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What do you call your V11S?...

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So I had about a 12 hr day of airline travel after a a couple hours of sleep after a long work day the night before...Have dinner and a couple beers and on the way back to the hotel I spot a beautiful example of a 93 V1000S...A minute after I look her over the owner shows up ready to get on and I ask what year it is,89 ?,and in a perturbed tone says "you're way off....Well I was tired and sleepy,...I say I have a Guzzi and apologize I didn't know the year(what a tool),...and say I have a V11S,...He says "what,what are you talking about?...,you mean a Lemans?!!....".,...Oh fer chriss sake man,semantics...I say a V11S,a V11 Sport,..a Scura....."oh you mean a Lemans,I have one I know..." ...oh boy,I'm gettin' no where with this guy...So other than this pompous ass' opinion what do you call your ride,regardless of sub-model,I have always said V11S and whenever I say that Guzzi owners knew what I meant,..you?

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More evidence and observation of our collective, rampant confusion! :blink:

Are we V11-ers even accepted Guzzisti? Red-headed step-children? Or just wild-ass fringe cowboys? :grin:

Most times, there is no call for me to describe the Sport in detail. I, too, would have tried with that fellow. But given up just as quickly.

I love how quickly this progresses to "pet names."    - - - -> "Stephania!" :mg:    "BigRed!":race:      "The Varsseveld Tuxedo" . . . :D

I have known riders so talented at naming their bikes (and cars). I've just never been able to pull that off eloquently.  :mellow:


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Strangely enough, motorcycles don't tell me their name.. except for Rosie, a Rosso Corsa that I rescued from an abusive owner. I tattooed it on her valve cover protectors the next day. She *was* a sweetheart, but had to move on. Airplanes tend to tell me their names.. there's "Footloose" and "Mouser" for instance. :huh2: 

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That guy sounds like his head bolt was torqued too tight. The other day I told someone I ride a lime green Moto Guzzi, and he says, “a V11 Sport?” See, he ID’d “My Green Goddess”, no problem. 

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I guess mine is properly termed a V11 Sport Naked, but I call her Claudia (as in Cardinale).  Why?  Because Sophia (Loren) and Gina (Lollobrigida) were already taken by my buddy's Italian stereo speakers that cost nearly as much as his BMW car.  :blink:

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9 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

I call the V11 "the Guzzi" but I prefer acronyms. My runabout car used for collecting stuff from the hardware and I spend zero money on is the LSB. Any guesses out there on what LSB is?

Clue......its not a large car.


LSB, Least Significant Bit. 


Then perhaps Large Sum Bitc.....

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