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What [music] do you listen to? Share your favs

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I was just listening to this when I came to the site.  I think Charles made his first recording when he was in his mid 60s.  (not the year, his age)


That is fabulous and deserves an encore.



Thanks for posting, I had never heard him before.

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That was at CU Boulder at Buffalo-ed Field.   About 30,000 more folks there that can fit into Red Rocks.


Dead & Co are heading back there on 9-10 Jun 17. They're going to Atlanta for the next stop on the 13th.  I think I'm taking the travel trailer and a bike back to the Rockies to see them again.  The great thing is being able to download the concert after you've seen it.  And of course popping a couple of edibles at the show.   :rasta:


see them.  Mayer just rocks it.  Even in dry ol 'latna.

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pretty impressive, John Mayer doing Garcia's part. Those are no small shoes to fill! :notworthy:


"Mamma don't allow no bass in this place!"

You might look for the DVD, "To Tulsa and Back".  


Not to be confused to great album of the same name.

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As I pretty much said in my earlier post in this thread, what I know about contemporary popular culture would fit into our Mini's glove box. Kathi had to explain Harry Potter to me the other day.   :rolleyes:


I had, of course, seen references, but did not know what the fuss was about.  Now, I do. I still don't care.


Most popular music leaves me similarly swayed, i.e., not at all.  Get off my lawn!  :oldgit:


That said, subject to the usual limits of law and courtesy, I am glad others can pursue happiness as they see fit.


As a rudimental drummer, however, I find that Kathi and many others simply cannot fathom what makes me tick musically.


Aside from Alison Balsom :notworthy: , these do:





YMM(and probably does  ;))V.
P.S. Apologies.  Even with "instructions," I failed in posting "visible" link.  :huh2:
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RIP Mr Trucks



Wow. 2003: is that not Butch's son, Derek, onstage?


Condolences to Derek and all.


:notworthy:                      "Pick up your gear and, gypsy, roll on."

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