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  1. I didn't want myself to be able saying this, so I left my wife.
  2. I am a dialect speaker, and I have thick accent when I (try to) talk CCD (Common Civilized Dutch). In my dialect I can hear if someone is from my small village or another village 10 kms away. As far as foreign languages go: all of the stuff on Dutch TV is subtitled, so I've learned to recognize al lot of english and german accents. And peculiarities from several regions, which I gladly use to p*ss off the locals
  3. Hahaha! But it's a '93 (last production year) and it already has a CD player!
  4. Update (sort of): I traded my Volvo 240 for... a Volvo 240. 2 years younger and a lot less kms on the clock. (My GF started to worry)
  5. Just wondering how everybody is doing. I'm okay, working from home. No complete lockdown here (yet) Take care everyone! (please don't make this a political thread )
  6. Correct, all the G&B bikes, not the kit bikes like the Sport Monza, are based on the Sport 1100. AFAIK the G&B frame doesn't take the V11 with 6speed box.
  7. Same here, one of the best selling BMW dealers (over 30 years!) in the country also sells all four Japanese brands. BMW forced them to either build a separate showroom or give them all available window space. They refused and it escalated quickly. They still sell and repair BMWs, but they are not an official dealer anymore. And they don't care, the margin on new bikes is ridiculously low, even on Beemers.
  8. Don't know, but to make sure, you can call one of the 16.000 Bosch Automotive dealers in the UK
  9. I've had my oil light coming on in the rain in 2006 on my way to the GMG in Mandello. It scared the sh*t out of me... After a phone call to my mechanic at TLM I was reassured. Just water in the wrong place. After a smoke and half an hour break the oil light didn't come on anymore.
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