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What [music] do you listen to? Share your favs

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Mr. Bonham really was a shit hot drummer, wasn't he?


Oh, yeah, and the others weren't that bad either. :whistle:


I read the other day that Jimmy Page has turned 80. No, looked it up: yesterday. Hope he had a good day. :)

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YAH He and Keith Richards both turned 80 yesterday I believe....deep sigh...lol

Bonham really WAS the Shit!

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@docc said    react_confused.png


Docc, you sent me into a rabbit hole of alternative guitar tuning. Way back when I used to work on songs using them, I referred to everything not standard guitar tuning as open. Technically I was incorrect, but it's not really an argument of significance for me. I found the various tunings fascinating, and so many, like Makana, produce such a great sound. I gave up years ago on most of it because the memory work with standard tune was more than enough for me.

My 'Going to California' example used double drop d, which is at least part of the slack tuning Makala is using for that song. Curiosity demands I figure it out fully.

On his website they describe slack as a unique to Hawaii traditional style. He is quite talented.

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Quite apart from the music (yes, it is good....) that was very interesting.

I'm convinced that one is hearing microphones at the positions that are clearly visible. I'd love to know what is really inside the housings. Somehow, I can't really believe that they are as old as the housings look. Or maybe something new in "retro" style.

Also interesting that the recording is pretty much mono, although the two mics lower down should be sufficient for a more-or-less stereo image.

Not really important, all of that, but interesting. I reckon. :)

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