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Post a pic of your V11 - No words

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3 minutes ago, Kane said:

Cool pic. What’s the building in the background?

Thanks.  That's the Shirley Meeting House in Shirley MA, a stopping point in one of my local ride loops.



Thursday was pretty warm for November, 64F, and the roads clear, so I took one more 2020 ride before winter fix-up time ... tank-off service, driveshaft service, and so on ... .







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1 hour ago, gstallons said:

Bad To The Bone


Thanks, bud! Haven't ridden anything in a month. Perfect riding gift-of-an-afternoon before the rains ring out the year. If you want to feel like your V11 is a big, powerful motorcycle: don't ride for a month, then take your 30hp Honda single out first.     

Rolling out on the V11 Sport:   "Bad To The Bone! "

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16 minutes ago, LowRyter said:

Docc, you look like a serious dude. ( I'm thinking it must be cold.)  :grin:

Just a poseur doing what he does best . . . B)

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