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What [music] do you listen to? Share your favs

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Jaap-  I saw Rush a few years ago.  My younger brother is a huge fan.  Anyway, quite a show, Getty's "amplifiers and speakers" weren't amps at all, they were working chicken rotisseries.  I've seen vids where he had washers cleaning Tshirts as well.

I've seen all their shows in the Netherlands since '87. Amazing how they pick up influences and use them, w/o losing their typical Rush sound. And if you write down all the great bands that have been influenced by Rush.. this post would get too long!

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One of my other favorites: Soundgarden. I'm a big grunge fan, except Nirvana, way too depressive for me.



I saw them live in Amsterdam a while ago... what a deception! A performance w/o any effort to capture the audience. Plus, the volume was above pain level! Just ridiculous.
My guess is that they visited too many 'coffee shops' the night before

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Something tells me I would get a long with you guys on this board.


@Kostarika, J-Dilla was an underrated genius, last time I saw Thievery corp. was in Chicago under some pretty intense er...influence. Alot of fun that night! Couple other good picks in there too.


@Jaap The 90's are alive and strong with this one as well, just recently bought Nirvana's Bleach on vinyl... Had too!


@Docc Been hearing a lot of Mark Knopfler down here in FL, will investigate further.


This Gems been in my head for a couple days



David Byrne released some Afro psychedelic stuff a few years ago the album is awesome!


In that key... kinda


that video is pretty awesome that somebody put to together for the song



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Dang, this is some great stuff. Some I know - some new.


My favorite genre is the Blues - hard to pick just one or two favorites. But if you've never seen this Jam Session with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King, well...  go grab yourself a couple beers and enjoy.  I had the opportunity to see both of these guys in concert. Albert was a big influence on Stevie Ray (and Jimi Hendrix).



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Oh, man - got those V11 blues, baby! B)


Groovy.  I thought Albert would be a good pick because of his creatively "wired" flying V guitar (I think more than one of us has a creatively wired flying V11).  I like the dialogue between Albert and Stevie Ray between the songs - you can see the mentor relationship.  FWIW - the Jam was in 1983, after Stevie Ray's first album.  Albert seems so happy for Stevie Ray, like a proud, funky grandpa.

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Plenty of good music in this thread! Rockin' blues and guitar rock for me: Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, SRV, anything that Gordie Johnson touches (if you haven't heard Grady check it out!)...Rush, Big Sugar, Big Wreck, Floyd, Paul Weller, Thin Lizzy, the Hip...as long as it isn't country, rap, free form jazz, or modern pop I can handle it. 
 I saw Rush last year in Vancouver, and they were amazing (so were Big Wreck and The Hip). 
 In the last six months I have purchased CDs by: The Hives, Alabama Shakes, Gin Wigmore, Nazareth, FM, Sabbath,Tragically Hip, Floyd, Bob Marley, Foo Fighters, Finger Eleven and Lee Harvey Osmond, to name a few. Music is very important to me, and I go out of my way to see it live. 
 Thanks for the Rory Gallagher vid. Really miss him and Gary Moore.





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