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  1. If it really bothers you, send your injectors to someone who can truly flow balance them. But I agree with Phil. It is not something I would loose sleep over. To add to the dynamics of it, because it is a 90 degree V twin with a shared airbox and exhaust there will be differences between the fueling of the two cylinders. And at different rpms the differences in fueling may shift due to the intake and exhaust timing and the relationship that timing has with fueling. The intake pulses from one cylinder can affect the intake pulses of the other cylinder and vice versa. The same thing for exhaust. But since the timing between the two cylinders firing is not even, one cylinder fires and a short time later the other cylinder fires then the time gap to the first cylinder firing is substantially longer than the previous time gap. These uneven intake and exhaust pulse can and will affect how the engine breathes. Meaning, as the volumetric efficiency of the two cylinders changes the fueling will change with it. Couple that with the difficulty of reading color as a indicator of lean or rich, I just can't see going down that road without more to go on. If you really are concerned, fit either O2 sensors or exhaust gas sensors to each header. Then see what you have. But really, the Guzzi system doesn't allow, as far as I know, individual tuning of the two sides. So, other than fudging the flow of the injectors what can you do? And fudging the flow of the injectors may back fire on you in ways you did not foresee. The most I can see doing, if you really feel compelled to do something, is have the injectors flow balanced. Replacing them you could easily end up in the same boat as chances are the new injectors aren't going to flow exactly the same amount any more than the existing injectors do. If it really was lean, lean to the point it was detonating or running poorly, I could see worrying about it. But as far as I can tell it runs fine and I have not heard of any issues with it. That is my two cents.
  2. This is not exactly an answer to your question, but it is relevant in my opinion. I have done some modifications to my Daytona. All mods were done as bolt on / bolt off, so it is all reversible. I actually grafted an entire subframe / seat / tail section from a V11 to my Daytona. It required a fair bit of work, including relocating the battery and the ECU. I am not sure where the 1100 sport mounts the battery and ECU, but I assume it is roughly the same location as the Daytona. Where as the V11 mounted the battery under where the rider sits (not under the passenger seat) and the ECU is much smaller and as such fits in there easier. I had to move the battery (not too hard) and make room for the larger ECU (I made room under the passenger seat area, kinda where the battery used to be). The V11 seat is way more comfortable to me, and it looks good. But if I had access to an 1100 Sport perhaps that would have been the way I went. The V11 was easy because the wife has one for reference, so I knew what I was getting into before I committed.
  3. I am not trying to judge the dealer, although I have seen some dealers do crazy shady stuff to up charge their customers. Some brands, it seems, do not allow their cars / motorcycles to be sold at prices much higher than msrp. So some dealers would actually falsely sell them as new and then turn around and sell them as used to get around that. We were looking at buying a Mazda MP3 years ago. It was a limited production car, but not in the high demand the Miata was. I walked into one dealership and they had tacked on a couple thousand dollars in "Additional Dealer Profit". The salesman asked if he could help me, I said no. I said I was interested in this car but not at that price. He said we'll, everything is negotiable. I laughed, and said that if they had the balls to put that on the window sticker like that I really doubt that we could actually get to a price where I would be happy. If they are that greedy to my face, imagine how greedy they are behind my back.... I went to a different dealer and bought one for around $1,500 below msrp. But I do agree that if people are willing to pay those prices it isn't all the dealers fault. But that doesn't mean the dealer isn't at fault, just that it isn't all the dealers fault. Not all dealers play those games. The ones that do can't complain when called out on it. So far I have not heard of Guzzi dealers playing those same games, and I hope they don't. They should just be happy that people actually want to buy their motorcycles. For now.
  4. Yes, Joe's pump is a bigger improvement when you have a Daytona / Centauro then when you have a V11. That is what I have mine in. At the time I bought it he did not offer one for the V11 or I would have bought it as well. I expect both Guzzi's to last a lot longer. Because you can't buy a new Guzzi like that.They are not replaceable.
