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  1. I seem to remember someone telling me there are two seasons in Canada, "July and winter" . . .
  2. Dang, Canada must be literally littered with said frozen nuts! Not sure dipping into the northern tier of The States would keep them any better intact without grazing the Gulf Coast. Y'all come, now, ya hear?
  3. That's a great attitude! Worse than just an inquiring mind, I have a pair of Speedhut, from which I do not know what to expect. I do recall the face illumination is LED with separate drivers ("little square things"). I also seem to recall the needles are separately illuminated but not sure if they have their own little square things. Your speed-o is GPS or gets a local signal from the bike?
  4. I always loved the champagne LeMans. So elegant and classy . . .
  5. Amazingly resilient, these AGM. But blatantly unforgiving if neglected. Know your actionable voltages. Understanding the actionable thresholds and required charging voltages and amperages is the difference between making the battery secure and watching your mates ride off while you wait for roadside assistance . . .
  6. True to Luciano Marabese's V11 design concept (monochromatic). Is the black seat cowl original or were they ever also champagne?
  7. Very tidy! I like the shielding around the positive terminal. (I also like shielding the corner of the grounded ECU case near the positive terminal. Maybe in your installation, shielding the entire side of the case's proximity to the positive junction next to the ECU case.) Usually the case ground is attached at that left front corner of the ECU. Where did yours move to, Tom? And, is that your charging wire on the right? Does it look like it has been rather hot?
  8. Wiring to the original V11 speedo is for illumination. All V11 get their speed "signal" in the analog way - through a cable from the right side, top of the gearbox . . .
  9. Progress! What has failed on the Speedhut ? (tach failed or speed-o?)
  10. That track makes my fiddle moan and cry. "Killin' the Blues" The hyper-produced video really detracts from the music. There are some great tracks on that collaboration. (IMHO)
  11. Wow, never thought about, or listened to, The Waifs. Too cool! Thanks, L'ky-Phil!! I let myself down their yootoob rabbit hole. There are some delightful performances, including "Crazy Train" at "The Basement" posted in 2010. Is that Nashville (Music City), Tennessee, or is that somewhere else in the world?
  12. A Tonti, Spiney, CARC mash-up . . . and before my first coffee!
  13. Rather expert thread dredging, there, NEWELL! After Jaap posted this, I got the chance to be there when these guys toured through Nashville. It was frikkn' awesome! I've been a fan of them ever since. Pretty interesting, some of the "interpretations" of other music I never liked at the time. (I jus' wanna apologize for this in advance . . .) [edit: this is the Ac/DC song I was looking for that , I think, compares with Steve 'n' Seaguls "Thunderstruck"] . . .
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