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V11 Shift improvement

Lucky Phil

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Thanks to Chuck, I have a Lucky Phil Extender and plan to install it soon. 

All the pics on this thread are really helpful & interesting.  Read all 7 pages this morning, my second pass thru this thread maybe.  Not sure I *totally* understand how the shifting mechanism works but am learning more each time.  Sounds like after installing the improved extender, switching out 2 internal springs and examining some internal parts they touch are next steps.  Where does one acquire the chuckskud super spring?

Installing the Lucky Phil Extender *seems* like its a fairly simple job.  Remove 3 bolts, remove old part, install new extender, attach 3 bolts.  I *think* I can do all that without removing anything else.  Do I need to keep tension on the shifter while doing this?  Let me know if I am missing any obvious steps or anything you think might help that I need to know before I try the install.


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It would be a good time to groom, align, clean, and lubricate the entire external shift mechanism. Clean, grease, and adjust the tension on the shifter pivot bolt. Make sure the connecting rod length holds the shift extender parallel to the arm at the gearbox and the lock nuts are tight. Be certain the shifter lever does not strike the frame side plate on the downstroke . . .


For the Chuckstud (yeah, I read it like that the first time through. B)) superspring, contact super- @Scud:


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