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  1. And that would be a widget in my world.
  2. How do you connect to the ECU without a widget?
  3. Yes. He is. With a widget and some software you can write new maps to the ecu.
  4. Many years ago we had Penske build us a shock for the wife's V11. I can't remember if we gave them her shock or simply gave them the measurements along with weight and riding style. What I do remember is we were tight for time and they came through for us and we had the new shock in time for our motorcycle trip. The original Sachs shock had done what they do, the lower eye had cracked. And as such the shop doing the new clutch would not put it back together with a broken shock. So we needed a shock quick, and Michael Himmelsbach at Penske came through for us. It has been a great shock as well,
  5. Yeah, and while I value Phil's knowledge and expertise, Pete has such a way with words when he is telling you things you need to know. "CF on a Guzzi is like shaving an elephant to make it lighter!" Classic. (sorry, this post is wandering off topic)
  6. The OEM Ohlins shock is better than the OEM Sachs shock. But an aftermarket Ohlins shock is dramatically better than the OEM Ohlins. And that set up that Phil has blows all three away. There are plenty of options to have a shock made for you and your Guzzi. That should always be better than buying something off the shelf, even if it is an Ohlins. The one nice thing about an off the shelf OEM Ohlins is any decent suspension guy should be able to adjust the valving to match you and how you ride. Nice ride, Bill.
  7. I concur with docc. A piggyback shock is a shock with a reservoir directly attached to the shock body. A remote reservoir shock has the reservoir attached to the shock body via a flexible hose, usually steel braided because of the high pressure. There likely would not be enough room on a V11 for a piggyback reservoir on a rear shock. You would want a remote reservoir shock. Also, the nature of the suspension geometry of a V11 is nothing like the geometry of a typical linkage suspension. So the valving and possibly travel of a shock made for a linkage rear suspension would likely not
  8. Yes, I only blocked one hole and it made a big improvement. I reckon you could block both holes, but then you may want to run a lighter fork oil as all the oil would have to go through the valving in the piston. Blocking one hole allowed me to continue using the stock weight fork oil. Nice picture.
  9. I have GSXR forks on my spine frame Daytona. I am sure there are others. I was able to make the GSXR forks fit simply by using a different steering head bearing set with a different ID, and I added a small spacer below the bottom gearing to adjust the length. I have another set of GSXR forks that will likely end up on the wife's V11 some day. But a Jeep keeps eating all my expendable time..... I am also the guy who found the odd damping set up in the early V11 forks. The early forks have two bleed holes that allow fork oil to bypass the valving until the forks compress pa
  10. The steering damper needs to be able to move freely. Any resistance or friction in how it is attached at either end is generally bad. As the handle bars turn, the damper needs to be able to allow for movement in more than a single plane. Because generally the damper isn't perfectly perpendicular to the axis of steering. It is close, but not quite. I would rather have it a little loose than a little tight. I would rather run without it than run it in questionable condition. It really isn't required on a bike with fairly relaxed steering geometry like the V11. On a TZ250, yeah you need one
  11. That is a very disturbing trend. One that doesn't bode well for small brands like Guzzi, Royal Enfield, and even Aprilia. But it sounds like it also doesn't bode well for larger brands if they simply can't meet the requirements. To have a city as large as Indy lose its BMW dealer, that is crazy. Are you saying that was the only BMW dealer in the state? Holy moly! I am not sure that was the outcome BMW expected. I have been to that dealer I believe, on the way to and from the track from downtown.
  12. We are definitely side show freaks...... For a long time Ducati was in the same boat, Ducati was a brand that successful mainstream dealerships sold as a side show. Now Ducati is a mainstream brand.....
  13. I hope that is good news. Around here most Guzzi dealers keep their doors open by selling a mainstream brand or two. Guzzi is almost always a side show brand.
  14. That is sweet. I love it. Nicely done. I hope you are able to get it finished soon.
  15. I was going to say, if my Guzzi clutch makes a screech like that my first response would probably be to do a couple hard launches on the clutch. It could just be surface rust or glazing of the friction material.
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