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  1. That wear is definitely not normal, even though it seems we favour left handers that accelerated wear on the left side doesn't make sense at all. I was going to say it must be a dual compound tire, soft in the left and hard on the right but I wouldn't want anyone to take me seriously... Rob
  2. swooshdave, the camera I am using is an Akaso Brave 6 Plus. The camera was being used in the supplied waterproof casing which would have been the main cause of the vibration/resonance. The Ram mount and 6 inch arm was solid. The casing and frame mounts for the camera are not the same quality as your GoPro. Next time the camera will be it's frame mount which hopefully will reduce vibration. The camera did a very good job with it's image stabilization but couldn't overcome the camera shake. Rob
  3. An update I went with this mount instead of the fork stem one. It is marketed as a handlebar clamp base. The mount worked perfectly fitting through the 8mm hex in the stem nut. I was able to attach a spring washer and nut with the aid of a .25" drive socket set. With having to use a long arm extension to enable the camera to be positioned so I can film over and including the top of the instrument panel, the downside is vibration. The vibration is so bad I cannot use this mount so back to the drawing board. Apart from the ever present shakes the footage I took was really good, thumbs up t
  4. Thanks knumbnutz for pointing me n the right direction I just gave myself the dork of the week, month, year award. I was sitting on the bike and the stand was down, everything is working perfectly. Rob
  5. Not sure what I have done here. Have had the gearbox side plate off and now it is back together I find when the bike is put in gear it stops. Has anyone struck this before? I also had the tank off and airbox out to fit a new left hand inlet rubber. Neutral light works ok, I am at a loss to what I need to do. Rob
  6. k99, It must be only the sealant holding it in place, mine took a bit to remove it first time. I held onto the selector spline as best I could and just pulled it, eventually the cover came away. Rob
  7. Has anyone fitted one of these to a V11? Is there an alternative to the chrome nut we have? The RAM mount itself fits inside a 12 to 38 mm diameter stem but the chrome nut has only a 8 mm hex hole. I am thinking along the lines of having to attach another nut to the top of the chrome nut then drilling out the hex to accommodate the base of the mount. Another possibility would be to superglue the base of the mount assembly together then push it down the down the stem. Refitting the chrome nut then screwing the mount together. I am hoping to mount an action camera at some stage. Rob
  8. Is this a new model coming in the V7 range? Will it be called a 7t? i.e. single turbo??
  9. Cliff, My steering damper has been leaking for a long while now, to the point that it's function is basically ornamental. If you have not felt the need for one in the time you have owned your bike I would say that a steering damper is not required. Rob
  10. 4corsa, You need to put more oil in your gearbox, I put 850 ml in mine. The diff holds 370 ml. Rob
  11. Anders, Here is a pic of a stock crossover for comparison. Rob
  12. Marty, thanks for the offer of your plate but hopefully mine is fixable. Here is the crack in my selector plate. What I shall attempt to do is a repair by using a Dremel type tool to open up the crack and then a JB Weld product something like their SteelStik to fill the crack.The plate's top edge is not cracked. Suggestions as to whether I am on the right track or not would be greatly appreciated. What prompted me to remove the plate was a leak for the second time after fitting a new improved selector spring.I used Cyberbond 7518 but this never set probably due to the surfaces not being cleane
  13. Thanks Lucky Phil, mine has the roll pin so that makes it the earlier styled one not sure of the part number.
  14. Anyone have a spare gearbox selector plate for sale? Black wrinkle finish to suit a 2002 manufactured bike. I cracked mine while refitting it to fix leak after fitting new spring. Thanks, Rob
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