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Fifteenth South'n Spine Raid 2019

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4 hours ago, docc said:

Bald River Falls really is a fabulous spot to get a sweet photo of your ride. (Thanks sctt2525 !!  :thumbsup: )

And a popular local place, as well.  I swear I tried to get my Sport in the picture . . . .


Keep trying.

Cheers tom.

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23 minutes ago, Chuck said:

I brought some fairly expensive grappa last year, but it wasn't a good seller.. :huh2:  :D



I don't remember that ... tho the explanation may be right there.  :drink:

As for certain other spirits, see Whisky or Whiskey? :D


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Ten days out. I smell credit cards smoldering and hear air compressors running . . . ^_^

The Sport is as fettled as she may be. Cannot wait to see all of you and the gathered menagerie. I admit, I am even more excited than back in 2004 when we tried this for the first time!   (And I was mighty excited back then!!)  :mg::race::sun::drink:

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Then there is the weather thing. It has been immensely HOT in the southeast US this summer. With two named tropical systems tracking away from our intended destination, there is a decent chance of them pulling in a fabulous High Pressure Dome for our riding delight . . .

Plan on significant temperature drops as you ride the Appalachian Divide (TN-NC border) at just over a mile above sea level. And morning fog, as well as cold fog up on the Cherohala.

Might not play out, but don't let the hot weather fool ya. These are two serious players . . .



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(North) Georgia and the Tennessee/ North Carolina mountains are a fine place for a Hurricane Party!

Seriously, as those low pressure systems pull away, we have the chance of a gigantic high pressure dome pulling in over the Appalachian Divide.

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