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  1. Hi all, FWIW: I used to update the Tenni Registry, but I haven't done it for quite a few years. So please don't be annoyed if you don't see your Tenni listed in the original post.
  2. Not a V11, but I changed handlebars on my 1200 Sport. I still had the original ones that lean forward. I changed them to aftermarket ones for a more upright seating position. Couldn't believe the difference in handling, especially on slow turns like roundabouts. Less weight (my own...) on the front wheel, probably.
  3. To be honest, I don't like the look of the Cali spoked wheels. Thje spokes are at the outside of the rim.
  4. Admin Jaap

    Parts wanted

    http://www.rebootguzzispares.com/spares.php They have a V11 breaker atm. Don't know about shipping costs, but you could give them a call or email. (They are British)
  5. Maybe you can find something here? https://www.essentracomponents.com
  6. Listening to Dutch rockers DeWolff. Led Zeppelin on acid ;-)
  7. FWIW: I upgraded my '01 V11 Le Mans to Öhlins. Easy. Fits w/o adapting. Only thing that didn't fit anymore was the front mudguard and the front axle. I went for an early Aprilia RSV CF one and a Ducati 999 hollow front axle.
  8. Admin Jaap


    Calling @Paul Minnaert :-)
  9. It was just a suggestion... I think the problem is that your pictures don't have a valid extension, like .jpg or .png
  10. Is access to the Google album in Google set to 'public'?
  11. My wheel spacer was too short and chewed my bearings in my OZ rear wheel. I had my brother make me a exact fitting spacer from a heavy steel tube. Easy job if you have a lathe.
  12. From Google: Currently, SKF China has 18 manufacturing sites in China (including PEER), with products ranging from various types of bearings, seals, lubricants and mechatronic products, etc. Our Manufacturers - SKF.com https://www.skf.com/cn/en/our-company/SKF-in-china/Our-Factories/index.html ======================== Food for thought...
  13. Sometimes my memory leaves me hanging, but I recall the original Marabese drawing ^^ was on eBay and I have sent it to someone here on this forum. About 15 years ago...
  14. Why not opt for an 1100 Sport seat? Should fit, and you can keep the original. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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