  5. As mentioned, the stock oil pump is barely adequate and Joe's pump is better. If barely adequate is good enough for you, roll it. I went with the gears and a pump from Joe as they don't make Guzzi's like that anymore and anything I can do to make it last longer is a good thing. Mine is an older version of the pump, but even it is a higher quality oil pump than the stock unit. More oil pressure and volume, produced more reliably, is a good thing. It is possible that you will never have an oil pump related failure, but it does happen. Running Joe's pump I believe you dramatically reduce the chances of said oil pump related failure. Nothing in this is 100% certain, but Joe's oil pump is as close as you can be.
  6. It sounds like way back when, the Miata came out and people lined up to buy them. Dealers didn't care and often raped buyers on the price.
  7. As I recall, there are two different relays, four pin and five pin. If you get all five pin relays, they will work in any slot, four pin or five pin. A four pin re;lay won't work in a five pin relay slot. So it is better to only buy five pin relays. They will work in any of the five relay locations. The extra pin on them simply goes unused when you put a five pin relay into a four pin relay slot.
  8. As I recall, make sure your headlight is properly lit when the engine is running. There is a relay that can cause the headlight to not lit (watch out, there is a secondary light, a running light, in the headlight bucket that may still be lit). If the headlight doesn't have power the charging system won't charge correctly as it senses the state of the battery off the headlight circuit. Relay issues are a common issue with these bikes. There are better relays available then what comes stock. Start the engine, measure the voltage at the battery. It should be over 14 volts. By the way, as I recall 12.84 volts is fully chared for an AGM battery like the Odyssey.
  9. Cool bike. I bet it is fun. Not the looker a V11 is, but they can't all be..... My wife has a Monster 1100 in addition to her V11. I am not a big Ducati fan (although you might think I am by the two in my living room, but those two are special) but I do admit that I like the sound of it just blipping the throttle. It has a nice bark, way better sounding than most stock exhaust systems sound. I know it can get better with an aftermarket system, but when it sounds that nice stock there isn't as much motivation to drop a ton of money on an aftermarket system. Anyway, nice ride. Enjoy. Remember, the front tire doesn't wear out as much on those things.....
  10. I have had great results with the Ohlins shop down in NC. It used to be run by Stig Petterson, I assume he is still the guy. Stig was great, he did the front forks in my Daytona (GSXR forks converted to fit a Daytona).
  11. The other main option is an air leak. An air leak can cause that, it revs up with the reduction in load caused by pulling in the clutch, Any load, like having to spin the gearbox, and it doesn't rev nearly as high. But it is odd to have an intermittent air leak. Not impossible, just not common.
  12. Either a physical issue preventing the throttle from closing 100% (even open a small amount will cause really high revs without a load) or an air leak. For it to come and go like that my money is on something keeping the throttle from closing 100%. If it happens again, reach down and manually try to close the throttle at the throttlebody.
  13. I agree. I have talked to people that were telling me about how much better their MG Griso handles with a light weight Lithium battery in place of the stock battery. I had to laugh. Saving 5 pounds on a 500+ lb street bike makes no difference a person could feel. Does it look good on paper? Sure. But I am certain that in a blind taste test you could not tell the difference. As an old racer type, I like less weight. On my dirt bike or roadracer it is a very good thing. But unless I can save 50 lbs or so on my big Guzzi streetbikes I can't really see it making a difference. And I do like dessert.....
  14. I find the low weight of Lithium batteries appealing, but I find the durability, longevity, and reliability, of the Odyssey vastly more appealing.
  15. Then that may explain your problem, unless this is a result of the re-build. It sounds like something is preventing the piston in the master cylinder from returning fully to where the chamber where the piston is is open to the reservoir. I wonder if this was like that all along or if this is an issue with reassembly. I gotta say, I have never had to re-build a master cylinder. I have replaced a couple, as they are usually cheap enough to replace vs re-build.
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