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  1. Very cool. It looks like it could come zooming out of the Bat Cave!
  2. I only have my one V11, but I have been craving a second bike to compliment it. My first inclination was to go with a Tonti or loop frame for some diversity from the spine frame sport bike, but lately I’ve been pondering what having a second V11 could bring. So that the two bikes would not be redundant, and while keeping the primary V11 on the road as a daily rider, one could take the secondary V11 and do what ever with it. So, while enjoying your primary V11 as you already do, what would you do with a second one (or third, as the case may be)? And if you’re already there?
  3. What a great looking bike. Love the “springer” front end! And the fairing, paint, etc. I would love to see the side car side. Is this your bike, Chuck?
  4. Saw this on the Los Angeles CL, a 1957 Motto Guzzi Loyola 175. Looks like a sweet little ride. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/mcy/d/tarzana-1957-moto-guzzi-lodola-175/7032470793.html
  5. More red! is the red the same as the frame? who makes these?
  6. Chuck, I remember you mentioning that before. Mark and MGC is a good resource for people in SoCal to be aware of. He’s definitely a nice and interesting alternative to the mainstream dealers. Heck, his building alone is worth the trip to see! As far as not doing computers goes, it seems like potential lost business, but I guess he does it his way.
  7. I think Sean Fader may be at OC Motorcycle in Costa Mesa. Don’t forget about Moto Guzzi Classics in Long Beach / Signal Hill.
  8. I found this site with profiles of cool Guzzi cafe racer custom builds, https://www.returnofthecaferacers.com/category/moto-guzzi-cafe-racer/ . At the risk of exposing myself as a total ignoramus, I am wondering where the battries have gone on these bikes? Is there a type of stealth battery replacement that builders use to eliminate the bulky standard battery under the seat, or are these hard-core bump-start bikes? Is that a common approach or aesthetic for custom cafe racers?
  9. Kane

    '03 V11 Sport paint

    I don’t know if this is useful, but this site, https://www.reranch.com/ sells nitrocellulose lacquer in aerosol cans. These paints are sold for refinishing guitars, but I think they may be very close to old style automotive paint. The colors offered match the colors of vintage Fender, et al, guitars, which are often the same colors used by car makers in the 50’s. I used their products to refinish a Stratocaster body, and once the wood was prepped it was a series of many coats of lacquer and wet sanding, followed by coats of clear coat and wet sanding. It took some time but was economical and the end result was very good. If they have a color that works it might be an economical fix.
  10. Thank you! When I took them off one was good and snug and one was only lightly snug. They are both now probably tighter than they were before, just moderately cranked-on by hand. I guess I’ll know if it’s too light when my fork tubes start riding up!
  11. I was lucky enough to score a N.O.S. Guzzi/ Stucchi accessory windscreen in green. Bolted-on, no problem. She’s coming along!
  12. Hello, I am about the install some windshield mounting brackets that attach to the two screws on the upper triple clamp where the fork tubes go through. When I retighten the screws, how crucial is the torque specification for those screws, or how tight do you go on these? I don’t have a torque wrench handy, just a basic Allen/hex wrench. Thank you
  13. Cool. Thank you, gents!
  14. I’ve just read the informative thread on Stucchi vs. Mistral Crossover. Having factory recalls taken care of is mentioned a few times. Did Moto Guzzi issue any recalls for the 2001 V11 Sport? If so, what’s the deal on these things? I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hope that all of you get to send some quality time with your family and yourself! Thank you!
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