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What did you do to your V11 today?

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I do have Joe Caruso’s oil pump and timing gears sitting in the pile ‘o parts. I wasn’t bad mouthing the engine, just that the bike is a far cry from what I was expecting. 

I have some plans for it, that’s why I bought this bike. I’m not going to run around on it. I put about 70 miles on it getting a feel for it.

She needs a good tune up, it’s been neglected. I know it should run much better then it does now.  Now that I have it in my greasy, dirty paws I can start to formulate my dastardly plans!!

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Celebrated twenty years with the Sport today.   

Roper sloppage plate, LP extender, and Scud's spring.  All finally in.   And new rubber too! 

Fitted the new carbon rear hugger and at the wifes suggestion went for a ride on a nice sunny day. Ciao

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Mikko, I have some pretty nice rocker covers if your interested . Also have this unknown crossover that was on a Centauro, I'd throw that in free if you can use it.



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Super big Thank You to @fotoguzzi  for the valve covers! TLM had a few sets and I was caught up doing other stuff and forgot. Quickly remembered when I spied the messed up one and sure as heck, they are sold out....

Its confirmed, Its being shipped to Germany and Dynotec is going to rebuild it.

https://fsaei3upos2uq3vamu7bqdyfae-ac5fdsxevxq4s5y-www-dynotec-de.translate.goog/modelle/Dynotec Guzzilla V13 Racing.html

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