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  1. Those bags appear to be in great shape. I'm interested in them how many liters are they? P.M. me with some pictures if you have any more and well see what shipping cost comes to.
  2. Well its important to keep ones proper perspective in life.
  3. Well its like when I was growing up listening to Paul Harvey, "Now I know the Rest of the Story". Didn't know that thanks for the enlightenment.
  4. I tried to get one off of Harper's about a year & half ago but they just kind of blew me off.
  5. I'll take it off your hands
  6. I was looking at Gritman's post and he made no mention of fooling around with the ignition timing. Did you speak with him if he did? I'd imagine the requirements in the ignition timing between a hemispherical head of the V11and the pentroof head of the high cam would be quite different.
  7. If you haven't already you should do a leak down test. The engine might just be broken in but its full of dissimilar metals. Chances are 99 out of a 100 there is nothing wrong, still its good to know. You could have a valve that open just a crack or there is some galvanic action going on.
  8. Chuck you can put me down for one.
  9. Seeing those coiled tubes reminds me of the saying "What goes around comes around" I use to tell a bad joke. What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover? Harley(Davidson motorcycle) and Hoover(vacuum cleaner) Seeing that picture makes me the butt of my own joke.
  10. Neil, the shipping cost wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Would you quote me a price for the mufflers?
  11. I'm interested in the muffler hangers and riders footpegs. PM me please
  12. So Kane, just how many miles do you have on your bike? I don't think having a clutch that drags is a normal condition. I mean it didn't do that when the bike was new did it? I just bought this Lemans so I don't have a lot of miles on it, but the condition you describe was a signal to replace the transmission input hub on my Elderado. In the 100k plus miles I put on that bike I think I replaced 3 of them. The Elderado didn't have a cush drive so 35k was about all they were good for. If you have less then 50k you might want to make sure the cush drive in the rear hub is lubed and well ser
  13. If you could add another person, I would like 3 springs.
  14. So... I wanted to wait until I had something a little positive. While ordering an oil pump gear from Joe Caruso I asked him if he would have any interest in making a transmission input hub that would fit the Ram clutch and he seemed genuinely interested. Before you get your hopes up he is going to confer with his gear guy if he has the tooling. This might be a no go right from the start, but if he does is there any real desire for this hub? To me it sounded like there was but once people start talking money things can change real fast. Some people have made the conversion but I didn't see
  15. I have a six speed box and a five speed box plus the Ram clutch conversion in front of me so I might be able to help. If I were you I would take that input hub and a little valve lapping compound and remove any binding that you referred to. Then I would send it off to Swain's coatings to have it poly coated. I just don't think your going to be seeing to many more of those. The splines are subject to wear if you don't grease them and its just not a five minute job so could get neglected. In the past I would just replace the input hub when the clutch started to drag as my time was more valu
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