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  1. There are different forums for those kind of pictures, but I'm sure you know that already.
  2. It's fairly easy for me to reproduce this lettering and upload the vector file in the Fileshare section. If a RM owner can send me a sharp picture, I'll make the file which you can take to the sign maker of your choice.
  3. I have a feeling this is the owner or an employee of CitizenShipper... he used a disposable email address to sign up. But hey, if you are looking for a bike shipper, maybe this is an option.
  4. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing
  5. It’s been lying in a drawer for some time. As I don’t wear watches anymore, maybe someone here is interested. It’s a Junkers Wellblech automatic watch in good slightly used nick. It has a small MG logo. A limited series was made by a Danish Guzzi enthousiast years ago. This is #25. The glass has no scratches, the housing only very minor. Dark brown leather strap. Asking price: € 200,- + shipping If noone is interested I’ll put it on eBay 😄
  6. I wanted to, but I got distracted by a call from a pesky client while watching the video. Only had time to click the Like button. So: Thanks for the video, and even more for mentioning this site. Seeing the v11lemans.com logo slide in made my week
  7. I wonder how many Zep songs contain the words 'baby, baby baby'!
  8. ...I raised the handlebar and lowered the pegs on my 1200 sport...
  9. Not a V11 (sorry!) but imho the best looking custom CARC: More info and pics: https://caferacergarage.eu/moto-guzzi-griso-1100-zero-by-officine-rossopuro/
  10. Most speed cameras here are hidden, even camouflaged. No warnings whatsoever. So you shouldn't be complaing
  11. What? No hammer(s) in these pictures? What's up Docc?
  12. Although I agree that the stuff that's going is very serious and should be addressed, I still don't think a bike forum is the right place to discuss this. I've had so much sh*t in the past with political threads, that I've become very wary to allow it over here. That's why I'm locking this thread. From the forum rules you all agreed to when signing up: .... Having fun is good, we like fun. Please keep it positive and polite. We do not censor opinions or ideas on our forums but we do take action against posts and/or topics that could cause unrest in the community beyond a civil and polite
  13. I'll be watching this thread. These kind of topics easily get out of hand and please keep in mind this is an international BIKE forum with views on every side of the political spectrum (and further), so please be respectful.
  14. FYI: Download is fixed. Some obscure setting was changed after the last update...
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