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Luciano Marabese/ V11 Sport Designer


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Here's to :notworthy:  Marabese  :bier:


I think the V11 is his piece de resistance. :thumbsup:  Apparently, he did too . . .


The photos of him with the early production V11 and prototype tail section are precious.



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Jeeze, He did the Centaro AND the speed triple Triumph. And the Sport/LM. Artist.... wizzard. Him with the 850 LM says it all. That's Italian!


How old was he? Looks like a rich and full life. Will be missed.

Looks like he was 68 years old (if my marginal Italian serves me well enough: "è morto a 68 anni."


No wonder the twin-lamp Speed Triple has haunted me.  When I rode one, it seemed so familiar and yet so wild. The experience brought me back to my V11 with renewed enthusiasm.

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I saw, also, one of the Triumph Tigers in the photo gallery presented by one of the Italian "magazines."


I see from Wiki.Italia:


"Il design della Griso è opera di Rodolfo Frascoli, della Marabese Design."


The relationship with the design of the Griso and the Centauro seems more apparent to me now. It would be interesting to see these two bikes parked together . . .

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Looking, now, at the Gambalunga/Gambalunghino I see the V11 tank shape and why Marabese insisted on the "pronounced" tail section along with the vestigial number plate.


The design makes so much more sense this way (Gambalunghino) than relating the V11 only to the V7 Sport.


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I need to cross-post a couple posts here, to help archive these informed insights, on Luciano Marabese's designs and their design studies:


Inspiration for the Marabese designed V11 tail section (and tank): Gambalunghino racer c. 1951:





Another Marabese design that made no sense to me until the designer was quoted saying the Centauro was informed by the (1946-51) Dondolino . . .



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  • docc changed the title to Luciano Marabese/ V11 Sport Designer
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I don't know if I posted these before, but I have high rez scans of Marabese design proposal to Guzzi for the V11 LeMans.




Marabese V11 LeMans Proposal smaller.jpg

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