the cap end of their DB killers or leave them closed. I know it’s a matter of adding flow and opening up the sound more, without going all the way to no baffle. I have been enjoying a pair of Mistral slip-ons that I acquired recently from a forum bro. He had drilled a 1/2” hole in the cap end of the DB killers. With these Installed the bike sounds great, a healthy bark, and it runs great, too. There is some popping coming off the gas, so I figured that it was running a little lean. Out of curiously I ordered a pair of the stock Mistral D
  3. That’s weird. The first V11 that I was looking at before I found this one had a tiny pin hole in one of the valve covers that was slowly weeping oil. The bike was a red frame with black tank, and black valve covers. At the time I was wondering how the hell something like that happens as I could not imagine it leaving the factory like that. (Questions about that bike is what lead me to this place ). Is this a problem from the casting process or porosity?
  4. Pete, so how long have you been hanging around the west side of L.A.?
  5. I get what you guys are saying. To take social media culture “self-publishing” to the extreme, I am really tired of seeing pics/vids of what people are eating for breakfast! That being said, he’s doing his honor to the marque, and I bet it’s a fun-as-hell bike to ride. It makes me wish that I had a carbed Tonti to rebuild! For your average Joe, who doesn’t have the skills and resources to do the heavy stuff that some people can do, this is a nice example of what can be easily managed and he seems proud and happy, so OK.
  6. Kane

    900ss vs V11

    FWIW, here’s a description of the Testastretta 11 degree engine: http://www.ashonbikes.com/content/multistrada-testastretta-11-degrees
  7. Sweet. I see that the mic is plugged in. Is it live? I think you could record a pretty good drum track between the engine and the clutch!
  8. Kane

    900ss vs V11

    What’s the diff? Are those terms actually distinct from each for classifying bikes? The specs for the ST4S that I’ve seen rate it as making 117HP and 72 lb torque, and a dry weight of 467 lb. That seems pretty good. I wonder if the new SuperSport and the ST4S were lightened from removing the paniers which bike would out perform the other? It seems like the ST4S is hard to beat for a modern sport touring bike, or touring sport bike. Btw, the Ducati website shows the displacement of the new SS at 937. Was it previously 939 and something changed? They call it the Testastretta 11 degre
  9. Kane

    900ss vs V11

    Very nice. With Motto Guzzi no longer offering a LeMans or similar bike, this may be the Italian sport touring bike to look at. Is this Ducati’s sporty replacement for the ST4S? Is there a formula idea of what weight to HP feels like between bikes? Like how many HP do I need to add to my 500+ lb V11 to approximate the performance of a 110 HP bike that is 100 lbs lighter? Here’s a quote from Massimo Tamburini: "The ideal one would be a 750 with the power of a 1000 and the weight of a 500.”
  10. Check out this custom build 1100 Sport Tonti: Anyone know these guys? I’ve seen pics of a few MotoNero builds, and it looks like they like putting the later V11 motors in the earlier Tonti frames. It looks like a smaller front wheel than the rear (perhaps a 17” and an 18”?), like the LMIV set-up.
  11. That’s a great looking bike. We’d all love to see more! Is that factory paint? That red is lovely, but it’s a shade I’ve seen more on some Ducatis and not so much on Guzzis.
  12. What a crazy picture! Very painterly in its tones and abstraction. The lines and curves being echoed. Very cool! Is that an old ribbon microphone?
  13. That is a very cool effect. Bummer it comes from some disaster. Our skies have looked similar, and yesterday we had “ash snow” falling all day. That’s a beautiful bike!
  14. The same here. We’re almost there! Let’s shift this puppy into high gear!
  15. That’s a moving display of moto-art. Docc, for all of the great pics of your lovely V11 that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing, this is first time I’ve wondered if your head pipes are ceramic coated? Kind of looks that way here, but light can play tricks.
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