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3 hours ago, ScuRoo said:

Gee that’s too bad to hear LowRyter - hope you’re now back in the saddle up to speed revitalising the natural terrain

Nobody can be complacent with their health nowadays - those gain of function lab coats are up to no good



Thanks for asking.  I was finally able to complete all my normal Gym work last Friday, I was able to follow up Monday and today.  My heartbeat still isn't where it should be but it's improving.  But my strength and stamina are better -about 85%.  I've been riding the Duc when the weather is nice.  I couple weeks ago I  was so weak I could barely lean it but I'm hitting the apexes now.   

Monday, I did my complete workout and did a couple hours on the Duc.  I was worn out when I got home.  I cooked on the grill and had scotch & cigar and perked right up.

So thanks for asking and I'm getting better.

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So thanks for asking and I'm getting better.

Glad to hear that, John. That is some nasty stuff. One of Dorcia's friends has been in and out of the hospital the last couple of weeks. Says it's the sickest she's ever been. No need to tell me twice, we're back to wearing masks and staying away from people as much as possible.

Take care of yourself..

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Never give in to conformity…

(“We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us. . .   We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him.”

- George Orwell)



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I’ve done a bad bad thing
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Took my girlfriend to hear Peter Tosh (from Bob Marley) when he came to town many moons ago on his tour featuring his version of johnny b goode.  She was a fine young catholic girl, easily surprised when all the lights went out, by design, to just highlight the single spark/red glow on the stage, and how the crowd went wild…


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13 hours ago, docc said:

I actually grew up in an altered culture. Johnny-B-Goode, y'all!


Remember when Lucas made great films with an ensemble cast?    Actually AG 2 is perhaps even better.  And there were the original Star Wars.  Somehow he lost his way, the newer movies were tech heavy and the characters were no longer funny.

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9 minutes ago, docc said:

I posted this elsewhere, in a reply about the V11 clutch rattle. I think it deserves a place here for the guitar mastery of Richard Thompson . . .


Richard Thompson is one of my favorites. Have had the opportunity to see him 8 times or so since '95. One of the world's greatest unknowns...

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