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  1. Although I agree that the stuff that's going is very serious and should be addressed, I still don't think a bike forum is the right place to discuss this. I've had so much sh*t in the past with political threads, that I've become very wary to allow it over here. That's why I'm locking this thread. From the forum rules you all agreed to when signing up: .... Having fun is good, we like fun. Please keep it positive and polite. We do not censor opinions or ideas on our forums but we do take action against posts and/or topics that could cause unrest in the community beyond a civil and polite disagreement. Political discussions are not allowed. There are plenty political forums on the web . ...
  2. I'll be watching this thread. These kind of topics easily get out of hand and please keep in mind this is an international BIKE forum with views on every side of the political spectrum (and further), so please be respectful.
  3. FYI: Download is fixed. Some obscure setting was changed after the last update...
  4. No problem. If the tank decal is the same but without the bike, it's quite easy to make.
  5. An Italian bike specialist 100 kms from where I live: http://hdeb.nl/ He is quite the grease monkey, but he really knows what he's doing
  6. I had the OEM 02 V11LM ECU custom mapped. From what I recall he started out with a standard 1000 Daytona map.
  7. Well done! And looking great too! FWIW, when I did this conversion I had it on the dyno and had my ECU flashed by a specialist. Best € 400,- I've ever spent. After that it went line the proverbial freight train.
  8. Could you please try again to upload? According to tech support, the problem is solved.
  9. Just wanted to share this with you. And say an extremely big thank you to the Canadian 1st Infantry Division that freed our region. I can't imagine what these boys have experienced. We won't forget. Never. https://www.gelderlander.nl/berg-en-dal/no-ceremony-but-thousands-of-tulips-to-remember-the-fallen-canadian-soldiers-in-groesbeek~abec328c/
  10. As from 2003 MG used the satin finish. But there are early 2003 models with the bad wrinkle paint. (Now I see Docc was way ahead of me with his answer )
  11. What's wrong with it? I thought only the early models with the wrinkle finish had problems.
  12. After almost 20 years my leather combi didn't fit anymore. I wonder why... I decided for a more comfortable option and bought new pair of Macna Indivi kevlar jeans and a Held Black 8 jacket. With a big Easter discount Both fit like a glove.
  13. Update on Paul's situation (April 9th 2.00 PM). Things are looking up: Paul has come through the night quietly, no fever, now calm and stable, inflammatory values slowly falling, sleep medication will decrease a little bit, he can slowly start breathing again himself ...
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