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  1. Cliff, My steering damper has been leaking for a long while now, to the point that it's function is basically ornamental. If you have not felt the need for one in the time you have owned your bike I would say that a steering damper is not required. Rob
  2. 4corsa, You need to put more oil in your gearbox, I put 850 ml in mine. The diff holds 370 ml. Rob
  3. Anders, Here is a pic of a stock crossover for comparison. Rob
  4. Marty, thanks for the offer of your plate but hopefully mine is fixable. Here is the crack in my selector plate. What I shall attempt to do is a repair by using a Dremel type tool to open up the crack and then a JB Weld product something like their SteelStik to fill the crack.The plate's top edge is not cracked. Suggestions as to whether I am on the right track or not would be greatly appreciated. What prompted me to remove the plate was a leak for the second time after fitting a new improved selector spring.I used Cyberbond 7518 but this never set probably due to the surfaces not being cleane
  5. Thanks Lucky Phil, mine has the roll pin so that makes it the earlier styled one not sure of the part number.
  6. Anyone have a spare gearbox selector plate for sale? Black wrinkle finish to suit a 2002 manufactured bike. I cracked mine while refitting it to fix leak after fitting new spring. Thanks, Rob
  7. O2 V11

    O2 V11

  8. antmanbee have you got to the bottom of your problem yet? I had a similar problem when I refitted my tank recently, fuel pump made all the right sounds, just wouldn't start. I cycled the kill switch a few times every thing sounded good to go it just wouldn't fire at all. Given the fact the bike had always been a good starter even after long periods of not being used this was puzzling. I checked for spark using a spare plug, no problem there. After this I disconnected the fuel return line as recommended by MartyNZ then the obvious was plain to see, I simply had not opened the tap. Yeah I know..
  9. 68C said perhaps a wire gauze thimble rather than a fine oil filter.
  10. Docc Off hand I think you will drain your sump f you loosen the line. Next oil change might be the best time to do some more exploring, from memory there is an o-ring in there, given the mileage you have racked up it may have just given up the ghost. Rob
  11. I have a spare no more, off on it's way, courtesy of NZ Post to MikeS in sunny Australia. Rob
  12. Mike S, No need to wait, I have one on hand. I have sent you a PM Rob
  13. Thanks Marty, I must have been trying too hard last time, all it needed was a little movement of one of the selectors and now the wheel spins freely. I need to pick up a couple of replacement circlips tomorrow and we are away laughing. Rob
  14. I need a bit of help on how to select neutral with the gearbox selector plate removed. I changed out gearbox selector spring but first time things did not go back properly for me. I could only select first to third gear so back in I went. However I didn't get neutral selected properly before removing the selector plate and now I cannot get the plate reinstalled. Initially even using the clutch I could not move the bike but now I have properly selected a gear, which one I don't know. Whats the best way to find neutral so I can zip it up again? Rob
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