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  1. Docc, is the 1064 the same block as my 850?
  2. Went out Sunday after church for a ride w Kale and his silver V11Sport. We ran into a delightful road in Central KY HWY 53 to 433. It’s Bluegrass HWY to Willisburg, then Mackville to eventually Perryville. I got in a great rhythm of riding in 3rd gear around 5k and revving up to 8K rpm. Corner to corner with out much braking at all, just engine brake to set my speed. Needless to say we rode back the same way to enjoy the day. When we came to a stop I noticed oil leaking. I almost panicked but decided to limp home and reevaluate. Turns out the cover over the old ignition was loose letting oil drip out over the top of the transmission, 🆘 avoided. Pic of V11 Sport & my old T3. Same block?
  3. The first time I saw a GTV up close was at Tuskeegee Motel near Robbinsville NC one morning. There was an Italian car get together at Deals Gap that weekend, old Fiats were all over the place (read broken down X1/9’s on the sides of the rode broken down). Long story short, later that morning I followed the GTV & a 164 Quadrifoglio give chase to a Ferrari on the Cherohala Skyway. I was on my new 1998 Honda Super Hawk 996 w carbon Two brothers cans, winding it up behind them. I kept getting hit in the helmet by rubber coming off the tires as they drifted the rear going thru the corners, the drivers were legit, the cars handled the road amazingly. I will never forget what a treat that day truly was for me, first time on the Cherohala & the cool Alfa’s being properly aired out.
  4. Very Nice Fuel Cooler! I just bought a V11 Sport this year after selling my first one in 2004. The folks on V11Lemans are as good as it gets to help you with any issues you need to sort out.
  5. Yeah, the question "is it because of a chip shortage or demand?" Or is the dollar just worth less, a whole lot less.
  6. I agree, it’s a 6K bike. Right now almost all of these V11 Sports are 6k give or take 500. Once sorted out, they are pretty much priceless. I wouldn’t get rid of mine for nothing.
  7. Rox- most V11 sports are running on a 2nd or more, speedometer/tach.
  8. Low mileage example, 11,430. https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2003-Moto+Guzzi-V11+SPORT-5020573308
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