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  1. Is there something wrong with the one you have now?
  2. Unless you have a syringe that can generate 45 psi, I don't think that will replicate the actual spray pattern.
  3. Your image makes it appear it is on the right. That petcock should be on the left. If it is, maybe the image got reversed accidentally. When you turn the key to ON, does the fuel pump run for a few seconds?
  4. To expand on this, as the tires (and the air inside them) heats up the pressure will increase. Tires are supposed to heat up a given amount in use. That increase in temp will create around a 10% increase in air pressure. That increase in pressure can be higher, up to 15% higher, if the starting temp was lower (like when it is cold outside). But for typical motorcycle use you should expect to see a 10% increase in tire pressure if the starting temps are typical motorcycle temps and the tires are pushed hard enough to get them up to temp. It is science.
  5. I am still in. And I am not in a hurry. It is a want for me, not a need. And it isn't like I am ever selling my Guzzi. It will always be there waiting for a cowl.
  6. I would have thought by now someone would have posted a pic of an actual Coppa Italia I am a fan of the Coppa Italia, and regret that while I came close to getting one I wasn't able to. It was one of my favorite parts bin special versions of the V11. The bike for sale does look to have the correct pork chops in the metallic red anodized color, and is that a frame mount front fairing? Not sure. Doesn't look like it. But the lack of Ohlins (or Nohlins as po18guy said so well), along with the lack of the fancy paint job, mean that ain't what they say it is. At $6,000 that is too much money for a V11 in that shape. That is 5 lbs of shit for the price of 10.
  7. About the only unusual thing in doing an oil change on a V11 Sport is the oil filter access. The oil filter is actually in the oil sump of the motor, and they added a "manhole" access port in the bottom of the sump to get to the filter AFTER you drain the oil out of the sump. Or some people prefer to change the oil filter by removing the sump. That allows increased access to the oil filter. One key aspect of an oil filter change is to make sure when you remove the oil filter the oil filter gasket comes with the oil filter. If it stick to the engine and you install another oil filter without noticing that the filter gasket was stuck in place it will cause oil issues with the sealing surface of the oil filter leaking oil pressure. A sure sign this has happened is a low oil pressure light that won't go out as it should. If the stock steering damper is working properly it is fine. Ours failed. That is not uncommon. We removed it when it failed and never replaced it. The V11 doesn't really need a steering damper. But if yours fails and you prefer the heavier, slower, steering that comes from having a steering damper by all means replace it with a quality unit. My wife found she preferred the lighter steering and increased feedback she got without the steering damper. But I can see where some people would not prefer that.
  8. There is also the fact that the two cylinders are not even, one is offset from the other. Since the starting point of the two exhaust pipes isn't even, the ending point of the two exhaust pipes is also typically not even.
  9. There is no advantage to running a line between the two throttlebodies. The factory does that when they need to connect the two throttlebodies to the EVAP system. If the EVAP system "fell off" there is no longer a reason to connect the two throttlebodies. Nothing bad will happen if you do run a line between the two throttlebodies, but it doesn't help either. Do whichever is more convenient to you. I think directly capping off the ports at the throttlebodies is more convenient, but if you find a tube between the ports is more convenient do that.
  10. My wife's V11 is an early red frame V11. I mention that because the forks are different depending on which V11 you have. That said, as I recall (it has been years) I pulled her forks apart using the rattle gun method. Then I used a nail at a set height in a door frame to hold the spring down while I took the cap off, although I have since bought a tool that holds the fork spring compressed. I used no special tools. Just some special thinking ;-)
  11. Yeah, I was never able to quit my day job. And I was lucky that my friend was willing to spend a bunch of money to go racing, as I never would have been able to afford what we did. One of our favorite sayings was "How do you make a small fortune racing motorcycles? Start with a large one".
  12. Motorcycle racing in the USA has very little money in it. And motorcycle racing here is not a primary consideration for most race tracks. And most race tracks here don't have much money unless they are involved in NASCAR. And what money they do have is mostly spent with a slant towards car racing, because that is where what money there is is at. Petrucci's version of his crash is less than accurate. There were and are issues with the corner working at that and other tracks. But Petrucci's version of what happened to him was not what happened to him. What actually happened to him was not unacceptable in my opinion. There was no reason to risk others given Petrucci's situation.
  13. I have owned a few bikes with center stands. The Lario has one as we speak. Most of the time I never really had much use for it. If I need the rear tire off the ground the bike is usually in my garage, and then I can just use a rear stand.
  14. It does. But an easier method is to put the bike on a rear stand so the rear tire is off the ground, pull both spark plugs, put the bike in a higher gear, and use the rear tire to rotate the engine. That makes it easy to rotate the engine the correct way, just spin the rear tire the same direction it would spin going down the road, and using a higher gear gives you leverage over it to make it easier to rotate. You can do it without the rear stand, just rolling the bike in gear with the plugs out if you lack a rear stand.
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