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What [music] do you listen to? Share your favs

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"I don't know, [it's] just sort of a mixed-up thing. You just have to feel it."   Billie Holiday


Was she talking about the blues or owning a Moto Guzzi? :grin:

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She's referenced a fair bit in a book i read recently titled 'Chasing the scream' by Johann Hari.

It's concerned with the history, and failure, of the authorities to deal with various drug issues during the last century.

Written well and froma journalistic perspective rather than overtly biased, I recommend it highly to those interested in facts and truths on this topic.

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Toots Thielemans has passed.

The Real Group - For My Lady

Count Basie Band - For My Lady

Ivor Thomas says it in his comment.

Quincy Jones & Toots Thielemans - Eyes of Love
(My favorite, more wicked bass)

Smile with Kenny Werner

The Getaway

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Have managed to miss this thread along the way.


That said, I remain confused.  Thought this was about music.   :huh2:


IMO the word “concert” should be limited to music composed before 1910, tho I an considering making an exception for Swing Era Big Band events.  :oldgit:


Seriously, while not quite a noncombatant in the Sexual Revolution, I never appreciated much else of the late ’60’s and after, especially in music.


That said — and perhaps why — I played drums in all sorts of small bands from 1965 until 1980 or so to fund college and law school, and later “just cuz,", so I understand the genre, but simply find virtually all unappealing.


My own idea of a “real concert" and delightful music for the soul — and in these examples' cases, eyes :P:  — is this:








Best from the top of Virginia,




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Thanks for throwing some classical into the mix. I played piano for many years and played alto and baritone saxophone in high school concert and jazz bands. 


I often play classical music while working or driving early in the morning. Many an O-dark thirty road trip have started with a big cup of black coffee and one of the most transcendental and numinous works ever composed: Albinoni's Adagio.



Jazz was my "gateway drug" it got me into blues, blues-rock, rock, heavy metal, etc. But in modern genres, I tend toward the bands with sophisticated musicianship and intelligent lyrics.


Just as many road trips have started on the other end of my musical-appreciation spectrum, with Metallica's Wherever I May Roam.



"...and the road becomes my bride."

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I saw the Dead & Co at Boulder Colorado in early July.  This incarnation of the band has John Mayer on lead.  He has seamlessly blended with the band.  I read they've rehearsed 60 dead songs and given the show I saw they only repeated a couple of songs from the previous three shows.  


Anyway, you can purchase downloads for the entire tour.  I was able to get it and the quality is exceptional as well as the performance.  





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