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Fifteenth South'n Spine Raid 2019

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Jaap, have you been back out to the US since that RV tour you did about 15 years ago where I met you for dinner out in San Francisco?


No, sadly I haven't. I have fond memories of that evening. Mike Sullivan, Joe Camarda and you if I remember correctly?

Your National Parks are amongst the most impressive places I have ever seen! Especially Bryce NP. I have done lots of travelling after that, but mostly within Europe.


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:notworthy:doslemans reminded me to score a room at TheLodgeatTellico since we're three months out from the Fifteenth South'n Spine Raid.

An act of hope and confidence on my part while the Sport sits on the lift waiting for parts from Italy.

And Missouri.


and California . . .


:blink:  :luigi:  

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On 4/4/2019 at 8:17 PM, docc said:

Pretty cool sharing the excitement with LowRyter getting some V11 together for COTA/ Moto GP to kick off the US riding season! :thumbsup:


Reminds me that we are just five months out to the Fifteenth SSR. :blink:

Got me thinking :luigi:  and :race:  and   :drink:



speaking of COTA (as posted earlier)

Earl's Art Gallery (in N Tex. Illinois Bend) (and it was freeezzzinnnng cold 40 degrees and 40 MPH wind)


and then I rode all the way to Stonehenge in Kerrville.  After I rode from Earl's-hengde.  Who knew there was the Cadillac Ranch, Earl's place and Stonehenge in Texas?

Celebrating my cough-cough 65th B-day



Disclaimer,  I didn't take the last photo, that was by Darren

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Probably a good time for a South'n SpineRaid roll call . . . 

No reason to plan "TechSessions", they typically present themselves a capella ("in the chapel"), but could arise: allegro, vivace, or even > PRESTO < !! :o


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2 minutes ago, footgoose said:

that be weekend of the 7th, yes?

Roger that: Sept 6-8 (Weekend after the US Labor Day) . . .


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