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  1. Thanks Docc, A fellow Guzzisti and I arrived at the same conclusion last night. Appreciate the confirmation though.
  2. Hi Learned Brethren, Just been for a shake down ride of 80 miles and I have some cast off on the rear wheel. The wheel flange & flex coupling disc ( key 13 & 11 Moto Guzzi V 11 V 11 LE MANS/SPORT NAKED 1100 (CHASSIS NUMBER PREFIX: ZGUKS) 1999-2005 Rear wheel supplied next day (UK only) by Fowlers Parts ) are soiled with heavy grease in a tangential form, I believe from copper slip I apply to the drive splines. The cast of on the rim takes a lighter form. The bevel box flange and inner housing ( Key 23 key 2 Moto Guzzi V 11 V 11 LE MANS/SPORT NAKED 1100 (CHASSIS NUMBER PREFIX: ZGUKS) 1999-2005 Transmission complete I supplied next day (UK only) by Fowlers Parts ) are dry. Oil does appear to be leaking from the needle roller (key 30) housing down the out board side of the housing. The needle rollers are in fine fettle, as is the inner bearing. I did replace the needle rollers at some point during the pandemic when I replace the reaction arm bushes. I am guessing I over greased the rollers and good thrapping has, after a long winter, let a bit ooze out. I cannot think that there is a leak path for the actual bevel box oil to get to the wheel spindle housing and out is there? The female spline in the slave bevel gear 11/13 (key 29) is dry on the outside.
  3. However, a big block Moto Guzzi does not need high compression pistons or to be at race speed to sound great. It sounds bellissimo at any revs, with any appropriate load. On a side note Docc I have recently ridden a friend GB500TT. What a little joy they are for a short sprint on some undulating twisties.
  4. I had a bad experience with chain drive. I had a bad experience with radiators. I found inline fours expensive to service. The BT1100 bulldog didn't have the ground clearance. The BMW boxers had moved away from oil based paint and mine was desolving beneath me. I saw a year old low mileage V11 at a good price and decided to give it a try. That was May 2004. I am still testing it.
  5. When you started on dressing rubber, I thought, "No not the tyres!"
  6. I got that impression too. Then, their are many life styles/choices people make I find between strange and abhorrent, but still cherish the artist.
  7. Thanks for that By the by, he hated Meat Loaf being written as one word.
  8. Welcome. If you're going to the Moffat do in January, look me out. Also Kevin.
  9. Lovely, but if you want a hero grazed side stand, I have two. Swap you one.
  10. I went the Quill route. The cans are so much lighter than stock, as is the straight through crossover. The end cans come with a removeable baffle, which at point of sale the dB can be chosen. I went for 95. Was impressed at a track noise check, they said it was 95db. The ground clearance is better too. They are real mellow until approaching 5000rpm on a strong throttle. Then on up it gets blood curdling.
  11. Did this issue get resolved? What was yhe cause?
  12. Another theory. On an external pump tank. Does the regulator valve not have an exposed spring that corrodes? Would a failing spring not cause reduced pressure and would the head of fuel from a fill up not increase the pressure slightly masking the issue.
  13. What year is the V11? I understand the last ones had tanks with integral pumps. I had similar symptoms with my Nevada ie. Was a split hose causing reduced pressure to the injectors. The escaping fuel leaking back into the tank. The fill up increased the pressure just enough to hide the symptoms for a while, but ran pretty lean bluing the can and eventually failed completely.
  14. There can be anything over a blind crest. A fallen tree. A queue of traffic. A subsided road. A turned over vehicle due to a blow out. What ever the local laws, when we end up in a grave yard or wheel chair for life, there is little solace in the result being someone else's fought for us or our families.
  15. Cresting blind faster than you can see, over in the UK you wouldn't have claim, and had you have struck said vehicle or a pedestrian you could be charged with reckless riding. Might be worth investing in an advanced riding course. I realise you might be sensitive to your riding being critised, but I'd rather upset you, than hear you made the same gaff again with more serious consequence. That could equally have been a dog or child running out. Don't travel faster than the distance you can see to be safe.
  16. Anyone that knows anything about aluminium and stress raisers would tell you this was a bad idea.
  17. And that is why the EU chose, and now retains English as their communal language, despite it being native to none of them.
  18. Please review this document. D100320X012_Feb19 (emerson.com) In the parts description we can see the connection rod from the from the diaphragm to the crank in broken up in the parts list. Please note the description of key 17 (or ballon 17) on page 29. xx
  19. On contrary. Please review page 8 of; D100380X012_Feb19 (emerson.com) In the diagram we can see a clear diagram in another application of the discussed component. Flick to the last page of the document and we can see that this is published in Marshalltown Iowa USA. So I, an English man, using USA terminology that is shared in Sorocaba in Brazil, Cernay in France, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates & Singapore amongst others. The Emerson 9500 Fishtails butterfly valve was originally made in Cowdenbeath in Scotland by the Fisher Controls Ltd, part of the Fisher Controls group of which the head quarters was Fisher Control International in Marshalltown Iowa, that is now part of the Emerson Group. xx
  20. brakeline_config-jpg.874761 (1514×648) (ducati.ms) There are three generally excepted brake line configurations for a twin disc motorcycle front wheel, as shown in the link above. Our V11 as standard uses the siamese mid tee lines as per image three. The Hel outlet charged by the line and they said that the OE V11 configuration was three lines. As a result I had them make up the twin line configuration as per image two. Nothing overly complicated or unconventional about it, just 66% of the cost. I only need new lines as I have done a handlebar conversion. The clutch line matches. In the UK, to go on track days it is now mandatory to have brake lever guards installed, hence the original image.
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