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I have looked and looked, but cannot find the discussion we had about this impressive lady rider.

             Any recollections, links, or insights?



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Thanks, @MartyNZ, that was the post (by @dangerous) I recalled, but could not find . . .

" thats my Polish friend ;-) Kat unfortunatly she parked that bike under a car... "

I do not know how to interpret that statement. Did she survive this event?

[edit: I restored the image links on that thread.]

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It is Katarzyna Jaskulska, that was a false rumor..She was in a bad accident not long after this shot.., a car went through a stop light and hit her ..but  she was not terribly hurt .

Professional Stunt rider..She did not die..she is still with us.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 8.19.48 PM.png

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At least she does not pull stunts like the late Olga Promina...

My favorite motorcycle stunt lady happens to be French. Chances are you have seen her in any of the movies she describes below.


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