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  1. docc

    Non starter

    When those threads all got moved to "How to . . .", the "answered" feature was lost. I wish we could restore that to make those threads more of a reference instead of having to wade through the entire process and content.
  2. docc

    Non starter

    Immediately dropped to 12.45v? Seems the 12.77v was just on the surface. So, yep: condition your battery and try again . . . That said, "Yuasa" are not Odyssey AGM by a long shot. YMMV
  3. docc

    Non starter

    12.45 is a really weak AGM. Like 50% at 40ºF. Seriously, discharge the battery with the lights. and apply 6 amps, or more, to bring the battery manually to 14.7 volts (do not exceed 15v). Discharge with the lights and repeat. You can restore these AGM, but only with adequate amperage and a mind to the maximum voltage.
  4. Hi, JKV11! Yes, the resistance of the LED are not great enough for the flasher to function correctly. You may have results changing to an electronic "flasher" unit designed for the task. Others have added resistors to the circuit. I found that only using the front signal units, only, lets my Sport function normally while retaining the rear incandescent bulbs.
  5. A beautiful V11 LeMans juxtaposed with traditional Dutch windmills just seems so right on so many levels . . .
  6. docc


  7. 110,455 miles/ 178.153 km

  8. docc

    AFC tuning?

    Tom, if it stopped charging, perhaps it was not so much rich on one side, but simply not firing (and burning the mixture) well? Why not get her charging, do a complete tune-up and ride the first chance you get. Recheck the plugs and decide if the problem has solved itself . . .
  9. Basic guzidiag tutorial for V11 That and proceed with the "Decent Tune-up" (or equivalent).
  10. Proper bike with ribbed front tire and no fender. And seats!? Bah! seats or for wusses! Just put your balls between the shocks and crack on!
  11. That prick with the EPA has been screwing things up for a long time. Case in point: one "Walter Peck" . . .
  12. If you do your own work a lift is mandatory. With the HF ones available all day for $299 with a coupon, it’s the best investment ever. Every single person who gets a lift says the exact same thing, why didn’t I get one sooner? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Yes, the only reason I haven't bought one yet is space. I'll be putting up a backyard shed soon, and that will free up garage space for the lift. I do my own work and have a couple other bikes so it will get used often. I just keep my Sport parked on it rolled into a Baxley Sport Chock. It takes up very little more space than the bike that. And looks like a museum exhibit with the with the rope lighting . . .
  13. Proper hammers for proper things . . .
  14. madbunny, I am also looking at the #46 "Injection Utilities Relay." This relay is a High Current demand relay supplying the Coils, Injectors, and the Fuel Pump. Be certain this relay is of High Current specification: High-Current OMRON G8HE-1C7T-R-DC12 USA source: Mouser Electronics, USA
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