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  1. https://www.mgcn.nl/forum/index.php?/topic/26157-dr-john-register/ No results in on the the Dutch forum so far, maybe someone has contacted you directly?
  2. Business wise (I'm self employed) I had a really crappy 2nd and 3d quarter in 2020. But in October suddenly (new) clients began to call. Everything's going well! Next week I will receive the keys to my new home. After 4 years in a small apartment, my GF and I decide to finally stop with the LAT and move in together. We bought a nice roomy house (with a garage! ) and we hope to grow old together there. As for Covid: we had an 'intelligent lockdown' last year and in the summer after the first wave everything loosened up a bit. But when the second wave came our government decided we had to
  3. Same here. Left side of tires always wear down faster. Has to do with riding on the right side, but I also enjoy left-handers much more.
  4. My guess is you're too late already...
  5. I had to look up when I registered the domain name: 2002-04-16 13:55:03 UTC
  6. The professor on the drumkit. Can't believe he passed a year ago already.
  7. My guess is even Moto Guzzi itself doesn't know!
  8. Docc, once again you have proved your indispensability to this forum!
  9. It's a complete kit, made by Ghezzi-Brian in Italy. I read today the company is for sale
  10. Admin Jaap


    It's made by Ghezzi & Brian: http://www.ghezzi-brian.com/
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