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  1. @Guzzi-in-Vancouver, The original answer on this was never given. Was the poor running because the L/H throttle body had popped off? I know other things were done but what was the primary issue? Phil
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  2. I had problems with the lever sticking when downshifting and not returning to center. Suspecting the worst, I peered around and found that I had reversed the bolt on the front spherical joint on the shift linkage rod. This caused the nut (now on the inside) to foul the trans case just enough to stop the lever from returning. So, I pulled it all off, cleaned and lubed everything, ran the bolt with the head toward the inside with the nut and washer on the outside and happy shifting resumed. I also placed a thin 8mm mylar washer between the inner end of the shift lever pivot and the threaded tab on the frame. A good slathering or Mobil1 synth grease and a washer and locknut on the right side of the frame tab keep it all properly snug. As usual, access to install the washer and locknut required an interesting combo of nut and washer taped to the socket in conjunction with various wobbly extensions. A few bodily contortions later, it's all happily in place now. No bloody knuckles, a personal best.
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  3. Usually not much fun getting the mail, but sometimes. Got the patches today, BIG THANK YOU. Cheers TOM. Sent fra min SM-S906B via Tapatalk
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  5. Welcome to the madness mate!! They are a bike like no other and the riding experience rewards like no other.... You'll love it. Cheers Ps I was a goner as soon as I hit the starter at the shop when looking to buy it!
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  6. Well, not to get too far off thread topic, but will indulge in a quick offshoot… cold riding. Partly in defense of my childish behavior yesterday on the v85 :-> i lived in alaska for a good number of years, and have mostly TomChri’s type blood in me, Norwegian, so maybe thats whey the cold is not as bothersome 😉. Used to ride year round (on a BMW RT), but In truth, I have only very rarely in the last couple decades decided to man-up and purposely ride into very cold weather, choosing instead to re-schedule whatever i had planned when the weather gods were smiling more. Last month I had planned to go get the V85 from Denver, and the weather looked good, right up until i was about to leave, then went downhill fast (dumped snow). Cancel. This time forecast was decent, a lot warmer on the western end of the ride (today… supposed to be mid 60’s in Boise later), and nothing forecasted worse than brief periods down around 42 and dry on the east/denver end. But as often happens, crappy apple weather app forecasts and spiteful weather gods conspire and i end up needing to “man up” as you alluded. Oh well… so be it. Riding for an hour or so through nasty cold, snowy conditions is what it turned into, so thats ok. You riding the Quota to John Day?
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  7. Just to end this story... the bike is back after a long winter, running better than ever, and boy, did it have problems that needed fixing... new alternator, new wiring harness, new rubber boots for the inlets, new oil sump... new forks have been ordered so I can send them to Andreani for a cartridge replacement/tune-up and I want to put the original bar-end weights back on, but they always shook loose and I don't know how to get them working well with the current red-anodized bar-end mirror mounts. I've also considered painting the valve covers red, and re-painting/anodizing the pork-chops to have everything a uniform color. Seeking opinions (and pics) of red valve covers, because I quite like this grey stealth (beat up streetfighter) look.
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  8. That was shocking noise, wasn't it @kalev11 ? Apparently, the dramatically mis-set TPS caused such running imbalance at idle that the cylinder firing combined with the wear of my flywheel to sound like nine monkeys fighting their way out of a steel barrel with ball pien hammers . . .
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  9. Man, I would so re-seat that left throttle body into the intake rubber and restart, if even briefly. The very low idle from the dislodged throttle body could be all there is to the oil light. My recent Horrible Noise Story: At the Kentucky SpineRaid, I had (somehow) mis-set my new TPS (like nine steps off on the map, 95 mV instead of 157). At idle the beating, banging mechanical noise was deftly disturbing. At start-up to head home, @kalev11's eyes got wide. He said some thing like, "I hope you actually get back home." Turns out, with the TPS indexed that far off, the battering of the motor trying to run was alarming. While this case is not the same, a throttle body off its runner could be the culprit . . .
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  10. Kinda looks like the left throttle body may have burped itself off the intake rubber. just trying the simple things first.
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