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  1. That sounds like an electrical issue. Check connections, as mentioned. Also, check your ignition switch.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Yeah, that is one of the things that is way easier once you see how it works. But until then, it can be quite perplexing.
  3. Congrats. Now the work can begin.....
  4. Swedish gas..... Is it blonde with big knockers? Nice first post, an advertisement for some fuel company with zero Guzzi content.
  5. But I can swap footpegs without changing the porkchops...... But I am glad it worked out for you.
  6. Good to know. Hopefully it will never come in handy, but you never know.....
  7. You have a different way of looking at this than I do. That you have never enjoyed a peaky powerplant is your opinion. But your opinion on that doesn't mean someone else who does enjoy a peaky power plant is wrong. As to the width of the V11's power, ours delivers very usable power from 3,000 rpms to over 7,000 rpms. That is, it delivers good power for around 2/3's of it rpm range (looking at it as from idle (around 1200 rpms) to redline. Compared to the previously mentioned FZR 400, which delivers good power for around 1/3 of its rpm range. You are looking at it as "how many rpms do
  8. Nice to see an older bike getting all that attention. Very nice.
  9. As long as they aren't taking a perfectly good Guzzi and turning it into some stupid "chopper" abomination I am good with it. These are all cool Guzzi's. The MGS 01 is, to me, the coolest Guzzi ever sold (the V8 GP bike was never really "sold"). But it was really a factory Ghezzi & Brian as I understand it. I especially enjoy the current trend of build what look like old cafe bikes but with modern suspension and brakes. That is kinda what my Daytona has become. But I haven't put the effort in that some have. Mine isn't nearly as well done as the first bike in the thread.
  10. I suspect the deleting of the airbox has more to do with the "steps" in the power curve, not the mapping. And while for most people removing the airbox looses too much power where they want it to put what power it does add elsewhere, if that sort of power delivery works for you I say go for it and have fun. I fully understand how a more peaky power delivery can be fun. One of the most enjoyable street bikes I have ever had was an FZR400. It wasn't until you hit 10,000 rpms that things got seriously entertaining. But once there it was quite entertaining. While a Guzzi lump with the air box
  11. I like what the OP has done. I am a fan of bar end mirrors. But the wife isn't, and the V11 is her baby. I feel compelled to point out, though, that another option is to upgrade the original bars / clip-ons themselves.
  12. Caswell https://caswellplating.com/epoxy-gas-tank-sealer.html It now comes in colors. I don''t recall that being an option back then. I used clear. But Dragons Blood sounds cool. I left the tank empty for a few months, it shrank back to about original size, and I coated the inside with the Caswell gas tank coating. No issues since.
  13. The wife's V11 tank has a small amount of bubbling in the paint, mainly under the harness for her tank bag. It is like little pimples in the paint. The tank is now coated, and so far seems to be stable. The pimples are there from before the tank was coated.
  14. Going back to the question of compression and pinging; The wife's V11 did the same thing, it would sometimes ping. Usually it was in the midrange under load. Backing off the throttle would make it stop, but where's the fun in that. I pulled the heads, had the ports cleaned up (and the valves / valve guides replaced, they were worn), milled the heads down to increase squish (stock the heads have a bevel around the rim instead of a proper squish band), and milled the cylinders down to set deck height evenly (milled both cylinders, but milled one more than the other to make them even).
  15. What a sad day. I have seen people die on motorcycles, and it serves as a reminder that this is a dangerous hobby and should be treated as such. My thoughts go out to you, the guys friend, and the guys family and loved ones.
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